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  1. Proceeding Of 51st Convention
  2. Delegate List
  3. Highlights of the 51st Convention
  4. District Secretaries Report
  5. Recommendations Of The District Secretary
  6. Report Of Committees


Held at the Sheraton Centre Hotel
Toronto, Ontario
Saturday, July 18, 1998 - 10:00 A.M.

         At 10:05 a.m., July 18, 1998, the 51st Convention of District One, IATSE, commenced and the following proceedings were held.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: It's now ten after ten, and as District Secretary, I will call the convention to order. And with that, I will turn it over to our Chairperson, Sandra England.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Thank you. Mr. LaFond, do you have a credential before we get seated?

         DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: Yes.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: So far all of our delegates have checked in with the exception of Joel Youngerman, Benita Hyder, are the only delegates who have not checked in at this point.

         I would like, though, instead of just reading off the delegates, for each delegate to stand and introduce themselves to the rest of the delegates so we can just sort of get a familiarity with everybody who's here. Please stand and tell us who you're representing, what craft, what area, and your name.

         DELEGATE MINEAR, LOCAL 240: Hello, I'm Allan Minear, Local 240 in Billings, Montana, and we're a mixed local and darn proud to be here.

         DELEGATE EASLEY, LOCAL 918: I'm Catherine Easley with Local 918, Anchorage, Alaska. We are a mixed local, but state champs primarily.

         DELEGATE CALLAHAN, LOCAL 15: Sean Callahan, Business Representative, Local 15, Seattle, stage local.

         DELEGATE CRANGI, LOCAL 15: Hi, I'm Jerry Crangi, Local 15, I'm the Financial Secretary.

         DELEGATE HORTON, LOCAL 15: Hi, I'm Laurel Horton and I'm from Local 15 also, and I'm the President.

         DELEGATE RIGGS, LOCAL 488: I'm Bob Riggs, Local 488, Studio Mechanics. I'm the President.

         DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: Phil LaFond, Local 488, a ticket board member.

         DELEGATE CARLSEN, LOCAL 488: Charles Carlsen, Business Agent, 488.

         DELEGATE BULL, LOCAL 339: Bruce Bull. I'm Local 339, mixed local in Great Falls/Missoula, Montana.

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: I'm Rick George, Local 675, Eugene, Oregon, and I'm the President.

         DELEGATE KOLANO, LOCAL 793: Gary Kolano, 793 Broadcast, a brand new broadcast local in Seattle. (Applause).

         DELEGATE BURBACH, LOCAL 28: I'm Jim Burbach from Local 28 in Portland, Oregon.

         DELEGATE FRENGLE, LOCAL 93: LeRoy Frengle, Local 93, Spokane. I'm the Business Agent/Financial Secretary-Treasurer, and we're a mixed local and we have no working projectionists. So we're all stagehands.

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: Frank Baird, Local 154 in Seattle, I'm a projectionist, or actually a mixed local, and I'm President.

         DELEGATE WHITISH, LOCAL 154: Brian Whitish, Local 154, as Frank said, mixed local. I'm the Business Representative.

         DELEGATE FLOYD, LOCAL 925: I'm Harry Floyd representing Local 925, Boise, Idaho, an old Television Broadcast.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: And we have two distinguished guests here today. Can you stand up and introduce yourself, please?

         INTERNATIONAL V.P. NAPOLEONE: Rudy Napoleone, International Vice President.

         RETIRED INTERNATIONAL V.P. JOHNSON: Jake Johnson, retired International Vice President.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Thank you very much, and we're happy to have you here today. (Applause)

         At this point, I'm going to appoint Charles Carlsen, there back by the door to be the delegate who, or to check in credentials of the latecomers because we know that these two folks are here. And when they come, please check in their credentials so we can properly seat them.

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Delegate List

Delegate Name
Local # City & State
Sean Callahan 15 Seattle, Washington
Jerry Crangi 15 Seattle, Washington
Laurel Horton 15 Seattle, Washington
James Burbach 28 Portland, Oregon
John R. DiSciullo 28 Portland, Oregon
LeRoy Frengle 93 Spokane, Washington
Frank Baird 154 Seattle, Washington
Brian Whitish 154 Seattle, Washington
Allan Minear 240 Billings, Montana
Bruce Bull 339 Missoula, Montana
Robert Riggs 488 Pacific Northwest
Phillip LaFond 488 Pacific Northwest
Charles Carlsen 488 Pacific Northwest
Joel Youngerman 488 Pacific Northwest
Sandra England 488 Pacific Northwest
Rick George 675 Eugene, Oregon
Gary Kolano 793 State of Washington
Benita Hyder 887 Seattle, Washington
Catherine Easley 918 Anchorage, Alaska
Harry Floyd 925 Bosie, Idaho

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Highlights Of The 51st District Convention
Report Of The District Secretary

         All right. The next order of business that we're going to have is the Committee appointments. John, why don't you go over those committee appointments.



         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: For our 51st Convention:.
         Resolutions: Robert Riggs, Sean Callahan, Bruce Bull.
         Grievance: Charlie Carlsen, Joel Youngerman, Kathryn Easley.
         Finance: Rick George, LeRoy Frengle, Laurel Horton.
         Insurance: Frank Baird, Benita Hyder, Allan Minear.
         Constitution: Phil LaFond, James Burbach and Jerry Crangi.
         Elections, if we need to, we will appoint an Election Committee if needed.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: I take a motion to accept the appointments as outlined.

         UNIDENTIFIED DELEGATE: I make a motion that we accept it.


         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Thank you. It's been moved and seconded. All in favor, please signify by saying aye. Opposed. So ordered.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: As a matter, will you please state your name and your local for her, so she can put a name by a local number, by your name when she's doing the minutes. And so just get up and say your name and local.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: At this point, we're supposed to read the convention proceedings and final curtain. Although, since every one of the delegates got this ahead of time in the mail, I would accept a motion -- thanks, Jimmy.

         DELEGATE BURBACH, LOCAL 28: So moved.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: The motion is, in case -- (Laughter) -- The maker of the motion -- do you want to make a motion, Jimmy?

         DELEGATE BURBACH, LOCAL 28: Yes, I make a motion that we dispense with the minutes of the previous --

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Do we have a second for that?


         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: All in favor, signify by saying aye. Opposed. So ordered. Although, John, why don't you read for us the Final Curtain, and we'll acknowledge the brothers and sisters who have passed since the last convention.



          SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: This is starting off at the end of July of 1995. Erv Dille, Local 28; Walter Emmans, Local 154; Edward Sisom of Local 15; Merl Olson, Local 339; Michael Murphy, Local 488; John LeFore, Local 28; Virgin Streibich, Local 887; John R. Heaton, it was 154 and actually started out in Local 175; Luther Losey, Local 15; Robert Courtman, Local 488; Charles Carter was an honorable withdrawal member; William Seidelman of 154 and 175; Jack E. Shepherd, 154/175; Ralph Ward, 675; James P. Hanson, 488; Peter Barthell, 154/175. Those were in the year 1996.

         1997 was James Nelson, Local 240; Oscar Porterfield, 154/175; Elizabeth Blake, 887; Giovanni Casalenuovc is 488; and Charles Leach, 154/175.

         In 1998, Marvin Ramsay, 675; and Virgin Payne, honorable withdrawal. And that's the list of departed brothers and sisters.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: And at this point I'd ask that everybody stand for just a moment of silence for all of the folks that passed since the last convention. (A moment of silence)

         All right. At this point, the International President is going to be coming to pay us a visit, and we were going to start with the Report of the District Secretary. But if President Short gets here, John, I may interrupt you and let him make a few comments so that he may make it to all the Districts. And I see that he's here, so please at this point, let's welcome President Short -- (Standing Ovation) And Secretary Treasurer Proscia and Michael Sullivan, Vice President

         PRESIDENT SHORT: Good morning. It isn't oftentimes when I ask General Secretary Treasurer Proscia to give a few remarks and he declines. Normally he at times can become vociferous.

         GENERAL SECRETARY TREASURER PROSCIA: All I talk about is money.

         PRESIDENT SHORT: And I just want to say on his behalf that the Alliance has never been better financially. Not to say that we don't need a per capita increase, because the fact of the matter is we do if we're going to establish departments, and division directors in each department; that being stage craft department, film and television production department, a trade show division department, and an organizing department which I'm committed to make certain that we're able to go into the 21st Century as a 21st Century union rather than being somewhat monolithic and dragging up the rear.

         But in any event, on behalf of myself and the General Executive Board, I welcome you from District 1 to the 63rd Convention. There's going to be a great deal of work. I just touched on one issue in terms of constitutional amendments that I'm proposing to the convention, and that is a per capita tax of three dollars per quarter to be effective January 1 of 1999.

         And you're going to see that we were in the black over the last three years by better than 6.4 million dollars. But to be perfectly frank with you, that was for no other reason than to make up for lost time.

         This has never been a wealthy international. It isn't currently a wealthy international, and it never will be a wealthy international. But we need the resources today in order to get into the 21st Century, to keep up what I believe to be a very successful and progressive agenda in this international, and that's organizing.

         And not just the high-end people, but the low-end people primarily. Because I believe that if you address the concerns of the lower-end people, naturally the high end is going to find its own level, and the medium will find its own level as well. But we have to address those persons first on the lower level.

         I'm proposing to this convention to stop what I believe has been an insidious practice by some of our locals in this Alliance, and that is the practice of keeping people out of membership.

         I am proposing at this convention, support my recommendation, that anyone who achieves vesting status in a defined benefit pension fund automatically becomes a member without vote and/or without t.

         There are people, I'm ashamed to say, that I have had the opportunity to look and see and to view that have been kept out of local membership for 20 and 25 and 30 years, that have 20 and 25 and 30 years credits in pension funds.

         That practice has to cease. It has to stop if we're truly going to call ourselves a trade union organization. And I ask you for your support.

         Organizing: I believe this International has done more organizing in the past three years than we've accomplished in the 100 years combined prior to the last three years. That's really one of the reasons why the finances of this Alliance have increased as a result of the organizing.

         We now have the largest contingent of membership in the history of the IATSE. And granted, the entertainment industry is growing, but we're growing with it.

         We're organizing. There isn't a week, really a day that goes by in this Alliance, that's inclusive of the United States, the ten provinces and two territories in Canada, and now the territory of Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands that there isn't organizing going on. I don't believe a day goes by that that isn't occurring. That's important for this international.

         Entertainment is the number two export in the United States of America. It is the number one job market in the state of California, and the number one job market in the city of New York, surpassing the health care industry in New York City.

         It's growing, and we have to grow with it. And we have to become a significant player in this industry as we are now. But we have to continue to grow.

         The future of this Alliance has never been better. I say to you that you, in my opinion, have someone who's chairing this District who I have the highest degree of confidence in of anyone in terms of an International Representative. And I'm fortunate to have her, and let me just say that you're very fortunate to have her.

         It's a pleasure working with International Representative Sandy England, as well as it's a pleasure to work with Vice President Mike Sullivan, who I believe has restored tremendous credibility to the general office as applies to stage craft, and of course Assistant to the President, Harry Floyd. (Applause)

         And Secretary Treasurer Proscia who I'm grateful for the fact that he throws nickels around like manhole covers. He's really helped us there. The future of this Alliance has never been brighter. It is going to continue to grow and to prosper. And with your support and your cooperation and your help, it will continue to prosper. Thank you very much. (Applause)

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: There we go. Throughout the week, you're going to hear of various issues that are going to be presented, and I think that President Short touched on some of those. And before we get into the District Secretary's report, I just want to have a few follow up comments on what he said..

         The contentious issues this week that you're going to find this week are in the area of the constitution and the constitutional changes. And it's my belief that the constitutional changes that you guys are going to be confronted with on the floor for a vote this week have to do with the fundamental shift in this organization from an organization that is holding on to what we have, to an organization that has to go forward.

         And most of the constitutional changes that are being proposed have to do with changes that we have had to confront as a district. And I believe our district has confronted those changes before most districts have. And those are fundamentally, how do we change the nature of our organization so we can organize, so that the workers who we go out and talk to have a belief that we truly want to represent them.

         What he mentioned there with the defined benefit plan, defined benefit plan, pension plan, you have to have contributions in for five years at a certain level in order to vest in.

         And what he's saying is, anyone who has reached the status of vesting in a pension plan, probably should be a member of that local. So some of these changes you're going to hear much about this week. But I think it's going to be interesting really to see who's going to stand up and oppose those kinds of things.

         These are not issues within our District. I don't think any of our locals -- I'm trying to think if there's a local that we have that already doesn't have a mechanism to take somebody in if they have been working in your local for five years, and I don't believe we do.

         So I don't know that some of these are going to be as jarring an issue in our district as they will be in other districts, because I think we for the most part have confronted those issues and moved forward.

         But sad to say that some of our locals have not confronted those issues, and have not embraced organizing in the way that our local unions in this district have.

         So we'll see, quite frankly, if the other districts can catch up to us. And with that, I'm going to ask for a Report of the District Secretary.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: To precede my report a little bit, what he mentioned about Mike Sullivan, I think, is underrated. Mike Sullivan, being a road man, I think has helped the road crews and helped part of the problem we had with organizing especially in hair and makeup, to make it a lot easier for us to cover a lot more people. And to get them under contract and to give them representation.

         And I have talked to roadmen when they come through and they really are happy with Mike Sullivan being where he is, and I think they really appreciated Mike Sullivan when he was in the office taking care of the road .

         It's really a plus, and I suppose me being a stagehand and knowing Mike when he was touring may be a little one-sided, but Mike I think is a gentleman and a very good representative for the IA.

         With that, I will read the District Secretary's report.

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Report Of The District Secretary

         Since the 50th Convention in Miami Beach, Florida, we have 11 locals in District 1. We lost Local 175, Tacoma, Washington which merged with Local 154, Seattle, Washington. Local 91, Boise, Idaho, lost their charter and their jurisdiction was given to Local 99 in the State of Utah.

         At the end of the second quarter of 1998, the membership of District No. 1 is as follows: Local 15, 247; Local 28, 151; Local 93, 49; Local 154, 80; Local 240, 26; Local 339, 39; Local 488, 375; Local 675, 38; Local 887, 36; Local 918, 28; and Local 925, 9 for a total of 1,058 members paying per capita.

         This total is down 80 members since our last convention. Local 15 and 28 membership is up, but Local 488 has lost the most members.

         On April 21, 1998, Local 793, state of Washington, Television Broadcast Remote & Studio Employes were chartered by the international. As of this date, they have 17, 18 members.


         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: 17 members, according to International Representative Sandra England who is in charge of the local until they have a constitution and an election of office.

         Local 15, 93, 154, 339, 675 and 887 are still covered under District 1 Insurance Plan with United of Omaha. Effective January 1, 1998, the Locals are now paying $2.70 per member per month instead of $2.30 due to the amount of the money left in Insurance Fund.

         It is now down to about three months of premiums. The amount charged per month per member is regulated by United of Omaha each year. In the past, it has stayed the same but the way the Constitution reads, if it does change, it would take two-thirds majority of the Advisory Board to change the rate. I will ask for a change in the Constitution to cover this.

         The printing of the 1995 Convention Proceedings was $143. The general account balances: December 31, 1995 was $10,082.82; December 31, 1996, 14,640.71; December 31, 1997, $16,942.49; and June 30, 1998, $20,150.71.

         Insurance fund balances: December 31, 1995, $7,147.26; December 31, 1996, $6,614.83; December 31, 1997, $4,660.58; and June 30, 1998, $7,463.47. For a full breakdown of expenditures, see the enclosed balance sheets.

         During the past three years, the District donated $100 to Local B-20 in Portland to help pay the campaign against MERC on subcontracting out their work. An ad in the 63rd IATSE Journal for $350 was purchased. I have started up a web page for District No. 1 and now have an e-mail address so all the locals can get information to me so I can pass it on to the locals who have e-mail addresses. I have asked all the locals for information about their locals that I can put on their own page. As of now, I have not received information from all the locals and hope all the locals will get that information to me.

         We are now on the World Wide Web and we should all be part of this project. Locals that have web pages will be given a link to their page. I want to have e-mail addresses for each local so I can get information to each local. To get the page going, I have spent $150 for setup with ISC Net and $70 to register the domain name for two years. The charge for the web page and e-mail address is $97.35 per quarter. I am hoping that the delegates feel this should be an ongoing project, as I would like to get as much history of the district on this page and also history from each local.

         I have been going over all the district bulletins to get this information and have asked past Secretary Tommy Watters to help me get it right. The district has a lot of history and I think it should be recorded somewhere.

         The setup page was done by Dave Cutter, a member of Local 28, at no expense to the district and is teaching me how to enter data and upgrade the site. As District Secretary, I attended a meeting of district secretaries from District 2, 7, 9 and 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 16th, 1998. A report of this meeting is enclosed with each delegate packet. My expenses for this trip was airfare, $275; hotel $134.62; and food and parking and cab, $46.03; for a total of $455.65. I'm asking the delegates for reimbursement for those expenses.

         During the past three years, International Representative Sandra England has been very busy organizing in the Seattle area. Scenic artists at the Seattle Opera voted unanimously for representation under the IATSE. The NLRB held an election and Local 488 was successful in securing a first contract for the employees which called for substantial increases in wages, benefits and working conditions.

         The technicians employed by the Seattle Children's Theatre also voted unanimously for IATSE representation. That election was also held by the NLRB. The unit included stagehands, wardrobe, scenic artists and costume fabricators. An overwhelming majority of employees in the Seattle Opera Costume Shop also voted for IATSE representation, and an election was held by the NLRB. Local 887 has had a contract with the Opera to provide wardrobe personnel, but did not represent the costume fabricators working in the shop.

         Since the election, they have been working steadily towards gaining first contract. The employees working at the Intiman Theater voted for IATSE representation, and an election was also held by NLRB. The unit includes stagehands, wardrobe, scenic carpenters and scenic artists. The Costume Shop, Scenic Shop, Stagehands and Wardrobe employees for the Actors Contemporary Theatre have also voted for IATSE representation. In Spokane, Representative England helped the local to get their first contract with the city at the New Spokane Arena, Opera House and Convention Center.

         As I reported in the last convention, District No. One received $5,000 from the International Defense Fund to create a standardized and consistent competency-based training program to measure skill levels among the motion picture electrical workers and current stage, film and video electrical workers. $2,000 used as a cash outlay to start the process of developing a curriculum that meets the standards of the Oregon State Stagehands Apprenticeship Program now being run by Local 28, and the standards of the Oregon Electricians Board. As of this date, I still have $1,000 left for developing the new curriculum for the training program and to pay for training of members who will be giving the classes.

         Local 28 has run four training classes with good results. Two members of Local 488 have passed the test and now have Oregon State Electrical Licenses. The course has been upgraded with new curriculum due to the changes in the 1997 code, and we now have printed class books. Under Education on the web page, you will find a class layout.

         With regards to District Conventions, our Constitution does not deal with this problem very well, and I think we must decide where and how we should do this. Our Constitution does cover payments to each delegate for transportation. Per Diem is voted on at each Convention. We do have money in the General Fund that we have had in the past, and maybe we could afford a mid-term convention with officers elected at the regular District Convention. We should address this at this Convention and change the Constitution as needed.

         Finally, I want to thank the locals in the District for their help in the past two years.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: All right, brothers and sisters, you've heard the Report of the Secretary-Treasurer. At this point I would accept the motion to accept his report.

          DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: I make a motion that we accept the District Secretary's report.

         DELEGATE BULL, LOCAL 339: I second the motion.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Anybody on the question? All in favor, signify by saying aye. Anybody opposed? So ordered. And we see our guests are leaving. Do you guys have any comments before? Do you want to address the delegation before you leave? Thanks for coming.

         INTERNATIONAL V.P. NAPOLEONE: You two are doing an excellent job up there.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Thanks a lot. It was good to see you. At this point, I want to go a little less formal with this, now that we've gotten rid of all the important people. (Laughter) Charlie?.

         DELEGATE CARLSEN, LOCAL 488: We do have another guest. I didn't catch your name.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Oh, Libby.

         DELEGATE HYDER, LOCAL 887: It's Elizabeth Anderson. She's from Local 887 in Seattle, and she's here to learn.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: And I would take a motion to seat Libby as a guest and friend of the local.

         DELEGATE YOUNGERMAN, LOCAL 488: So moved.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: So who's going to move it for real? .

         DELEGATE YOUNGERMAN, LOCAL 488: I will. So moved.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: "Joel Youngerman, Local 488, I so move."

         DELEGATE YOUNGERMAN, LOCAL 488: I make a motion to seat Libby Anderson as a guest.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Thank you. Do I have a second to that motion?


         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: All in favor, signify by saying aye. All right. Here's the thing, you guys. We have one committee that really has something before it, which is the Constitution Committee. It's my understanding -- and the Insurance Committee that really has to have some action. The Finance Committee has stuff before it and it's going to have to see some action. Grievances, we don't have any grievances us, do we, John?

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: I don't.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Are there any delegates who are submitting a grievance? We don't have any resolutions before us. Any delegates -- Frank, you're submitting a resolution?.

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: I would like to submit one to that committee.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Okay. Because what I would like to do with the committees that have nothing before it is a couple things. We have some things within the district, some business that really does need to be taken care of. And I think that we could use this time instead of saying we don't have anything before us and start breaking for lunch and going and dealing with that, to deal -- there's a couple committees that I want to put together in the District, that I think that we really need have a look at, which is what are we doing in terms of stage crew services. It affects all of Washington, all of Oregon, and I think that we really need to a delegate from Local 15. Rick, I think that you need to be on that, and Jimmy, I think that you need to be on that. So we need to look at that. And I think that it's an issue that the District has to figure out what the heck we're doing it. Because, it's more than any other thing, kicking the butt of our district. it's a problem that we really, really have got a hold of. And I would feel remiss if had a district convention and acted like this wasn't the major -- one of the major things confronting us, and that we really have to come up with a strategic plan to deal with.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: LeRoy should be on it.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Oh, LeRoy should be on it. I'm sorry.

         DELEGATE FRENGLE, LOCAL 93: very much like to be on it.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: I'm sorry, I should have put you on there from the beginning. I'm sorry, it absolutely affects you guys at 93. Is there any other pressing issue in the District that you want to bring forward for me to recommend the committee on? I would also like to suggest that somebody from Local 488, and either of the business agents or the president would be appropriate for this committee, to meet with the delegates from Montana and see if we can't put some recommendations to the district on what the heck we're doing in terms of studio mechanics in Montana. The Board yesterday denied the request of the technicians in Montana for a separate charter based on the fact that there's just not enough work to sustain a new local over there. But as a District, it's a District problem. And we're going to have to deal with it. And so I would really like to see those delegates get together and come up with some recommendations. From the state of Alaska, do you guys have something that you came here and you want addressed?

         DELEGATE EASLEY, LOCAL 918: No.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Okay. there any other thing that I am avoiding, without meaning to, that really needs to be addressed here? Because I'd like to see us get a little bit of work done here instead of just going by this agenda and trying to, you know, stick with something that may or may not be history, and may or may not be relevant. Let's try and get some things done instead. It's a high concept kind of thing. John, do you have any other thing? Do we have a report of the Advisory Committee that I'm sure never met?

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Nothing, just during the last convention, which is in the minutes of the last convention.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: All right. I would accept a motion to approve the Advisory Committee from the last -- do I need a motion on that?

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: It's part of the minutes. It's part of last year's.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: So I don't need it.

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: Is it in here, John?

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: It's in back. It's in the back of the minutes of the last Convention.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Then the committee is the Legislative Committee, and this committee absolutely needs to function this time. We're confronted in the state of Oregon with the same kind of legislation that was just defeated in California. It's going to be on the ballot. This is going to be a district thing. If they pass this in Oregon, they're coming for us every place else in the district, which is on this nonsense that they have that you have to get, you know, permission in writing from every one of your members before unions can participate in the political process. They tried to put this under the heading of Meaningful Campaign Finance Reform. We know it's nothing more than a ruse to limit voice of workers in the political process. AFL-CIO has been pushing, and this is their attempt to push back. And under heading of who's kidding who, this has nothing to do with campaign finance reform, but we're going to see it on the ballot in Oregon, and we absolutely, as a district, owe it to ourselves to fight with all of our might in Oregon, as they did in California, to not have this kind of legislation.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Can I add something?

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Sure, Johnny.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: By talking to Steve Flint because he was very active in the one in California, and what they did in 600 is they took all of their members that they had in California, went to the district excuse me, to the State Election Office, found out who had voted, how many in the family had voted, and got a list back. And Local 600 mailed information to every one of those registered voters in California that were out of their local, giving them the literature about that ballot measure. We don't have a lot of members in Oregon to do that, and I was really amazed that they could get that type of information. I'm going to talk to Steve and that is the easiest way. We just send everybody's name of everybody, where they live, to the State Election Board and find out who they are, if their family had voted, and get a mailing out to those people. We're looking at 100, maybe 200 people in Oregon. And I didn't know you could get this information. I'm going to talk to Steve more about it. And we gotta get to the voters and that's how they did it down there, isn't it, Sandy? They got to the voters.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Absolutely. They just did some broad education. And once people found out really what this stuff was about, it went from 70 percent in favor of it to -- they won with 58 percent of the vote against it. The turnaround was giant. It was giant. But it came down to having to explain to people really what this was about. It was taking away the voice of working people, and it had nothing to do with Campaign Finance Reform, because let's face it, they weren't saying that anybody else had to get permission from their stockholders or anybody else. And corporations beat unions eleven to one in terms of donating contributions. So I'll open the floor and take suggestions on how we get this done, because we really do have to have some recommendations from Finance, Insurance and Constitution. But I think that these other committees are equally important that we get some work done. So we have already agreed to put the folks that we have on these committees in place. On Finance: Rick George, Leroy and Laurel. Insurance: Frank Baird, Benita and Allan. And then the Constitution, Phil, Jimmy Burbach and Jerry Crangi. But I also know that some of those folks have now been appointed to the other committees. So whether we can substitute the folks in or not, I would just open the floor and let's talk about how we best do this. Rick?

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: How long do you think it will take to -- I mean Finance Committee, that's not going to take long to go through, I don't think. I'm wondering if we want to go through these first and then come back and deal with --

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: And then have an afternoon session where we deal with them?

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: Right.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: I should read the recommendations into the minutes also.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Although all of the delegates have these recommendations before them, and they got them in the mail. So I would take a motion from the floor to dispense with the reading of those if the -- have the delegates read their packages? Everybody's shaking their head. Have the delegates read their -- I would take a motion from the floor, Mr. Riggs.

         DELEGATE RIGGS, LOCAL 488: I move that we forego, dispense with the reading of the recommendations.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Is there a second?


         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: All in favor, signify by saying aye. Opposed? So ordered. So what Rick said is something that we might be able to do. Why don't we go ahead and have the standing committees meet, and then we'll come back and get some recommendations. And this afternoon, we will spend our afternoon time going over these, the SCS Organizing Committee, the Montana committee, and try to get some real work done here today. Jerry?

         DELEGATE CRANGI, LOCAL 15: Are you suggesting that we form another committee for SCS in addition to these committees?


         DELEGATE CRANGI, LOCAL 15: Because I would like to volunteer to be on the SCS Committee, because I'm very familiar, at least in our area, with SCS. And I think I can have a lot of input. So if I could be changed to the SCS committee.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: What I'm saying is the standing committees are going to meet, first. Now, we're going to break into committees for the standing committees. And then this afternoon -- and then we'll come back and get reports. And then this afternoon, when we come back, we're going to spend all afternoon dealing with these issues, okay? Benita?

         DELEGATE HYDER, LOCAL 887: So anybody who wants to come back this afternoon can sit in on that committee?

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Absolutely. The recommendations I made are not the only recommendations of people who I really wanted on those committees because I feel that they should be on these committees because it's really affecting their local.

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: Sandy, for the SCS Committee, I wonder if we could -- if there's any interest in renaming that to maybe Organizing Committee so they might encompass a little bit more than just SCS.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Sure. Organizing Committee is good, but the business that I want you guys to deal with is what we are doing with labor contractors and the competing work force, whether you call that SCS or whatever. But our problem is we've got a competing work force out there.

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: Right.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Anything else from the delegates? At this time I would ask that we break up into our standing committees. John?

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: And do our standing committees and then come back.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: If we get done with that business, we'll come back before we go to lunch and have some recommendations from the committees. How's that?

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: That's all right. Then we'll just figure that we'll stay in commission, and then we can reconvene before lunch also.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Right. I'm hoping to reconvene before lunch. So why don't we break up into committees.

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: Sandy?


         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: What time? Did we have a scheduled time for lunch?

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Well, usually we try to go -- here's the point now. If we can deal with the constitution and the finances, and get it done and then maybe go to lunch at 12:30 or 1:00, and then come back at 2:00 and finish up. I mean we're kind of loose.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Right, because we're going to have to do a reconciliation with Constitution and Finance, because the issue that is here before us is the issue that we've all been grousing about in between conventions, is how are we going to meet in between conventions, and how are we going to pay for it.

         I mean that's been an issue that all the locals have expressed to me, dismay, that we don't have a plan for. So, I mean what's before these committees is how are we going to meet in a three-year cycle, and how are we going to pay for that.

         And do we increase per capita to do that, or do we not increase per capita and how do we finance that? How are we going to deal with those issues of meeting in between conventions, and especially for the delegates who really get out of touch.

         Let's face it, it's not that Portland doesn't talk to Seattle and vice versa, but Rick gets a little far away. And then Alaska gets really far away, and Montana, and how do we continue to communicate and not isolate locals within our district. How do we all stay connected and how in the heck do we pay for it.

         So those are really the issues that are before those committees. And I would say that there's one resolution being submitted. There are no grievances. So I would like to reassign Charles Carlsen to Finance, Joel Youngerman to Constitution, and Kathryn Easley to -- is 918 still in Insurance?


         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: So, Kathryn, why don't you go with Constitution, all right? Frank?

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: There's a constitutional recommendation to change the district death benefit fund. Is that going before my committee or the Constitution Committee?

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: That's a good question, John. That's what I'm saying, there's going to have to be a reconciliation on some of these committees.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Well, can we talk about it a little bit?


         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: What I have done, so everybody will understand, and actually the ones that are covered under the Insurance, as you know, the rate is set by United of Omaha and to fill all the people in, which is a good time, I just received a letter from them, and they have froze our rate increase at the 2.70 for the next two years. So for the next two years, it won't go up. As you know, we tried to keep some money in the Insurance Fund, which it's now $7,000. Out of that $7,000 that I have in it now, everybody is paid up for the next quarter. So our premiums to them is around three, for a quarter, is about $3,200. So as we go back down at the end of the quarter, I'm down to around $4,000, which means that's where I come up with this $3,000 in reserve to pay up, because I'm always billing at the end of the quarter. So as our Constitution stated, it would take a vote of the Advisory Board to raise this change. Well, the trouble is, it's really dictated by the insurance company and not by us as a whole. So this Constitution change would say that each local union shall pay the renewal rate of Group Policy GLP-3K10 and GLP-3J82 from United of Omaha on the renewal date of October 1 of each year on each full dues-paying member under the age of 71 of a local union. So I have taken out the clause whereas it was $2.03 per month, and taken out the clause where amount of assessments due shall be fixed in the amount as approved by delegates at a regular convention of this district. This could be changed by two-thirds majority vote of the Advisory Board for emergency reasons in the interim or regular convention. And I have added in "At any time a local union who is participating in the insurance program under the United of Omaha plan wishes to withdraw from the plan, they must advise the District Secretary within 30 days' notice." I guess it's a constitutional change, and I guess it's an insurance problem. I guess what it is, is mostly housekeeping. We're kind of stuck with the way it works. And it may not be the intent of the locals to have it this way, but seeing that we're buying it from them, we have no other way of deal with it. And I don't know what I can do about it. If you want to discuss it in the Insurance Committee, that's fine. If you've got any ideas or if anybody has any ideas on the floor, I mean I don't know. My hands are kind of tied now that they're handling the money.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Why don't we send that over to Insurance? It's more of a question of Insurance. So that will be sent over to your committee, Frank, on Insurance.

         DELEGATE BULL, LOCAL 339: Sandy?


         DELEGATE BULL, LOCAL 339: Allan, I don't believe you guys are enrolled in the insurance program.

         DELEGATE MINEAR, LOCAL 240: No, we're not.

         DELEGATE BULL, LOCAL 339: What my suggestion may be, it might be a good idea for Allan and I to swap committees there since we're still enrolled in the insurance program and 240's not.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: And those guys are not. That would be fine, Bruce.

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: Brian here doesn't have a committee. He was not assigned a committee.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Is there a particular committee you want to be assigned to? Do you have an area of interest?

         DELEGATE WHITISH, LOCAL 154: Constitution, I guess, would be fine.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: All right. You can go in on that. And the last one, I don't think, Gary, you're assigned to a committee, are you?

         DELEGATE KOLANO, LOCAL 793: No.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: The reason is, is this was printed up prior to.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Is there a particular committee you want to be on?

         DELEGATE KOLANO, LOCAL 793: Organizing?

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Entertainment?

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: All right, Gary, why don't you go on the Organizing committee, but they are not going to meet till this afternoon. But right now, it would be Resolutions, Finance, Insurance or Constitution. Why don't you go on the Finance Committee?

         DELEGATE KOLANO, LOCAL 793: Okay.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: And, John, I would ask that you meet with the Insurance Committee, please, and get them at least on board with what's going on with the insurance so any of those questions get answered. Go ahead, Rick.

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: Are you going to meet with us for a moment, or John? I just want to make sure we know everything we're talking about for Finance.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: With Finance?

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: Everything that has to be dealt with.

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Recommendations Of The District Secretary

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: You know what, we did have a motion to dispense with this, but obviously maybe Johnny, let me go back and let you present this stuff. Let's all get on the same page. Go ahead.

          SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: All right. My first recommendation was I read as far as the Death Benefit Fund. Also, Section 8, I asked to remove from the Constitution which said "Death assessment shall be in the amount as approved by the delegates assembled at a regular convention upon recommendations of the District Secretary. Benefit payable shall be in the amount as approved by delegates assembled at a regular convention upon recommendation of the District Secretary. Assessments levied or benefit payable could only be changed for emergency reasons between conventions upon a two thirds majority of the advisory board." The insurance company -- excuse me, the Insurance Committee may want to reword that to comply with the other one, but we can talk about that at the meeting. No. 3, "The salary of the District Secretary shall remain at $1,600 annually until the next District One Convention."

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: That will be referred to the Finance Committee.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: And back to that, I think we all should realize we have to somewhat, when we come up with how to deal with an off-year convention, is what things would be decided at off-year conventions and what would be decided at regular conventions. A lot of the districts nominate and vote, I think, at off year. Am I correct? Didn't District 2 -- did they do it?

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: They only vote for the Secretary at the regular convention, not the off-year convention.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: So that is another criteria.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: That issue will be sent over to - -

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Well, I'll read that. Let me finish reading them. Okay. The Secretary's salary, $1,600 annually. "Per capita from the local unions based on membership shall remain at $1.35 per member per quarter as it is at the present time." That is Finance, and I suppose this all kind of balances on what we do with conventions. "Per Diem payments to delegates who are approved at this 51st District No. One Convention shall be a sum calculated by dividing the number of delegates assembled into $3,200. In the event that the number of delegates is less than 15, the minimum per diem shall be $175. Approved Special Department guests, if any are in attendance, shall receive one half of the delegates per diem." .

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: We're sending that over to the Finance Committee.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Revise Article 3, Section 3: "Each accredited delegate to any district convention" and I have crossed out the words "when same is not held in the same city as the International Convention shall be entitled to collect air coach transportation from home city and return. Amount due to be computed by the most direct route. Further, each accredited delegate" -- That went too far. Actually "Further, each accredited delegate shall be entitled to collect per diem pay in an amount approved by the delegates assembled." So that strikeout should have not been on the words "Further each accredited delegate."

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: And then it goes over to the constitution.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Yes. "Revised Article IV, Section 2: The officers of this district shall be elected at a regular district convention, not a special convention as described in Article II, Section 2." They can look at what Article II, Section 2 says. "And shall continue in office until the election and installation of their successors, acceptance of resignation, or removal by impeachment."

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: That's Constitution.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: That's Constitution. "8. I recommend we finance the web page as a part of District No. One's ongoing effort to get better communications with the locals of the District. The web page approval could be part of Article VI, Section 6, "Newsletter or Bulletin"," and that could go to the --

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Finance.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Finance, yeah.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Finance Committee.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Yeah, and I think Constitution could look at the point, if it should be added in there, or if that section on newsletters or bulletins could be rewritten. So we have some housecleaning projects.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: So here's how it's going to break down. Recommendations 1 and 2 are being submitted to the Insurance Committee; 3, 4, 5 and 8 are being recommended over to the Finance Committee. 6 and 7 are going to go over to the Constitution Committee. Are there any questions on that?

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: Thank, Sandy.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Sure. Any questions before we break up?

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: I'm just looking here. In Communications, I am looking at any -- as I always report, which most of my communications that I get, in the past, mostly pertains to insurance problems, and not much information with regards to the District. I was invited to give money to a national theatrical music association. I'm looking through here to see if there's anything that really is of importance.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: All district correspondence will be available up here for anybody who wants to flip through it too.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: I think, a little bit on -- I'd like to just make a few little comments on the meeting we held in Las Vegas. It's really funny; a lot of the districts are all in the same boat, and especially the locals we met. Number one, the communications between each local and the district secretaries is not very good, with all districts. And I think most of it, you get into outlying areas and there just isn't any communications. And a lot of the districts, a lot of the little locals around the country may be lucky to come to this convention, let alone even worry about what the conventions are doing. And most of the districts do not have a lot of money and do not collect -- there's only probably one very rich district in the International, which is District 7.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: We just busted that up.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: And that got busted up. District 2 probably has a pretty good - -

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: They just spent half of their entire treasury on the defeat of 226 in California.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: I think they spent 50 some thousand dollars on that defeat.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: They spent half of the district treasury in there - -

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: -- defeat. A lot of the Districts, like Nancy Buse in District 9, she collects two dollars per year per capita per member. And she's got like 2,400, $2,500 in her bank account. District 11's pretty good, pretty well off in Canada. Sean McGuire's - - they've got about 1,700 members. Probably District 2's they got pretty good membership in that. They collect a dollar per year, and then they get 40 cents that goes into there Political Action Fund. They have a Political Action Fund. So we were trying to figure out how we could communicate better together. We couldn't get actually, if you read the letter, the majority of the districts to even come to the meeting, and probably if we look back on it now, it was a waste of time; except we found out that nobody likes to communicate with anybody until they come to the convention, and then they all raise hell about communication. (Laughter) So we're all in the same boat. I feel that the easiest way to communicate is getting to be by e-mail. When Tommy Watters, was District Secretary, he never wanted a computer in his life, and now does more work on e-mail than he ever did, seeing that there must be a change happening. So it is easy, and it's scary at first, but at least the mail gets there. And sometimes it's better than Uncle Sam. So to get information out, it's quick and easy, and we all know it, but what can I say.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Well, and I want to make a few comments on that. Most of our districts don't function as they were supposed to. The reason that the International ever put these districts together was to deal with common problems in the district and legislative matters that affected your area of the country. You know, it's no secret here that we have not met as a district since the last convention. Three years have gone by. And yet I, as an international representative, constantly hear from one area that they have the same problem as in other areas. And this local may have solved this piece of it, and this local may have solved this piece of it, and because we really don't talk to each other, if I'm not in a position to connect the two dots, the dots never get connected. And I think our strength is going to be our ability to help each other. And the northwest really has a lot of similar employers, similar problems, and just the question of SCS. I think that that probably touches all of our stage and mix locals except for Alaska, and it wouldn't be surprising to me that there's a labor contractor in Anchorage who is doing similar kinds of things as labor contractors that we have in the lower 48. So, we need to deal with this as a district. We need to stay better connected, and we need to not come to the convention once every three years and say we probably should do this. So what we have to grapple with here today is what is the function of this district, and are we going to allow it to languish or are we going to really make it into something. Because all of our members, including myself, pay dues to this district, and I think that we are entitled to see something back from it. But that entitlement means that we've got to take it in our hands and do something with it, that you can't wait for somebody else to do it because it's not going to get done. It's just not going to get done. We have to decide that we're going to do something or we're not, like stop pretending that we have a district. So, it's really sort of -- we have an opportunity here today to do something different. That's why I'm saying, I know we've got these committees, let's meet, let's take care of the business, and then let's come back and deal with some of the real issues that we have in our district, and that we'll really have to come together on. So with that, does anybody have anything else before I break you guys into your committees?

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: I only wanted to say one thing.


         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: As you know, Local 99 assumed 91's jurisdiction in Boise.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Correct.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: I think for people who don't know, we're back to common employers. And a lot of the employers and producers that were doing shows in Salt Lake City happen to go to Boise State College, and they got money from the International. I think they've got some members, have they not?

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: That's right, I helped them over there.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: And really, we're back to this little area of Montana and this little area of Idaho, and I think it was a start for them to even assume that jurisdiction, because they have had to spend some money to do it.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Well, I've asked the representatives of Local 99 to come by and give us a report of what they've going over there in Boise. The guys basically ended up with less than nothing when they were handed the jurisdiction in Boise, and they've done a great job of going over there and trying to build a local from the ground up. And I really commend Lonnie Harkness and Steve Rood for the amount of work that it's taken over there. The International Defense Fund is supporting them in their efforts to rebuild a presence for us over there. But money's one thing and hard work, sweat and organizing are a whole other. We can give them money, but money doesn't make an organizing drive. These guys have gotten over there and really dug in, and are starting to create something for themselves over there in Boise and for the workers over in Boise, and they've done a heck of a job. And so I was hoping that Steve or Lonnie would come by and give us a small report on that and we'll see if they do. But in any case, anybody have anything else before we break into our committees? At this time, I would ask that we go ahead and break into committees and try and get some of this out of the way. And if we can, we'll reconvene before we go to lunch and take care of some of these issues.

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: Could you put a time down for that, Sandy?

         DELEGATE HYDER, LOCAL 887: Tell us a time to be back.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Well, we can stay in the room. Let's just reconfigure ourselves. I don't want to put artificial constraints. Let's deal with the issues and see if we can - -

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: I would imagine we would spend at least 45 minutes.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: I want to give the committees the time that the committees need to get the business of the committee done.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: In fact, if we got these done, then we could take an hour, even if we stay till one and take an hour and then come back, and then we could get down to the grass roots of the problem and the election.

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: Then this afternoon, are the SCS Organizing Committee, are they going to meet then first?

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Right, when we come back from lunch. Then if we need elections, we'll do elections and all the rest of that. But the important thing is we get this committee stuff done. Let's get some real work done. All right. (A recess was taken.)

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: We're going to go back on the record. It's 1215. We're going to go back on the record, and I'm going to ask for a report. Everybody get to your seats. (A discussion was held off the record.)

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Report of Committees

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: All right, we'll ask for -- who is the chairperson of the Resolutions Committee?

         DELEGATE CALLAHAN, LOCAL 15: Sean Callahan.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Mr. Callahan, can you give us a report of the Resolutions Committee?

         DELEGATE CALLAHAN, LOCAL 15: We have two resolutions that we're recommending. Do I just read them?



         DELEGATE CALLAHAN, LOCAL 15: The first resolution is a resolution to end the blockade against Cuba and allow free exchange between trade unionists.

         Whereas recent experience shows that our greatest ability to protect our members and to organize the unorganized rests upon our solidarity with workers of other countries; and.

         "Whereas, the current U.S. Trade and Travel Ban on Cuba continues to restrict the freedom of information and the rights of U.S. workers to deliver humanitarian aid to our counterparts in Cuba, and to meet with Cuban trade unionists on common concerns and problems.

         And whereas this blockade has recently been tightened with the passage of the Helms-Burton bill, despite opposition from the overwhelming majority of member nations of the United Nations.

         And whereas the effects of the blockade have been to threaten the many important and substantial gains of the Cuban revolution in the areas of health care, education, and full employment.

         And whereas we recognize that the Cuban workers and their government pose no threat to the working people of the United States, and in fact have much to teach us about how to structure and develop the society along the lines of meeting the legitimate needs of its people rather than maximizing the profits of a privileged few.

         Now, therefore be it resolved, that the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employes urge the AFL-CIO to oppose the U.S. embargo of Cuba and seek further exchanges between U.S. and Cuban workers.

         And be it further resolved, that the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employes oppose the U.S. government's seizure of humanitarian aid bound for Cuba, and oppose attempts to intimidate those who travel to Cuba in violation of this illegal embargo;

         And be it finally resolved that the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employes forward this resolution to the national AFL-CIO for consideration at the next national AFL-CIO convention.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: And your committee's recommendation is?

         DELEGATE CALLAHAN, LOCAL 15: We recommend in favor of this resolution.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: So you have heard the recommendation of concurrence with this resolution from the committee. Are you making that in the form of a motion?


         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: So is there a second to the motion?

         DELEGATE RIGGS, LOCAL 488: Second.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: So you've heard the resolution. It's been regularly moved and seconded to concur with the resolution. Is there any discussion on the floor on this? Joel?

         DELEGATE YOUNGERMAN, LOCAL 488: The only question I have is the phrase "illegal embargo" referring -- is it indeed an illegal embargo?

         DELEGATE RIGGS, LOCAL 488: I would answer that as whose definition of the word "illegal"? We're the only company that recognizes it.

         DELEGATE CRANGI, LOCAL 15: I believe it's the definition of the United Nations.

         DELEGATE RIGGS, LOCAL 488: I have no problem with it, I just wanted a clarification.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: So you have heard the recommendation of the committee. Is there any further discussion on the motion?

         All in favor of concurrence, signify by saying aye. Opposed? So ordered. That will be sent on to International. Is there another resolution before the committee?

         DELEGATE CALLAHAN, LOCAL 15: Yes, there is. We have a second resolution. This resolution is in support of Jobs with Justice.

         Whereas, the member locals of District No. One recognize all working people have a mutual interest in regard to dignity, respect and fairness in the workplace, and the ability to earn a living wage.

         And whereas the reason for existence of trade unionism is to engage in the struggle to achieve these basic worker rights.

         And whereas District One recognizes that Jobs with Justice is an established and effective vehicle for the achievement of the

         Therefore be it resolved that District No. One supports the Jobs with Justice movement, and recommends that the 63rd IATSE Convention go on record in support of Jobs with Justice, and encourage the local unions of this Alliance to become involved with and fully support their local Jobs with Justice chapter.

         We are recommending this resolution.


         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: On the question? Frank?

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: I wish the maker of that resolution, I wonder if the International could be a national sponsor to the Jobs with Justice? I don't hear that in that resolution.

         DELEGATE CALLAHAN, LOCAL 15: We weren't clear in terms of information as to how to accomplish that, you know, what that entailed, because we thought we were going to get questions about what is their financial commitment to be the national sponsor.

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: The commitment to Jobs with Justice has been, locally, on a voluntary basis; whatever the International could afford, they would accept. In other words, I bet the International could become a national sponsor of Jobs with Justice with a letter and a check for a hundred bucks.

         But I don't know that that's what they would do, but what I want the resolution to say is that the International is a national sponsor of Jobs with Justice. There are several national sponsors, communication workers are --

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Well, Marty Barr and those guys are the ones who started it, but the truth is that, like I was saying with politics, Frank, I mean money doesn't win an election. And Jobs with Justice is only successful not because the International says yes to worthwhile organizations, but if our constituent local unions get involved and do their part, that's what will make Jobs with Justice a successful organization, not whether we say it's good or bad.

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: My point is, if the International is a national sponsor, then we will become wedded to their information chain, we will start participating in national campaigns. The membership of this International and all of its locals will then have another channel for understanding what Jobs with Justice is doing in various struggles. I mean all their struggles are on a local level. But I feel that there are a lot of locals in this International that could learn from Jobs with Justice about organizing, and about effective actions, job actions. They certainly gave us

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: I don't disagree with you, Frank. All I'm saying is that it really comes down to whether the locals participate or not. Bob?

         DELEGATE RIGGS, LOCAL 488: We also say to the committee that if the International actually takes this resolution on and passes it, in fact becomes a national sponsor, but agreeing with the committee, I don't think there's any problem with inserting the phrase at the last "therefore be it resolved" that the district goes on the record as asking the International Convention I mean I think it's a simple insertion of the phrase "become national sponsor" if that's what your intent is.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Sandy?


         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: I understand what Frank did. The only thing is most of these things that seem to go to past practices, when it gets an attachment where it costs the International money, they kind of get thrown under the table. You know, they refer it to -- it either has to do with financing and they refer it. And I kind of have to agree that a general resolution would get further than attaching it so that the International doesn't have to spend money. That's the only thing I would say.

         DELEGATE HORTON, LOCAL 15: It seems like what Sandy is saying is that they don't really want money, what they want is participation. Can't we tack something on here that says that the International will encourage all of its locals to participate in any Jobs with Justice activity or something like that? I don't know.

         DELEGATE CRANGI, LOCAL 15: That is actually what it says.

         DELEGATE HORTON, LOCAL 15: That is what it says? Well, then, okay, never mind.

         DELEGATE CARLSEN, LOCAL 488: On the rulebook, are we adopting something for the district here?

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: District resolutions, if passed in the district, will be sent on to the convention. It can be sent on to the entire convention for concurrence or non-concurrence for the entire convention assembled.

         DELEGATE CARLSEN, LOCAL 488: But this is something we can adhere to as a District, and then if it's adopted by the International, they can adopt it themselves?

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Correct, but you can resolutions -- unless your resolutions are submitted beforehand, the only way to get them is through the district. At this point, the only way a resolution can, because of a timeliness factor, is to come through the district.

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: That's why I wanted to bring it up today.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Right. So the maker of the resolution is asking for an amendment to the resolution?

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: Yes. I think the words "national sponsorship" should be inserted in some way, some way that the International is a national sponsor of Jobs with Justice.

         DELEGATE YOUNGERMAN, LOCAL 488: Can we have a reading of the resolution again?

         DELEGATE CALLAHAN, LOCAL 15: "Whereas the member locals of District No. One recognize all working people have a mutual interest in regard to dignity, respect and fairness in the workplace, and the ability to earn a living wage;

         "Whereas the reason for existence of trade unionism is to engage in a struggle to achieve these basic worker rights;

         "And whereas District One recognizes that Jobs with Justice is an established and effective vehicle for the achievement of the workers' goals.

         "Therefore be it resolved that District No. One supports the Jobs with Justice movement and recommends that the 63rd IATSE convention go on record in support of Jobs with Justice, and encourage the local unions of this Alliance to become involved with and fully support their local Jobs with Justice chapter.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: And what Frank is asking for is that that phrase "International" --

         DELEGATE CALLAHAN, LOCAL 15: "National sponsor."

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: "Become a national sponsor, and urge all its locals to" blah, blah, blah. Is that what you're asking for the amendment to be, Frank?

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: Yes.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Would you be happy with that?

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: Yes.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: So we're going to vote on the amendment first, all right? But the amendment hasn't been regularly moved and seconded, so if I could get a motion, Frank?

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: I move that we amend the resolution to include the language about national sponsorship.

         DELEGATE CRANGI, LOCAL 15: Seconded.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: It was moved by Frank Baird, seconded by Jerry Crangi, Local 15. So we're going to vote on the amendment first. All in favor of the amendment, signify by saying aye. Opposed. All right. So it will be amended. Can you read us just "therefore be it resolved" Sean, from that point on?

         DELEGATE CALLAHAN, LOCAL 15: "Therefore be it resolved that District No. One supports the Jobs with Justice movement and recommends that the 63rd IATSE convention go on record in support of Jobs with Justice and" -- I don't know. I don't have the specific amendment.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Hang on, I know what it should say.

         (A discussion was held off the record.)

         DELEGATE CALLAHAN, LOCAL 15: Okay, taking it from "Therefore be it resolved, that District No. One supports the Jobs with Justice movement, and recommends that the 63rd IATSE convention go on record in support of Jobs with Justice" --

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: "Of our International becoming a national sponsor."

         DELEGATE CALLAHAN, LOCAL 15: Okay, I understand: "Go on record in support of our International becoming a national sponsor of Jobs with Justice, and encourage the local unions of this Alliance to become involved with and fully support their local Jobs with Justice chapter."

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: All right. Now, you have heard the entire resolution. The recommendation that's been regularly moved and seconded is concurrent with this. Is there any more discussion on the subject? All right, all in favor of concurrence with this resolution, please signify by saying aye. Opposed? So ordered.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Am I correct that we put them in writing and you take them to the convention, right?

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: I would submit them to the Resolutions Committee, yes.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: So if we could just get this typed, I have letterheads.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Okay. So that committee will get that business taken care of and get it to me?

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: If there is a place, if you want to type it on a computer, I don't know. There is a place downstairs you could rent one, and if you want to type it up on there and charge it, just tell me what it is and I'll pay for it, and I've got the stationary.

         DELEGATE CALLAHAN, LOCAL 15: I have a computer. All I really need is access to a printer.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: I don't know if you can access it.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: I'll take care of it. If you just get it on a disk, I'll get it printed. All right. Thank you, and I'd like to thank the Resolutions Committee, and we will discharge that committee with our vote of thanks. Now, the next report would be -- who is the Finance Committee chair?

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: That would be me.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: So we'll here from Rick George, local 675.


         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: Hard act to follow. Finance Committee recommends to accept the District Secretary report No. 3.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Recommendations or report?

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: Report. Salary of the District Secretary shall remain at $1,600 annually until the next District One convention.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Would you so move that, Mr. George?

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: I move that we accept that proposal.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: So you have heard the recommendation was to accept the salary, the fixed salary of the District Secretary. Is there a second on that motion?

         DELEGATE KOLANO, LOCAL 793: Second from Gary Kolano, Local 793.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: There you go. We're finally getting the hang of that. So it's been regularly moved and seconded. Anyone on the question? All right, all in favor signify by saying aye. Opposed? So ordered.

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: Furthermore, the Finance Committee recommends a 15 cent per member per quarter raise in per capita to help finance B locals for district conventions and to help finance the web page.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: And you would so move?

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: And I would so move.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Do we have a second on that?

         DELEGATE BULL, LOCAL 339: I second that.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Anyone on the question?

         DELEGATE YOUNGERMAN, LOCAL 488: That would raise it to what?

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: $1.50 per quarter per member.


         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: The B Locals in the district would then receive this money from the district to send a delegate? I just want to get clear.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: What it would be, Frank, is that we could pay them a per diem just as we do the other delegates. They currently have a reduced or no per capita to the district. And for anybody's edification, our B Local in Portland had one litigious member who practically destroyed their treasury, and we are in the process of trying to rebuild that local. But I think that it's really, really, really important to keep them connected with the district. These are ushers, ticket takers, gate attendants, ticket sellers, folks that don't make a lot of money, but have come together with sort of a very inspiring union. They really are the model of trade unionism in my mind is the people who are banding together to make each other's lives better. But their problem is taking a week off, quite frankly. It's not that they don't have the airfare from the International to get here. It's not that we don't give them a per diem, but for seven dollars an hour, $6.50 an hour employees to take a week off, it's hard for them. Then they come and we say well, we're not going to give you a per diem. So what we're trying to do is bring them into the district and find a way to help them.

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: What about B-177 in Tacoma?

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: The question is, is that still a functioning local in my mind.

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: That would be my mind, too.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Right. The one local, B local, we do have that is a functioning B Local is B-20. I think I need to do an investigation as the newly appointed chair of the district on what the status of our other B locals is. But right now, we do have a very active B local in Portland that has faced some rather hard challenges in the last year and prevailed with their employer. And I'm trying to find a way to rebuild that B local to the point where they can participate with the district as full members of the district.

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: What about the special, Northwest Special?

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: We need to have a meeting with Vice President Jean Fox and figure out what the status of the special department actually is.

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: Is the International still collecting dues?

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: The International is not. The Special department is, Frank.

         You have heard the motion. Anyone else on the question?

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: I would like to amend it.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Let's hear it.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: I would like to add that participation from a B local or a special department would pay a flat twelve dollars per year to be a part of this district.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Is there a second on that? Did the committee have a recommendation?

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: Well, no, but I think, wouldn't that be a separate?

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: I would ask the maker of the motion to maybe withdraw that and make it as a separate motion.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Okay. I withdraw my motion.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Thank you. Frank?

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: Just so I'm clear on this, we're talking about 15 cents which is going to be divided among B locals on the web page?

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: It's to defray the costs of those two things along with other expenses of the district, which is maybe an interim convention, which is all of those other expenses of the district.

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: So these monies would be handled in the same way all of our finances are, by the District Secretary with the approval of the --

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Delegates assembled, correct. Laurel?

         DELEGATE HORTON, LOCAL 15: The deal is we're talking about increasing our income $670 a year so that we can have an off year convention, and bring everybody, including the B Locals, in, and the web pages. These are just the increases that we're letting you know that this is what the increases are going to be from our current budget, and this is why we want to increase it.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Anyone else on the question? All right, all in favor signify by saying aye. Opposed? So ordered.

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: The Finance Committee further recommends that per diem payments to delegates who are approved at the 51st District No. One convention shall be a sum calculated by dividing the number of delegates assembled into $3,200. In the event that the number of delegates is less than 15, the maximum per diem shall be $175. Approved special department guests, if any are in attendance, shall receive one of the delegates's per diem. So moved.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Is there a second on that?

         DELEGATE KOLANO, LOCAL 793: Second.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Anyone on the question? All in favor, signify by saying aye. Opposed? So ordered.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: That clarifies that everybody gets 175 bucks, correct?

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: Yes.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Thank you.

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: Finance Committee, well, we kind of covered this already; the recommendation from the District Secretary was to recommend financing of a web page as part of District No. One's ongoing effort to get better communications between the locals of the district. The web page approval would be part of Article 5, Section 6 that was passed on to that committee. We already dealt with that in No. 4. By raising the per capita, we are financing it. So I guess we don't have a recommendation on that. One more recommendation, the Finance Committee recommends $455.65, minus any gambling profits -- (Laughter) -- be paid to the District Secretary for attending the conference in Las Vegas.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: We'd have to find out from the District Secretary if there was any ill-gotten gain. (Laughter)

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Has anybody in this room ever been to Las Vegas? (Laughter) I state my case.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: We'll take it he didn't come out in the black. All right. You heard the recommendation, and he so moved. And do we have a second for that motion?

         DELEGATE YOUNGERMAN, LOCAL 488: Seconded.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: He's going to pass it off to Mr. Youngerman. Is there anyone on the question? All in favor, signify by saying aye. Opposed? And so ordered. And that would conclude?

         DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: That concludes the Finance Committee's report.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Thank you very much, and we'll discharge that committee with our vote of thanks, which should move us on to the Insurance Committee. And who was the chair of that committee?


         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: There was two constitutional changes dealing with the insurance death benefit fund, and we recommend accepting the revision to Section 4, except the final sentence to propose the following sentence, changing the revision in the following way: The last sentence should read "At any time, a local union who is participating in the insurance program under the United of Omaha policy is in arrears of more than one quarter, the District Secretary will give 30 days' notification to the local of the district's intent to withdraw that local from the policy." And I guess we should take them one at a time.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Yes. And you would so move?

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: I would so move.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: We have a second on that motion?

         DELEGATE CALLAHAN, LOCAL 15: Second the motion.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: You've heard the motion. Is there anyone on the question? Identify yourself, sir.

         DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: The Constitution Committee approves that --

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Recommends concurrence with that?

         DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: Yes.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Anyone else on the question? All in favor, signify by saying aye. Opposed? So ordered. Go ahead, Frank.

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: The second change, which is striking Section 8 from the death benefit fund bylaws. This is recommended that it be removed as it is a redundant, becomes redundant with the language that is now in Section 4.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: And you would so move?

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: I would so move.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Anyone second?

         DELEGATE BULL, LOCAL 339: I second the motion.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: It's been regularly moved and seconded. Anyone on the question? You have heard the motion. All in favor, signify by saying aye. Opposed? So ordered. And that would conclude the Report of the Insurance Committee, Frank?

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: Yes.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: All right, and we would discharge that committee with our vote of thanks.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Give us a copy of that change, just so we have it right. She's probably got it down, but just so we have a copy of it.

         DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: The Constitution Committee has it.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: The Constitution Committee has it? Cool. And we would hear now from the Constitution Committee, and the chair of the committee, Phil LaFond?

         DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: Yes.

         CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: You're going to have to speak up so she can hear you.

         SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Talk loud.


          DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: We met and considered the questions that Brother Bull brought up in his recommendations. We recommend concurrence with the revisions of Article 3, Section 3, with an amendment, so that the sentence would read "Each accredited delegate to any district convention shall be entitled to collect compensation for expenses in an amount approved by the delegates assembled." We struck the words "per diem pay" and inserted the words "compensation for expenses."

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: And you would so move?

          DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: I so move.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Do we have a second to the motion?

          DELEGATE CARLSEN, LOCAL 488: Seconded.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: On the question? Do we have any discussion on the question?

          SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: I have just a clarification. I take it what you're saying is that whatever expenses it incurred to get delegates to a convention would then come before the convention in session to pay for whatever?

          DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: Yes, that's the other language in the constitution.

          SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Okay. I concur.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Mr. Youngerman?

          DELEGATE YOUNGERMAN, LOCAL 488: Just as clarification, what we didn't want to do is limit the ability of the smaller locals to come to a district convention. You know, if we need to help them, then we wanted that flexibility.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Frank, did you have a question?

          DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: The change that you're proposing is the change?

          DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: Yes.

          DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: Not coexisting?

          DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: It's an acceptance of his recommendation with an amendment. And the amendment being the striking out of the words "per diem pay" and the insertion of the words "compensation for expenses."

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: All right. We've all heard the motion. Is there anyone else on the question? All in favor, please signify by saying aye. Opposed? So ordered.

          DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: On the second revision to Article 4, Section 2, the Constitution Committee recommends concurrence with this. The way that section would read then would be "The officers of this district shall be elected at regular district conventions, not at special conventions as described in Article 2, and shall continue in office until the election and installation of their successors, acceptance of resignation, or removal by impeachment." So we recommend acceptance of the inserted language.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: And you would so move.

          DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: And I would so move.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Is there a second to that motion?

          DELEGATE WHITISH, LOCAL 154: I'll second that.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Anyone on the question? You have heard the motion. All in favor, signify by saying aye. Opposed? So ordered.

          DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: The other item of business before the Constitution Committee was supporting the concept of a web page for furthering communication to the district.

          On page six of your booklet of the Constitution, the text of the Constitution, we're recommending changing the section title from "Newsletter" or "Bulletin" to "Communications." The text of Section 6 would be unchanged with the addition of a sentence at the end of the text that would read "The District Secretary shall maintain a District One web site, and a list of e-mail addresses for members submitted to them by the member locals."

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: And you would so move.

          DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: And I would so move.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Do we have a second to that motion?

          DELEGATE RIGGS, LOCAL 488: Seconded.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Is there anyone on the question? You have heard the motion. All in favor, signify -- oh, Kathryn, go ahead.

          DELEGATE EASLEY, LOCAL 918: Was that supposed to be for members or for locals, e-mails?

          DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: A list of e-mail addresses of members submitted to them by the member locals; them being the District Secretary.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Anyone else on the question? You've heard the motion. All in favor, signify by saying aye. Opposed? So ordered.

          DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: The other item before the committee is something we did not have time to work on. The recommendation of the committee would be for the district convention as a whole to consider this a matter of drafting a mission statement and adding it to the preamble to help us clarify the goals and objectives of this organization. So it would be a recommendation of the Constitution Committee to look into this matter of the committee as a whole.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: You have heard the recommendation. Is there anyone on the question? If not, at this time we would become a committee of the whole to consider changing the preamble. I will tell you, Phil, I think that the committee of the whole to draft a preamble is a little unwieldy.

          DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: I would agree with that. I think what I'm looking -- would be looking for, is some input from everybody. So I was trying to put the thought in people's mind.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: That, I think, would be a much better thing to do, because I think that trying to draft something as a committee as a whole is a little unwieldy. But I think you're dead on, that the preamble really does set the tone and mission of the district, and I think that maybe if different locals have suggestions, I think it's a very important thing that we decide where we're going with this district, and what we want this district to be, and what we want this district to do, if anything. Let's face it, we pay our money to the district. You know, what is it that we expect the district to be and do. And I think that that's an important thing. But maybe we can save this for this afternoon possibly. The delegates would consider this and make recommendations to the chair of the Constitution Committee, perhaps that could be the motion.

          DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: I think that's a better idea. I'm willing to withdraw the original motion, and move that people consider this over the next couple hours, and come to me with any ideas and concepts that they think should be included in a mission statement.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: You have heard the motion. Is there a second to it?

          DELEGATE FRENGLE, LOCAL 93: I second.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Anyone on the question? So the motion is that everybody consider this, and if you've got recommendations, they'll go to the chair of the Constitution Committee, and we'll consider it this afternoon. Anyone on the question? All in favor, signify by saying aye. Opposed? And so ordered.

          SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: I have one question.


          SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Seeing that we have kind of decided we're going to have a mid-term convention, I think maybe the Constitution Committee should look into Article 2 because this is where it may get a little difficult upholding one. It says "Special District conventions shall be called at any time the majority of the votes cast by the local shall be in favor of calling such convention. Each local shall be entitled to as many votes as they are entitled to delegates. The District Secretary shall upon three affiliate locals or at the request of the advisory board order a referendum vote starting the process, stating the process, time and place, and if the majority of the votes are in favor of holding such a convention, then the District Secretary shall as soon as he receives sanctions from the International, notify all locals of such convention." What bothers me is what is the intent of this written when it says a referendum vote? A referendum vote --

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: I think that is, though, for calling a special convention, don't you think?

          SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: It could be. So then we need language in there to call a off-year convention then.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: That it would be a regular off-year convention.

          SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: A regular off-year convention shall be called by the District Secretary at a time either approved by the advisory board by a vote, or by an okay from the locals, and I don't know how really to do that.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Well, we're going to submit that to the Constitution Committee, and will you guys come back with recommendations this afternoon, Phil?

          DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: Ok aye.

          SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Just something to set up a deal in there where I guess possibly, and you could look since I know you're an expert on the Constitution and bylaws, it probably could come under conventions instead of special conventions, then there would be a mid-year added on to that.


          DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: Yes, I was just going to say, each local shall be entitled to as many votes as they are entitled to delegates. At each one of our regular conventions, can't we make it a part of our regular, of this convention, to then vote to have a mid-term convention?

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: We could if that's what the Constitution said.

          SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: See, the Constitution doesn't say that. In other words, it could be said that at the regular convention, a vote could be taken to hold a mid-term convention and voted on by the delegates here, if that's what he's getting at. I don't know legally if we would vote on here to hold a mid-term election sometime within a year and a half of this, or something like that.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: It just depends on what the delegates want to do.

          SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: How do we want to process it in here so we have a way?


          DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: I would recommend that we do like the Washington State Labor Conference does, in that this off-year convention not be a constitutional convention; in other words, you could not -- your business would be more focused on the business at hand, not constitutional resolutions, changes, things like that. You see what I'm saying? You have a convention, an off-year convention that is restricted in its venue. It could not go into constitutional issues.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: And I would suggest that you submit that to the Constitution Committee for recommendation. Jim?

          DELEGATE BURBACH, LOCAL 28: It was our impression in our committee that we weren't looking at a mandatory interim convention; that there was existing language in the constitution bylaws that allowed us the ability to have an interim convention. So I'm kind of hearing that this is something that we're definitely going to do rather than something we're going to play loose and decide as we need it whether or not we need to do it.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Well, I hear what you're saying, but there's nothing within the district that's been more contentious, in my opinion, than the split over voting to have an off-year convention and not doing it. And what the delegates have expressed to me over the last three years, there's been just a lot of animosity that stuff has not happened when the delegates voted to do it. So I don't want to leave here one more time being unclear on what we're doing within our own conventions, because it has been a matter of contention in the district. And if we leave this convention with nothing else, a bit of business being taken care of, then what are we going to do with this interim convention nonsense, because it's been something that's just been contentious in the district, and I want it cleared up.

          SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Chairman England?


          SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: As just a point of information, in the Section 1, the last sentence states "This can be changed by majority vote of delegates in attendance at the district convention or by decision of the advisory board in the interim to schedule conventions." Maybe it is there and maybe it isn't that the Advisory Board can vote to call the interim convention. So that last sentence may be polished up and could handle that situation of an interim convention. And I think we have to distinguish the difference between an interim convention and a special convention, is that correct?

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Exactly, an off-year convention and a special convention.

          SECRETARY DiSCIULLO: Right, there is a difference. And I think maybe we just need some clarification in Section 1 to do that.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: So at this point, we're not going to discharge the Constitution Committee because there's still business before it, and perhaps you guys can meet for lunch and take on some of these issues, Phil. All right?

          DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: Okay. The only other thing that I have is that the Constitution Committee accepts the changes recommended by the Insurance Committee.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: And you're going to make a motion -- oh, they have already been approved. All right, thanks for your job but we won't discharge that committee yet. Joel?

          DELEGATE YOUNGERMAN, LOCAL 488: I think that the issue of a mid-term convention is bigger than the Constitutional Committee, and I think we need the body as a whole because it affects everybody intimately.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: Well, they're going to come back with recommendations, and at that point, the recommendations will be submitted to the delegates assembled, and we'll have more than ample opportunity to address those recommendations. If you have specific recommendations that you want to see added to the Constitution Committee, please submit those to the Constitution Committee.

          DELEGATE LaFOND, LOCAL 488: Please jot them down on a piece of paper.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: All right. At this point, I would take a motion to break for lunch.

          DELEGATE GEORGE, LOCAL 675: I make a motion that we adjourn for lunch and reconvene at 2:00.

          DELEGATE CALLAHAN, LOCAL 15: I second the motion.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: You have heard the motion. Anyone on the question. Please signify -- Bob?

          DELEGATE RIGGS, LOCAL 488: I'd like to amend the motion by substituting 2:30 for 2:00.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: We're going to vote on the amendment. Is there a second to the amendment?

          DELEGATE KOLANO, LOCAL 793: Second.

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: We're going anyone on the question? Frank?

          DELEGATE BAIRD, LOCAL 154: I have a baseball game at 4:00. (Laughter)

          CHAIRPERSON ENGLAND: We're voting on 2:30. All in favor, signify by saying aye. Opposed? Show of hands. Ayes, raise your hand. Nays, raise your hand? We're coming back at 2:30. The original motion is to adjourn. Hello, stick with me here. Anyone on the question, breaking for lunch? Signify by saying aye. Opposed? All right. Thank you very much. Adjourned till 2:30. (A lunch recess was taken.)

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