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  1. Newsletter Spring 1984--Report From Local 28--By Tom Bugas
  2. Newsletter Spring 1984--About District No. One
    by Thomas Watters, Jr.

  3. Newsletter Spring 1984--Report From Local 339
  4. Newsletter June 1983--Report From Local 154
  5. Delegate List, 45th District Convention
  6. Highlights of the 45th Convention
  7. Report of the District Secretary
  8. Recommendations of the District Secretary
  9. Nomination Of Officers
  10. Unfinished & New Business
  11. Newsletter Christmas 1984--Report From Local 672
  12. Newsletter Christmas 1984--About District No. One
    by Thomas Watters, Jr.

  13. Newsletter Christmas, 1984--Report From Local 154
  14. Newsletter Christmas, 1984--Report From Local 339

Newsletter-Spring-Summer 1984

Portland, Oregon, Local 28--By Tom Bugas: - - News from Portland sounds a little redundant for the most part, at least to me as I write, with the two big items still our negotiations for a stagehands contract and the City of Portland takeover of the Paramount Theatre. The protracted negotiation process finds us first of all with our last contract having expired on October 25, 1983. We have been working under the terms and conditions of that document through to the present time. Quite a number of meetings have been held with an employer group consisting of the Oregon Symphony Orchestra, the Portland Opera Association and Celebrity Attractions. Northwest Entertainment Consultants has not been present, but has kept involved with representation through Celebrity Attractions.

Effective agreement was reached with the employer group on April 4 of this year. Included in the agreement is a 1% increase in the Health and Welfare payments effective May 1, 1984; a 1.5% increase in all wages effective October 26, 1984, and a 2.5% increase in all wages effective Oct. 26,1985. The final signing of the document is imminent, pending drawing up final drafts of the language changes in the agreement. Now the Negotiating Committee will begin the process of negotiating a contract to cover the Wardrobe Department workers taken into Local 28 in 1982. The wardrobe members have been operating under the terms and conditions of the San Francisco wardrobe contract since before coming into our Local.

Renovation is nearing completion on the old Paramount Theatre which, when completed, will be known as the Arlene Schnitzer Hall. This will be but one of three theatres in the new Portland Center for the Performing Arts. The present schedule calls for the city to take over the Schnitzer Hall sometime in August this year. Our Local members will be covering the manpower requirements for the hall and we should see some work in finishing the final touches on the facilities before the September opening. 7he Oregon Symphony Orchestra will be moving from the Civic Auditorium to make their new home in Schnitzer Hall and inaugurate the hall with their own 1984-85 season in September.

Business for Local 28 members was slower in the winter than usual, but the spring season picked up speed to help us out of the doldrums. This summer starts off with a slow June, but July and August show promise with three weeks of the King and I and two or three weeks of Sugar Babies coming to the Civic Auditorium. Our members look forward hopefully to the possibility of more shows at the Civic Auditorium this next year with all the dates vacated by the Symphony.

After fourteen years as the conductor of the Portland Opera Association, Maestro Stefan Minde has left the podium in Portland. Amidst a flurry of tributes and sendoffs the Maestro was presented with an honorary membership in Local 28 following the final curtain of the final opera of the 83-84 season. Maestro Minde was also presented with an I.A pin and a Local 28 T-shirt, both of which he was seen to be wearing at a reception in his honor later that evening. We hope to be working with Brother Minde again in the near future.

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About District No. One--By Thomas Watters, Jr.: - - Instead of delving the past of District No. One in this issue, I would like to direct attention to the present and future. Because of our Convention in Florida beginning on Saturday the 14th July this year, I will attempt to inform all affiliated Locals through their membership of certain events and issues that have transpired and will be forthcoming.

All Local Unions, through their Secretaries, have been informed of the curriculum that will be adhered to at our District Convention. Any Local Union not current on obligations to this District will not be allowed a delegate to this Convention and further, will not be admitted as a delegate to the International Convention. These rules are set forth in our District Constitution and By Laws as well as the I.A. Constitution.

Attendance at our District Convention has a potential representation of twenty Local Unions with twenty-three delegates from the five states of the area. This does not include Special Dep't./Branch Locals and guests. Delegates to this, our 45thp District Convention will decide on many issues. Our last Constitution/By Laws was published in 1959. There will be a complete revision of this at our forthcoming Convention.

A part of the Constitution/By Laws is the Death Benefit Fund (District Insurance) that began in 1941. This section has been completely rewritten to cover, hopefully, the directions of Delegates assembled, from the feelings of the membership of the District enrolled in that Fund. The revision of our Constitution/By Laws and Death Benefit Fund has been done to accomplish the requirement of present day standards, rules and laws.

A Resolution has been drafted to be presented on the floor of the International Convention that begins on the l6th of July. The Resolution, if adopted, would change Conventions from the biennial Convention to once every three years. This has been tried the last two Conventions and has failed for lack of support. If it is the consensus of opinion from the delegation of District No. One to endorse this Resolution we could have a chance to convince the accredited delegates at the International Convention to approve it. This Newsletter is a subject that will be discussed for some decision making. We certainly can not have much of a Newsletter if there be no news to insert. Certainly, In any Local Union's jurisdiction there must be some small value of information that could be passed on to other areas in our District.

This Newsletter is a great media of communication. All we have to do is use it. I cannot help wondering that if it is possible we have such little interest in our Unions and/or skill of trade or job that it is not worthwhile to extend ideas on what has happened--what is happening--what we would like to see happen. None of us are literary columnists. But it would appear to me that each and every Local Union in this District could take a few minutes, twice a year, to jot down brief happenings of local news.

Other things will be brought up at the District Convention. It could be a long and trying meeting. A complete report should be brought back to all Local Unions for the membership. The attempt is to produce results that will benefit members of the Local Unions making up this District No. One.

Robert K. Devereaux, better known as "Kim", was the 3rd generation of his family to work backstage in the Theatre. A long time member of Local 93, Spokane, he succeeded his father " Business Agent in 1953. Kim could entertain you for hours with stories of Artists who trod the boards back in the vaudevillian era. He epitomized the entire breadth of the stage in its finest hours. We suspect he's still waiting, backstage, for the FINAL CURTAIN to raise once again.

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Missoula, Montana, Local 339--By Irvin A. Renz: - - I have received the blank brown sheet for the report to the District Newsletter; deadline date May 25, 84. We finally had enough members in February to make a quorum for a meeting to have our election for Officers and Delegates. The same Officers & Delegates were elected again, and I have stated this would be my last year as Business Agent/Secretary-Treasurer. I have held this office for the past ten years. About time someone else takes an office job.

Some of our members are working outside of the State and it is difficult to get enough members together for a meeting. We have four projectionists left. One working manager/operator, one janitor/operator and maintenance engineer, one fulltime operator in a triplex theatre, and one relief operator. The Mann Theatres have finally made an agreement to give the Fox Theatre to the City of Missoula. The Fox Theatre will close on July 23rd, not to be used as a motion picture theatre. The Fox has been in use everyday for 35 years.

We have accepted two new members, Mike Monsos and Mark Dean, from the University Drama Department. The Montana Repertory Theatre has just finished the spring tour, which is good experience for some of the new stagehands. We have mostly stagehands now for the membership and it looks like they will be taking over the Local.

I have plans to take an early retirement in July of 1,985; working only part time as a relief projectionist. The full time projectionist is about on its way out by automation and extra assignments. I have received a lot of Death Assessment notices from our District this past year. I am beginning to wonder who is next and how many will be left in a few more years. I have received notice from the I.A. Office that the I.A. Convention has been moved to Florida. I am not sure if I will be able to go. I was planning for this to be my last convention. I expect to see a lot of changes made and hope someone can represent Montana at this I.A. Convention.

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Seattle, Washington, Local 154--By Thomas Watters, Jr.: - - Halfway into 1984 brings us to the realization that there is not that much time left to accomplish the things that must be done this year. Our District No. One Convention convenes on the 14th July in Bal Harbour, Florida. Following, beginning the l6th of July is our International Convention in the same city for the remainder of that week. The last week of August is the Washington State Labor Conv6ntion in Olympia, Washington.

Collective bargaining agreements for all jurisdictions of Local 154 that expires the end of August this year. Letters to all Employers are mailed out stating our intention of modifying wages and conditions in our area. We expect "no picnic" this time around.

This past half year has produced much sad news for Local 154. Marvin Atkinson was taken from us in an untimely death an the 6th December of 1983. Retired member John Schwieger died in Mexico on the 29th, December 1983. Retired member Fred Jiencke died on the 3rd of February 1984 after spending some years in a Convalescent Home following a stroke. Robert Smith died the 21st of April after suffering many problems the past few years. Indeed, our sympathy is extended to the families of these men. It is one thing to lose someone you have loved and cherished for so many years even though they have lived a long and fruitful life. And quite another to lose someone who is taken away far too early in life.

Our usual summer fare of matinees and extra shows is in full swing. Any member not working cannot blame it on lack of work.

After many years (and many problems) of working for the Playtime Theatres Co. we have no employment with them as of this writing. As we now have jurisdiction in Bremerton and one Playtime theatre there nonunion and three in the Greater Seattle area, all non-union too. It is a rough company to satisfy. We shall keep trying.

The Uptown Theatre on lower Queen Anne Hill was closed for refurbishment the last couple months. It re-opened with one new auditorium the 23rd of May and should add two more before the end of the year. Two downtown theatres, Music Box and Town, appear destined for demolition no later than this Fall. The Aurora Drive-In has been closed since the first of this year. It has been sold and will not reopen as a theatre. We know of at least one new multiplex planned for our area within the next year, but it becomes scary to see so many close down in a short period of time.

Dealing with the Motion Picture Theatre Exhibitor is becoming more difficult. Local 154 has signed their Power of Attorney to the International to effect Area or Coordinated Bargaining. Whether this can be implemented in time for our forthcoming negotiations or not we do not know.

We will look forward to seeing again our Brothers and Sisters of the many locals of our District at the Convention in July.

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Delegate List

Delegate Name
Local # City & State
Floyd E. Hart, Jr. 15 Seattle, Washington
Mike Miles 15 Seattle, Washington
No Delegate 28 Portland, Oregon
No Delegate 91 Boise, Idaho
Patrick Devereaux 93 Spokane, Washington
No Delegate 94 Butte, Montana
John Stanovich 117 Bellingham, Washington
Michael Bridgham 154 Seattle, Washington
Thomas Watters, Jr. 154 Seattle, Washington
Sid Phillips 159 Portland, Oregon
M. Glenn Taylor 175 Tacoma, Washington
Joe Fiamengo 180 Everett, Washington
No Delegate 240 Billings, Montana
Ed Hauff 254 Yakima, Washington
No Delegate 339 Missoula, Montana
Ray Beliel 401 Vancouver, Washington
No Delegate 663 Lewiston, Idaho
Charles V. Burgess 672 Klamath-Medford, Oregon
David Rimerman 675 Eugene, Oregon
Dale Harlow 770 Anchorage, Alaska
Josephine Hart 887 Seattle, Washington
Linda Nelson 918 Anchorage, Alaska
Allen Williams CE-19 Portland, Oregon
Virginia Armbrust F-21 Seattle, Washington
Shirley Burdulis SD-NWB Seattle, Washington

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Highlights Of The 45th District Convention

Proceeding of the Forty-Fifth Convention
District Number One
Held at the Sheraton Bal Harbour
Bal Harbour, Flordia

The meeting was called to order at 10:04 a.m., Saturday July 14th, 1984 by Secretary/Treasurer Thomas Watters, Jr. He welcomed all those in addendance, made mention of all now seated, have presented proper credentials as delegates and any guests will be reconized under the Roll Call part of the agenda along with credentialed delegates. Secretary Watters continued by saying we have a lot to do this session so will take no more time at this point then to introduce our Chairman and Presiding Offices for this 45th Convention: International Representative Chuck Weber.

Chairman Weber mentioned a welcome to all gathered here today and deemed it an honor to preside over the District Number One Convention.

Chairman Weber continued by appointing the temporary Convention Officers, thus, Sergeant At Arms: Floyd E. Hart, Local 15. Assistance to the Secretary: Glenn Taylor, Local 175 and Michael Bridgham, Local 154.

Chairman Weber then called for the roll to be taken of Delegates and guests as listed above. Roll call tabulation showed sixteen delegates, sixteen votes, with fourteen Local Unions represented. This is out of a potential of twenty Local Unions and twenty-three delegates. In addition, we have three guests from the special departments and/or branches of our alliance.


Chairman Weber called for the reading of the previous minutes of the District No. One Convention held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Sunday, July 25th, 1982. Secretary Watters read through a synopsis of those proceedings.

Chairman Weber asked if there were any errors, omissions or corrections. Hearing none, they will stand approved as read.

The next order of Business was the reading of the names of deceased members of District No. One since the last Convention in 1982. Chairman Weber directed all to stand in silence as he read off the following names: - - FINAL CURTAIN

Wayne A. Kirkpatrick, #401 - - Stanley R. Pehrson, #117 - - Warren Nielson, #154 - - Richard L. Thompson, #445 - - Lou F. Dumoulin, #154 - - Bernard P. Lyons, #675 - - R. Pete Beasley, #254 - - Hugo E. Winton, #154 - - Herbert S. Olson, #154 - - Charles F. Milan, #93 - - C.W. Christenson, #159 - - William D. Colley, Sr., #175 - - E. Warren Smith, #154 - - Marvin R. Atkinson, #154 - - David Walker, #91 - - John T. Schwieger, #154 - - William Spiegel, #94 - - Robert Kim Devereaux, #93 - - John J. Cunlisk, #401 - - Fred W. Jiencke, #154 - - Norman Taylor, #154 - - G. Lewis Childers, #254 - - Walter H. Evers, #401 - - Robert C. Smith, #154 - - Clarence F. Conant, #159 - - Torrey E. DeVore, #159 - - Ben Neerland, #154 - - Gerald N. Lloyd, #154 - - Victor E. Kirbach, #154 - - Sam Spiegel, #94 - - Arthur G. Fiddler, #159 and Arthur R. Moe, #94.

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This is the 45th Convention assemblage of District Number One of our Alliance. Our last Convention was held in 1992. This Report will cover the events within this District as pertains to my duties and obligations these past two years.

Beginning with the opening of our 44th Convention in 1982, the delegates were informed of the illness of District Secretary C.W. Christenson. It was brought to our attention that Chris would not be in attendance at that Convention and, further, not be able to continue the job he so faithfully and capably managed for twenty eight years.

After the 1982 Convention, with the able assistance of International Representative Dean Skillingstad, all books and properties of this District were acquired and moved to the present offices in Seattle, Washington. All money was acconted for and in my possession by September of 1982.

When books and properties were transferred from Chris, in September of 1982, he offered all assistance possible for my orientation into the record keeping of this District. He, further, outlined his ideas and programs for the continuance of a sound financial District and, most important, explained how the foundations had been laid for futher improvements.

Though I had talked to Chris a few times by telephone since that time, I was never able to duscuss further familiarization with the mechanics of the District Secretary job. Chris was dead a month later in October, a great loss and I found myself alone to unfold seventy three years of record keeping. My attempt was to understand past practices of this District compard with the current status.

My next task was to set up a line of communication, between this office and all unions affiliated. I have accomplished this in the way of a letter to each Secretary on a quarterly schedule and combine billings of per capita, D.A.'s, Newsletter data and any other pertinent information.

Intertwined with aforementioned observations and tasks, I realized there were certain objectives the delegates at the 44th Convention wished accomplished at this 45th Convention. These items I will report on, and includes A. Bids from private insurance companies to compare with our present Death Benefit Fund. B. Updating the Constitution and By Laws of District Number One. C. Try to get better interest rates on monies of this District. D. Inquire on status of Special Department locals affiliating as members of this District.

Private insurance companies vs. District Death Benefit Fund: I checked with at least ten insurance companies and two brokers on this subject. The biggest problem seems to be their reluctance to offer insurance of less than $5,000. to $10,000. At least so far as any sort of a straight Life Insurance Plan is concerned. If it were combined with a Health, Welfare program or some other type policy, then the facts, could dictate different rates. Even then, provisions in the policies scale down benefits after age 65, sometimes as early as 55, and provide little or no benefits after age 70 or 75. Combined with that, they will guarantee rates for a year only and want an annual review. Unless this District is inclined to contribute a much higher rate through the individual locals for its members, then our present Death Benefit Fund is the most practical to accomplish the job intended. After putting all data together and comparing uncertainties of what the private carriers offer, I prepared a column of facts and figures. This I consolidated down and prepared a report for delegates at this Convention for your consideration by way of 1. Revised Constitution and By Laws and 2. District Secretary Recommendations. I will elaborate further on this subject when we get to the District Secretary Recommendations.

Re: Interest on monies deposited belonging to this District. It was Suggested at the 44th Convention to see if we could get better interest rates on our money. I touched on this subject at the be beginning of this report. The financial and banking institutions have changed and will probably continue to do so. We now have available to us many different forms of interest bearing accounts. What has been available to us the last couple years was not available previously.

What has been done: In the Insurance Fund we had one 6 month Time Deposit at 13.226% simple interest. When that expired on the 10th of September 1982, there was no more short term CD's at that rate. They were all down to about 9%. The longer term CD's were now paying the higher rates. After considerable seeking and comparing I found the Washington Mutual Savings Bank to offer the best rate at 12.64% for a 31 year term. Compounded this produces over 13% annual yield.

In the Insurance Fund, too, we had approximately $20,000. in two accounts. Of this amount less than $15,000. was accruing interest at 5 1/4 , the balance none. I took the entire amount (approx. $20,000.) and put it into a Money Market Fund with Check writing capabilities. The interest rate is variable with the market and has floated between 8-9% with interest being paid monthly.

In the General Fund there was about $700. in August of 1982. This was in a checking account producing no interest. I transferred this money into an interest bearing checking account which pays 5 1/4% interest, paid monthly.

In the General Fund there was about $700. in August of 1982. This was in a checking account producing no interest. I transferred this money into an interest bearing checking account which pays 5 1/4% interest, paid monthly.

Regarding the Special Department and Branch Locals who wish to affiliate with the District. I met with our International President on this subject and re-read the pertinent sections of our International Constitution. It is clearly stated that all local unions must affiliate with the District of their area. This does not apply to Special Departments, Special Branch Locals, R & T Departments, Association Craft Technician Departments, but the door is not closed. If these Departments should want to affiliate, then it would have to be handled direct with the International offices for procedures on this subject.

Since the last Convention we have gained one new Local: Number 918, Stagehands of Anchorage, Alaska. Local 785 of Coos Bay, Oregon was dissolved. Local 445 of Bremerton, Washington was dissolved and the jurisdiction of that area is now included in the jurisdicion of Local 154. District Number One is made up of Twenty-Two Local Unions which comprises a per capita membership of 672 and a Death Benefit Fund enrollment of 704.

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To continue the Death Benefit Fund plan as began in 1941 with facts and figures to substantiate a fairly positive anticipation that we could have a self supporting plan in the next decade with no more assessments on members of Local Unions affiliated. Explain. - M/S/C

Death assessments levied to remain at present $2.00 per member enrolled. M/S/C Death Benefit paid per following schedule:

$1300. for eligible enrolled member deceased prior to August 1, 1984.

$1350. for eligible enrolled member deceased August 1, 1984 and later, but prior to January 1, 1985.

$1400. for eligible enrolled member deceased January 1, 1985 and later, but prior to July 1, 1985.

$1450. for eligible enrolled member deceased July 1, 1985 and later, but prior to January 1, 1986.

$1500. for eligible enrolled member deceased January 1, 1986 and later. M/S/C

Salary of the District Secretary to be increased from the present to $1400. annually effective January 1, 1985. - M/S/C

Per capita tax per member of each affiliated Local Union to be increased from the present to $1.10 beginning with the Fourth Quarter 1984; increase to $1.20 effective the Second Quarter 1985; increase to $1.25 effective first quarter 1986. M/S/C

District Convention accredited delegates per diem @$50.00 one day; if second day, @$30.00. - M/S/C

District Convention guest; Includes only those that are accredited delegates to the International Convention from the Special Department Locals, Branches within District Number One to be allowed, if in attendance, per them one half amount to District delegates. Motion to allow guests the same per diem. S/C.

Effective August 1, 1984 any new member enrolled in the Death Benefit Fund must pay an enrollment fee of $25.00. M/S/C

Suggest two Newsletters per year. One for Spring/Summer about June and the other a Christmas Newsletter in December. Any member of Local Union wanting a picture published will be charged $5.00 each. Ads accepted in Christmas issue only at fees to be published. Motion to accept as in all issues. S/C

Chairman Weber then called for the report of the Advisory Board. Floyd Hart, Local 15, noted the absence of Chairman Burns of the Advisory Board so could offer no report.

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DISTRICT SECRETARY: Thomas Watters, 154, no opposition.

ADVISORY BOARD: Alaska, Linda Nelson, 918, no opposition, Idaho, No Delegate (Referendum Vote), Montana, No Delegate (Referendum Vote), Oregon, Charles Burgess, 672, no opposition and Washington, Floyd Hart, 15, no opposition.

LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE: Alaska, Linda Nelson, 918, no opposition, Idaho, No Delegate (Referendum Vote), Montana, No Delegate (Referendum Vote), Oregon, Charles Burgess, 672, no opposition and Washington, Glenn Taylor, 175, no opposition.

As there was no opposition of Officers the Secretary was instructed to cast Ballots for all Offices.

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Unfinished Business included going back over a tabled part of the Constitution and By Laws. This was resolved and will be reflected by the newly adopted Constitution and By Laws.

New Business included remarks by the District Secretary requesting clarification and/or action of following items:

1. - If finances permit, this District shall take an ad in future IA Convention Souvenir Programs of a quarter page. M/S/C

2. - Each Local Union will be mailed six copies of new Constitution By Laws upon completion. M/S/C

3. - Size of Constitution/By Laws Book to be same as previous. M/S/C

4. Per them allowed all delegates and guests for one day except Shirley Burdulis, Special Department Northwest Branch, and Dale Harlow of Local 770 because of their non-attendance at this convention. M/S/C

There was the installation of Officers by Chairman Weber who, following, discharged all committees and temporary officers with Thanks for a job well done.

Chairman Weber closed woth saying he has been honored presiding over this Convention as he felt all Delegates conducted themselves very orderly and a tremendous amount of business was transacted. The Delegates, inturn, thanked Chairman Weber for his gracious understanding with unanimous acclamation.

The Convention was adjourned at 7:59 P.M. on July 14, 1984--Thomas Watters, Jr., Secretary, District No. One.

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Klamath Falls/Medford, Oregon, Local 672--By Robert J. Yager: - - We thought we would get the Shakespearean Theatre organized this year in Ashland. Some of the stagehands had come to us for support in getting them into IATSE. When it came to the voting, they had gotten what they wanted from the company and decided to vote the union out.

The Cine'4 Theatre in Medford is non-union and the projectionist's came to us to help them. We have done so. Had to go to the N L R B and that was not easy during this administration. They have won their case and we now have meetings set up in December for negotiations. It can still be a long row to hoe.

Due to the poor economy in this area during the past administration, business has been poor in the Medford area. Klamath Falls reports business is good in their area. We didn't open the Lithia Drive-In this year. The Starlite Drive-In opened the middle of March and closed the 26th of October. In Klamath Falls the Shasta Drive-In opened the last of April and closed October 4th.

Medford is in the process of getting another shopping center and there is a multiple screen theatre scheduled for there. Maestri Management Corp. "Owners of the Holly, Cinema Center, Craterian, Starlite Drive-In and Lithia Drive-In and the Medford 4 Cinemas" has told us he would take it over. They closed the Craterian Theatre to regular pictures the last part of August due to lack of business. They are showing foreign language films there on Sunday only and that will end the first of the year, as they will be shown at the Holly after that time

In the Medford area we have eight screens that are union and ten screens that are not union. Tommy Moyer is less than twenty miles away now.

Sorry about that. I'm sure these problems are no worse than in your area. It just seems that way because we are here and you are there. Until the next time. "SEASONS GREETINGS"

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About District No. One--By Thomas Watters, Jr.: - - The last Newsletter was published and mailed prior to our Convention in July of 19B4. In that issue was mentioned the forthcoming agenda of items to consider and to decide upon. In order that all members of the local unions that make up District No. One can be fully informed of the outcome of that Convention I would like to offer a synopsis of events derived from that meeting.

Since the Convention in July 1984 there have been two letters, on a quarterly basis, sent to Secretaries of all Locals informing them of the outcome of that Convention combined with billings of Per Capita, Death Assessments and notice to mail in written articles and/or Ad Greetings in the Christmas issue.

Proceedings from the District Convention and the Revised edition of our Constitution and By Laws have been completed and mailed to our International President. As soon as they are endorsed, approved, corrected, whatever; I will cause them to be copied and mailed to the Secretaries of all local unions in the District.

Some of the major issues acted upon from the 1984 Convention are: 1. Death assessments to remain @$2.00 per enrolled member with the goal of having a self sustaining fund within the next ten years with no further assessments levied.

2. Any new member enrolled in the Fund after August 1, 1984 will be charged a one time fee of $25.00 payable through the Local.

3. Presently, the Fund benefit payment is $1350.00 and will graduate to $1500.00, in steps, after 1 January of 1986.

4. Per Capita payments, based on membership, is now $1.10 per Quarter per Local and will increase to $1.25, in steps, effective the first quarter in 1986.

5. There will be two Newsletters a year. One in Spring/Summer and the other at Christmas time. Ads and Holiday Greetings will be accepted and charged for. Pictures can be published at a fee of $5.00 per picture.

Those were the highlights from action of delegates attending our 45th Convention. There were sixteen delegates representing fourteen local unions in attendance. This was out of a potential of twenty-three delegates from the twenty local unions of this District.

In the proceedings of the 45th Convention there is a complete Secretary report, recommendations and financial accounting of all monies and properties of this District.

In the last Newsletter I made mention of the fact about lack of communications among local unions via this Newsletter. Again, it would seem that some effort could be made on behalf of the Local Secretaries to mail in a few words of some news from your different areas of this District.

I have received copies of Convention Proceedings from the various Districts of our Alliance. It is very interesting to read those proceedings and discover the many problems in the different areas of this Alliance. It is gratifying to know we are not alone with our problems, those same problems of other areas. I do not think we can truly confront the issues and solve them in isolation. Good times make us vulnerable and leads us to believe that all is well. We take things for granted, too long. Communication and unity would appear to be the very basic ingredient to begin with in order for any group of labor unions in any given industry to survive.

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Seattle, Washington, Local 154--By Thomas Watters, Jr.: - - We are still negotiating contracts in this area to extend and modify our presently expired agreements that ended in September 1984. As of this reading, little headway has been accomplished.

We had several meetings with the United Artists employer since last July. Their attitude on operating without the Projectionist is prevalent. We have requested assistance from the general offices and they are now working on this. Future employment with this organization does not look good at this point in time.

We have acquired one new theatre, the Market Theatre. This theatre is located in the Pike Place Market section of downtown Seattle. It was formerly a non-union theatre with a different name. The employer, Ann Browder, met with us and we were able to negotiate a reasonable agreement. Wes Ferguson is the Projectionist. We have signed a one-year contract and the employer has agreed to all standard conditions and benefits with a basic wage scale of $8.00 per hour. We agreed to allow her to do the relief work, but to this point she has not taken advantage of this condition.

We, too, were able to extend our agreement with all standard benefits and a wage increase each year. This will bring the scale to $11.34 per hour beginning September of 1985, the last year of the contract. In both the Market and Omnidome contracts we were able to increase the IATSE Pension to the maximum contribution rate of $3.00 per day. We are hoping to get this top allowance in our other agreements, too.

As stated before, the remaining exhibitors, we are still negotiating with. We have scheduled meetings and only time will tell.

Since our last report, we have lost two members to death, both retired. Gerald Lloyd died on the 7th of June 1984. Gerry last worked at the Lewis & Clark Theatres when it was only a Triplex. He was about the most pleasant and most competent person to work with I have ever known. He was a past Secretary and Board member of this Local for many years. He was a fine person and leaves his own legacy of a job well done.

My father, Thomas Watters, died on November 9, 1984. Pop was 81. Looking over the roster of today, Pop goes back about as far as anyone in the Projectionist field. He was somewhat a Projectionist or rewind boy in his teens in his native land of Scotland. At the age of 19, in 1922, he sailed for the U.S.A. with all he owned in a suitcase- In the later twenties he acquired a job as projectionist in the Skagit County area where he was an active union member and Officer of Local 351 I.A.T.S.E.

Being involved in a labor dispute in the late thirties and standing for the Union principle he relocated to Seattle. He transferred his membership to Local 154 in 1941. He was fifty-eight years a continuous member of our Alliance.

I would like to thank the many friends, members and employers who expressed their sympathies and made gracious donations to charities in his name.

With the big election over and Christmas heading our way, we can now relax from the old problems and make way for a whole raft of the new ones being lined up for us in 1985.

Fear not, now. A whole new dawning approaches. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to our favorite brothers and sisters of District No. One.

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Missoula, Montana, Local 339--By Irvin A. Renz: - - I see by the calendar that another month and almost another year has gone by again. I have had a hectic summer with three deaths of my relations, including my mother. I had to postpone my vacation and unable to make the trip to the I.A. Convention. I did manage to take in the three day State AFL-CIO Convention in August at Helena. This was sad to see only about half the normal delegates and the loss of some Locals.

We were fairly busy with the Mann Theatre summer and sad to see the closing of the Fox Theatre. The Fox was given to the city of Missoula and they have mothballed the building until next spring. They plan to sell the building on bids or have it demolished for a parking lot.

I was able to take my vacation in October with our Motorhome to visit Oregon and Washington. This was a short trip but we had good weather but did not get to see most of the relatives and friends.

Today, Nov. 30th the Carisch Theatre has purchased the Mann Triplex, Village Twin and the World Theatres in Missoula. They plan to automate the Triplex (now with 6000-ft. reels) to the platter and Manager/operator system. The Twin is automated and they plan to expand this theatre to a sixplex next spring. The World Theatre is to be closed down. They have eliminated the relief operator, management to work the relief and the theatre/staff is about half, more people unemployed. My hours have been cut; I did manage to keep my present wage, I expect to be down to just film make-up and breakdown with maintenance when needed. I may have to use unemployment compensation and look forward to my retirement in July.

The University stagehands have been busy with the new season of programs. They also have been working steady in hope of opening and the use of the New Fine Arts and Radio TV building by the end of this year. Well, we shall see what happens in 1985. The members of Local 339 wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season, and hope for a good New Year.

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