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  17. Newsletter Christmas, 1981--Report From Local 339
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  21. Ten Years Ago, 1971--Report From Local 159
  22. Ten Years Ago, 1971--Report From Local 28
  23. Ten Years Ago, 1971--Report From Local 339

Newsletter-Fall, 1981

Portland, Oregon, Local 28--By John R. DiSciullo: - - Portland will be the site of the next "Caucus of Stage and Mixed Locals of the Northwest and Canada". We are hoping to hold this caucus around the end of October, but at this time we do not have the excat date set. Local 28 will inform all the Locals of the time and place as soon as one is determined. We are hoping to have a two day meeting with one day for a free class on the operation and the technologies of the lighting control computer. If you would like to attend this class of have any questions regarding this, please feel free to call Jack Pierson, in Portland at (503)292-9723. We are hoping to have a good turnout of all the Unions in the District as from our last caucus a lot of information was passed on to one another about the problems in the area. The agenda for the meeting will be a recap of the agenda we had in Union Gap, Washington on April 16 & 17, 1981 to see if some of the problems talked about at the meeting have been solved. Since the last Newsletter, Local 28 has had four Broadway shows playing the Auditorium during the summer which gave a lot of work to all the brothers. We started out with tow weeks of "Chorus Line" and then two weeks of "The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas", followed by one week of "Oklahoma" and one week of "Dancin". We also had several Rock Shows which played in the Coliseum and the Paramount. Even with the turn down in the economy all the shows did good business which shows the people still are looking for good entertainment.

Until the next Newsletter I hope to see many of you at our Caucus in Portland as the more we get together the stronger the labor movement will be in this District.

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Seattle, Washinton, Local 15--By Alex Hutchison: - - Seattle, IATSE, Local 15, celebrating its 81st year, has been given stage jurisdiction of Tacoma and Olympia, Washington, effective August 20, 1981, as well as the stage jurisdiction of Everett (on May 3, 1979). The Local has been very busy in the past year and is showing a healthy and steady increase in jobs and membership.

The Fifth Avenue Theatre, which reopened in June 1980 after an extensive two and one half million dollar remodeling and cleaning, will have been dark only two weeks through the end of 1981. Currently "Oklahoma" is having a seven week run which is playing to sold-out houses. Next up will be "Fiddler On The Roof" and then the "Pirates Of Penzance".

The Paramount Theatre is presently being cleaned and new equipment added and it will change from a rock and roll house to big name Vegas nightclub acts, each show running from one to two weeks. The original eight shows are almont entirely sold-out.

The Pantages Theatre in Tacoma is being extensively remodeled and will open sometime in 1982. Also in Tacoma, the new Tacoma Minidome is scheduled to open in 1983.

The Seattle Symphony has just opened its 78th Season. The Seattle Repertory Theatre will start its 19th Season on the 1st of October. The Seattle Opera and A Contemporary Theatre will start their 17th Season, Pacific Northwest Baller, which added a full production of "Swan Lake" in 1981, will open its 6th Season in October.

We have just finished the filming of a made-for-TV film called "Divorce Wars", which was filmed in and around Seattle for about four weeks. EMI Pictures will be filming the movie "Frances" for about two weeks in late September.

The "ROLLING STONES" have just been scheduled for an appearance, to about 72,000 people, at the Seattle Kingdome on October 14, 1981.

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Seattle, Washinton, Local 154--By Thomas Watters, Jr.: - - So this should be our Summer issue and by the time this reaches us, Fall will be approching. If not already here. This Summer has whipped by again. Practically every motion picture theatre in our jurisdiction ran continuous shows, matinees and evenings, all Summer, June to September. Everyone has been working and then some. I expect there will be short time for some after Labor Day.

Mr. Moyer has erected another theatre, a simplex, in our area. Surprisingly, he chose to go NON UNION. This will give us two picketed theatres now. We are still picketing, since December 1980, the Aurora Village fourplex of that company's. The new simplex is in the Kent area, south of Seattle.

Many changes, job wise, have happened to us this year. SRO seems to favor the "Guaranteed Shifts" policy in a good number of their theatres. That policy is where we receive a raise in hourly pay and give up the relief portion of the job. We have four jobs that use the "Sharing Theatres" policy. That policy is where we cover all hours of the theatres involved and travel between them. Some of these are next to each other, a block away and as much as five miles distant. Still another policy goes beyond our collective bargaining agreements. We have about five theatre jobs which utilize us as both projectionist and manager combined. This is really an added situation to the "Guaranteed Shifts" policy. The good part is the fact that we, the union, have the total job coverage.

At the present time we have 119 members; this includes 24 retired and 18 unavailable, not working at the trade. Recent retirees include Phil Arrowsmith as of November 1980; Ash Bridgham, Frank McClellan and Gerard Peterson effective the 4th Quarter of this year.

Thought I could write a smaller article this time. Maybe next time. I would be interested to hear views from other locals on what they think of our Newsletter format to this point in time.

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Portland, Oregon, Local 159--By C.W. Christenson: - - Things are about normal here in Portland, Oregon, but there is one bright spot. Cinema 21 received an increase in salary from $6.53 to $6.85, six hours guarantee and they are covered by Blue Cross.

We had a record of days of summer here, which brings to my mind, why should Brother Williams, our Secretary-Treasurer, be booking family and himself a trip to Hawaii. Our Business Agent can't complain about the good weather. He has been booked solid all summer long at City Center Motel in Seaside.

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Newsletter-Winter 1981

Boise, Idaho, Local 91--By C.E. Gilbert: - - I don't understand it; Chris didn't give us a deadline for getting our report in. Maybe somebody should check on him.

Anyway, I'm sure sorry to see the old bulletin go, but I guess it's just one of those things. I can remember when the bulletin was something that brought a little amusement into this rather humdrum life. As was stated at the Convention, nothing can survive if the secretaries don't write and from the way the bulletin went I can't have much hope for our newsletter.

Things are pretty quiet here. I'm sorry to say it, but I think that the recession has caught up with show business. It hasn't been too good here; however, there have been very few pictures that were worth watching, so we'll have to wait for some good pictures to come out before we can tell if it's due to the pictures or a recession.

Local 91 is in the process of joining the Rocky Mt. Council for the purpose of setting up an organization along the same lines as the northern and southern council now operating in California. From all reports they are doing very well now that it is in operation, but to get it started takes time and money. I hope for all concerned that it goes through and can be made to work. It's about all there is that the locals can put any hope into.

Well, I guess this is about it for now. Happy New Year anyway.

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Eugene, Oregon, Local 675--By Ralph Ward: - - Local 675 is still here in Eugene. There's not much excitement. However we're working on getting together with the city-owned Performing Arts Center. It's going to be a lot of work in planning and negotiating. The Center will be quite a large structure. It will have a 2,400 seat concert hall and a 500 seat theatre, and is scheduled to open in 1982. It's located in the north part of town; bounded on the north by Sixth St., on the south by Seventh St., on the east by Oak St., and on the west by Olive St. and there's a five-story 515-car garage on the West Side. Brother Marvin Ramsay and his committee had one meeting with Mr. Dick Reynolds, manager of the Center, and they came back with good reports.

Brother Sid Phillips, I.A. Representative, attended our meeting in November and seemed satisfied that the Local was going along quite well. The big problem is going to be getting competent, reliable people to fill the top jobs or compartment heads. This is a must with Mr. Reynolds. It's going to take a lot of study and planning for this Local, as we've never had anything like this here. We may be calling on some outside Locals for help and advice.

We were unable to get anyone on the Mt. St. Helens picture. Our B.A. was informed it was not a union picture.

We have taken in one new Junior member, Gordon LeMaquais. Gordon has worked at the Cascade Drive-In and can also work at the Oakway. We have another application in at the I.A. Office for Jerry Atwood. Jerry worked at the Waco Twin until it closed. Funny to be taking in junior members when we only have two theatres and no work. This is our limit for now though and we can't take in any more, as we've filled our quota.

Sorry to learn from Chris the Bulletin has been discontinued, maybe the flyer will be as good.

Well folks, this will probably be my last write-up as secretary of Local 675. On January 4, 1981 Marvin Ramsay will be the new Secretary. I am just not able to do it any more. Also my wife is battling a bad case of abdominal cancer. She's had three major operations for removing tumors and goes in the hospital once a month for platinum treatments, which are terribly hard on her. I've had the job since 1965, and that's long enough. I know Marvin will do a good job. Thanks a lot and have a good year.

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Portland, Oregon, Local 159--By C.W. Christenson: - - Local 159 signed a contract with Cinema 21. It calls for $6.35 an hour. Six hours. Overtime $8.55 an hour. It would be nice if the Moyers would match even this.

We had election of officers, as follows: President, Cap Derr; Vice-President, Val Brown; Recording Secretary, Chris Christenson; Financial Secretary, Al Williams; Business Representative, Orville Goodrich. Executive Board: Chris Christenson and Al Williams. Central Labor Council: Cap Derr and Sid Phillips. Theatrical Federation: Cap Derr and Sid Phillips. Label Trades: Cap Derr and Al Williams. Oregon AFL-CIO Convention: Cap Derr.

Good luck in 1981.

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Klamath Falls/Medford, Oregon, Local 672--By Robert J. Yager: - - Local 672 is still surviving. Maestri Management Corp. has leased the Lithia Drive-In as of November 23, 1980. They are nearly ready to break ground for a new 4 plex. All hard tops and one twin drive-in are running full time. The Shasta Drive-in (3 plex) is closed for the winter. The Lithia Drive-In is down to 4 days a week.

In Klamath Falls, with 7 screens in the hardtops, Redwood Theatres is trying to sell the Esquire, a single, to the city for a multiple purpose building.

Brother Bill Myers and his wife Nona just returned from a 6 week tour into Canada, across to the east coast, down the east coast and back to Oregon. He said he had to grow his beard in order to get enough gas to get out of Connecticut.

We signed a new 4-~ear contract with Redwood Theatres and Oregon California Theatres.

Hope this writing finds all of the Brothers of District 1 in good health and enjoying life more each day.

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Tacoma, Washington, Local 175--By Horace Smith: - - November, the month for nomination of officers, was overshadowed by a very lengthy discussion on proposals to increase our dues. A resolution was drawn up that would provide for a dues increase from twenty-four dollars a quarter to thirty dollars a quarter. There were amendments submitted to raise the dues to twenty-seven dollars a quarter and retain the one half of one per cent assessment on gross earnings or to stay with the present dues of twenty-four dollars a quarter and one half of one per cent on earnings plus one dollar. At our December meeting the second amendment was selected, so our dues effective January 1, 1981 will be twenty-seven dollars a quarter plus the assessment.

All incumbent officers were nominated for another year with he exception of the president, Carl Ellis who has chosen to take his retirement. Bruce Russell, who was initiated into Local 175 in 1971, has been elected president.

The Cameo Theatre, a porno house operated by Roger Forbes, has closed and will no longer be operated as a theatre. Brother John Widner has worked in this house for many years and with the closing will take his retirement. Work is progressing on the plan to convert the old Pantages theatre in down town Tacoma to a performing arts center. Buildings adjacent to the theatre are being torn down to make way for the plan. The building next to the theatre will be replaced to provide additional back stage area and dressing rooms.

Fifty-year membership scrolls were presented to Brothers J.R. Burke, J.M. Widner, L.P. Bundy and W.D. Cooley who was not present. There was a scroll for G.E. Manning as well, who died on June 3, 1980. We extend hearty congratulations to these surviving members and wish them well. Brother Jim Burke is the only one receiving a scroll who is still doing booth time.

To all of you in District One, best wishes and a healthy prosperous new year from the membership of Local 175.

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Portland, Oregon, Local 28--By John R. DiSciullo: - - The end of 1980 and the start of a newsletter for District #1 was voted in by the Delegates at the District Meeting in Hollywood, Florida. As one of the delegates in favor of the newsletter, I hope that all of the Locals in the District will participate by sending in information about their area that may help other Locals solve some of their problems.

On November 20 and 21, 1980, 95 members of Stagehand and Mixed Locals had a Stage caucus in Dallas, Texas. It was good to see members from Seattle, Portland and Spokane at this meeting. We were able to talk over many of the problems we have with the same employers and exchanged ideas for helping to solve them. The meeting was very well run by Assistant to the President, Al DiTolla. Many problems in the country were discussed at this meeting. It seems the biggest problem for the big stage locals is the smaller mixed locals' lack of coverage for the Yellow Card Shows and stage attractions coming into their jurisdiction. This problem makes negotiating with employers who book shows in some of these towns, where they don't have to hire Union Stagehands, very difficult. I hope in this District that we can all pull together to stop this problem.

Local 28 is now in negotiation with our employers for a new three year contract. We asked 18% per year and as of this date have approved 13% for the first year. We still have nothing settled for the last two years of the contract. The 13% puts Heads pay at $10.05 and extra men at $8.65 with performances for Heads at $39.50, grips at $33.75 and spot men at $35.70.

The Local has had a good year of work and we are looking forward to the same in 1981. There are a lot of road shows booked during the summer, which really helps out. The Portland Opera Company does four operas a year and the Oregon Symphony does a three-day concert eleven weeks a season with four Pops Concerts for three nights.

The City of Portland is looking into buying the Paramount Theatre and turning it into a Symphony Hall and building another theatre next to the Paramount with around 1200 seats. There will also be a 500 seat house for small production companies. Such a plan would really clean up the area around the Paramount and put a lot more men to work in the three houses. By the next Newsletter, I hope to report that we are closer to getting the new Art Complex for Portland. With the Auditorium booked around 280 days per year we really need another theatre or two.

I will close for now and wish you a Happy New Year from the members of Local 28.

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Seattle, Washington, Local 154--By Thomas Watters, Jr.: - - For as long as I can remember, this District has published a Bulletin-type magazine at various times throughout each year. It seems strange to be writing an article in a newsletter. As strange as it might be, it's perhaps a practical step for future communication and information to be circulated amongst the various local unions within the District.

Projectionist locals seem to be going from bad to worse, and I don't see a particularly bright future for them. From information I've been able to gather, the inflation rate is galloping so far ahead of Projectionist Union wage increases that it appears unreasonable we can ever catch up, let alone survive for any length of time.

Keep in mind that we really can't blame anyone but ourselves. We, the projectionists, certainly saw it coming. Automation is now in full swing, and the future will provide innovations we could never have imagined.

Again, we know the problem and we discuss it over and over again in rapid succession. Is there any solution to our dilemma? We've repeated ourselves so often it seems that we've blanked out any hopes of solving the issue. It serves absolutely no purpose at all to remain members of a union if that union does not serve the purpose it was chartered to do. Simply, that union must bargain (negotiate) collectively with an employer to achieve an agreement that defines wages and conditions of employment that are fair, equal and agreeable to all people involved. Unions are people, not things. A union is only as strong as its members.

Therefore, when that union is no longer able to achieve a collectively bargained contract of terms or when a few of the majority of that union make their own "deals" for their own short-sighted satisfaction they're signifying a lost faith in the very ideals they vowed to uphold. The message is clear. The union and its people are no longer able to function as originally intended. So much for the philosophy.

Local 154 now has a brand new NON-UNION theatre. The good old faithful Moyer Co. has built a new four plex in the Aurora Village Shopping Center. They've decided to operate without the union. We're carrying on an informational picketing and advertising program. Moyer is also building another multiplex in our jurisdiction in the south end of Seattle. We still have their two other theatres under corftract until January 1982.

As if the Moyer Co. was not bad enough, there is a "turn key" operation company in our area which will build the theatre and put anyone in business who has about $150,000. This is similar to the old "Jerry Lewis Cinema" routine. This theatre business seems to be g 'ng out of show business and entering the same kind of franchising as the "fast food" restaurants.

The big news for Local 154 was on November 19, 1980 when we presented 50-year scrolls to ten of our honored members. We had a luncheon in their honor and a good turnout made it a memorable occasion. International Representative Sid Phillips and our esteemed President of Local 154, Dean Skillingstad, handled the affair with much dignity. Those honored were Fred Jiencke, 68 years of membership; Norman Taylor, 55 years membership; Thomas Watters, Sr., a member of the IA for 55 years; Ash Bridgham, 53 years; Wally Emmans, 52 years; Presley Gill for 51 years; Harold Lidstrorn at 51 years; Warren Smith at 51 years; Herb Olson, a member of the IA for 51 years and Jimmy Donofrio who joined Local 154 just 50 years ago.

The 50-Year Scrolls were presented by the IATSE and were beautifully done. It was one of those few awards that speaks its own reward for the recipient.

Christmas business in the motion picture theatres was very good here. Everyone is working that wants to work. Since the last article we wrote, we've acquired two new triplexes from the SRO Co. Both are on the east side of the lake by Bellevue.

All different forms of automation are upon us here in Seattle. We have only five theatres left that are manually operated with carbon arcs. We have approximately 55 theatre jobs and about 10 other jobs not related directly to theatrical. There are five non-union theatres. One we are picketing, one we have a case before the NLRB, and one we're talking to. The other three are in the University district and are impossible to deal with because of their mode of operation and location. More than half of our jobs pay between $7.60 to $8.60 per hour. Less than half pay from $6.35 to $7.00 per hour. That is the bright synopsis of jobs in Local 154. All contracts have Health, Welfare and Pension contribution provisions as well as three-week vacations after five years of employment.

With all of the problems of the past few years for the projectionist locals, we still have hope for survival and improvement. We are certainly going to keep trying and fighting.

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Missoula, Montana, Local 339--By Orvin A. Renz: - - The time has come again for the news report and the passing of another year. We have had a busy summer with all the Theatres operating daily, some going twelve hours per day. Show business has been good to fair depending on the product.

We have increased our membership with eight stagehands from the Repertory Theatre at the University of Montana. We now have as many stagehands as operators. We had a yellow card show at the University Theatre, Ballet West Productions from Salt Lake City. All the stage hands and some extras were used on this stage production.

The downtown area has received the go ahead for construction of a new Sheraton Hotel and Convention Center. There has been a survey made of downtown Missoula and the University Area. The Fox Theatre can be used as a Music Center, and the Wilma Theatre can be used for live stage productions, and the University can use an indoor Dome Sports Complex. They are making lots of plans for improving the downtown area, especially parking garages and lots, also traffic control. The urban area is talking about more shopping centers and industrial centers. I do not know where all the money is coming from, as thp lumber mills are cutting back on production and employment, also the house builders. There are lots of people unemployed in Missoula at the present time.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year.

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Newsletter-Christmas, 1981

Spokane, Washington, Local 93--By Bill Specker: - - In Spokane, as everywhere, the current national recession has been especially felt in our business. The Stage department has seen fewer Rock Shows than in many years and most school district programs have been shut down for lack of financing. Happily we have had more legitimate touring shows than in the past and these have been fairly well attended by the Spokane people. It seems that next year we may have even more of these bus and truck versions of Broadway Shows.

A revamping of the Opera House has occurred with some new front of the house lights (42 Berkey 10 degrees), updated rigging and some improved electrical circuiting backstage.

Local #93 is in the process of going into arbitration with the local Symphony Society because of their hiring practices (mostly lack of). We are trying to keep this on an even keel because they, like most other arts organizations, have felt a monetary crunch. Most of our contracts end this year, but our employer relations seem to be in good order, except for the one mentioned, so we do not foresee any great difficulty in maintaining these contracts.

Projectionists here in Spokane are especially feeling the inflationary crunch that has struck the nation. Automation, multi-screen houses, house sharing, so-called manager-operator situations, have led to a decline in that department.

Negotiations have been in progress for quite some time and hopefully by the time this is read they will have been concluded.

Two of our members have moved to Seattle for stage work and we wish to thank Local #15 for their efforts on behalf of these members. We also have two members on the road with touring shows at this time.

A big thank you goes out to Local #28, Portland, and Local #254, Yakima, for the hosting of the two Stage caucuses this year. This is a good idea and we hope it continues.

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year to all our affiliated local unions of District # 1.

Seattle, Washington, Local 154--By Thomas Watters, Jr.: - - Many happenings this past Quarter of 1981 in Local 154. Changes seem to be occurring on a daily basis.

We completed an arbitration case with our employers on an interpretation of a certain section of our contract. This ended up being decided in their favor. That was too bad because we felt we changed a great amount of archaic conditions last negotiating session. What we understood certain conditions to be was not the same understanding of the employer. I thought we made a good case, but when you bring in a judge for a decision it is truly a toss of the coin.

Now we are arguing with the employers on at least two more issues. Not any one issue amounts to very much, but it just keeps digging into the pocket book a little bit more. The only good point about these things is in the fact that from the time we begin to disagree to the time we conclude the issue in question so much time has elapsed that eventually the contract will have expired. Then we start all over again.

Our contract with the Moyer Theatres is up the end of January 1982, We have sent notice to terminate the present agreement and negotiate a new one. Soon we shall find out if we will be picketing two more theatres.

We are continuing to picket the two recent theatres of Mr. Moyer. The Aurora Village Fourplex we have been picketing since December 1980 and the Kent Sixplex since September 1981.

The SRO company promoted a Seminar on November 1981. This was held on a Friday on the 20th at the Grand Cinemas Fiveplex north of Seattle in the Alderwood Shopping Mall. We had a good turnout of Projectionists from Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, Bellingham and Spokane. All SRO managers were in attendance. Representatives from Christie, Dolby, Kintek, Simplex and Xetron were there. They gave speeches, answered questions and provided films. It was informative and hopefully will pave the way for future informational gatherings.

We are having some combined problems here in Seattle. The Theatrical Federation of Seattle, which comprises about thirteen entertainment unions, has been having problems with some legit theatres. At the present time we are picketing the Music Hall Theatre for the last three productions. We have had many meetings on this and contitue to hammer away. Someone is going to have to enact legislation to make it illegal for an employer to operate non union. This would save us considerable time.

Local 154 obligated five members in the year 1981. By the first Quarter of 1982 we will have added three more. Strange as it may seem we are not decreasing in membership and our jobs by number have held up remarkably well.

Bill Frakes is still on the sick list, but understand he plans to return to his job at the John Danz theatre first of 1982. Harvey Mitchell is still off work, but steadlily improving.

This past Quarter has some bad news as we have lost a couple retired members. Jimmy Donofrio had been retired some years and was presented a Fifty Year Membership Scroll from the IATSE last November 1980. Phil Arrowsmith had only retired a couple years and his was a very untimely death. Our symphathy is extended to their families.

We hope this Newsletter arrives in time for Christmas. We, the members of Local 154, wish all our borthers and sisters in District No. One a Merry Christmas and good luck for 1982.

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Portland, Oregon, Local 28--By John R. DiSciullo: - - Portland was the site of the "Caucus of Stage and Mixed Locals of the Northwest and Canada", held at the Coliseum Holiday Inn on October 24 and 25, 1981. At 9 a.m. on Saturday we held a class on the operation and the technologies of the lighting control computer. This class was given by Gordon Pearlman and Steve Carlson from the R and D Department of the Kleigl Corporation which is located in Portland. The class was attended by 18 members from Local 28 and 10 members from other Locals in the District. I feel that this kind of class helps everybody who attends and gives all members an update in the new equipment being designed for our industry.

After the class the following Brothers held a meeting for two and a half hours; Ed Powell, Vice President IATSE, Alex Hutchinson, Richard Delay, Local 15; John DiSciullo, Jack Pierson, Robert Lindsay, Rick Reed, Local 28; William Specker, Local 93, Tex Taylor, Local 175; Marvin Ramsay, David Sherman, Local 675 and Derek Kones, Secretary District # 12. On Sunday the second meeting was held from 9 a.m. till 2 p.m. with the added Brothers in attendance, Bill Burback, Dick Repp, Local 28; Ron Hyden, Local 93; Lee Taylor, Local 117; and Ted Devore, Lee Ballard, Local 401. In the two days of meeting with other Locals I feel the District is drawn together, and with Ed Powell in attendance many problems throughout the IATSE were discussed and hope some questions answered. The next Caucus will be held sometime in March or April 1982 and I hope, as many Locals will attend the next meeting. If any of the Brothers in the District that attended have any other problems that should be talked about at the next Caucus please contact myself or Alex Hutchinson in Seattle.

Show business has been good for us with two Operas during the last three months along with Rock Shows at the Coliseum and a few at the Paramount. Over Thanksgiving we had a six performance run of Nutcracker by the Ballet West Company. All performances were sold out, even Thanksgiving. With the co-operation of Vancouver, Washington Local 401 and Eugene, Oregon Local 675 we were able to cover a Movie Call in their area for at the time they did not have the men to cover the calls. With more co-operations like this all the Locals can gain employment for one another.

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the members of District No. 1 from the Members of Local 28. Hope the New Year will bring more work for the members of District No. 1.

Eugene, Oregon, Local 675--By Marvin C. Ramsay: - - We have been taking in new members for our stage crew. I was surprised at the number of talented people in the area that we hadn't been aware of before. We also have a number of people in the area from the Los Angeles locals.

We have had some preliminary meetings with the Performing Arts Center. No contract yet, but it looks good. We will have a crew there in April to help rig the stage. The construction work is going as scheduled and it should be ready to start by September.

We hope to be in by July to practice or play with the equipment that we are not familiar with. This is going to be a good thing for the area and a truly magnificent auditorium and stage.

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Missoula, Montana, Local 339--By Irvin A. Renz: - - I had missed my report for the last Newsletter, so I better get this one in before the deadline. We have been busy this summer with most theatres operating continuous shows, matinees and evenings.

Business has been good along with good movies. Mann Triplex has been showing Raiders of the Lost Ark since the first week in June. Still doing good business. The Mann Theatres are still using Buck Tuesday, also reduced Matinee admissions. The Fox Mann has been using Special Midnight Shows on Friday and Saturdays. We are in the process of opening our Contracts with the Mann Theatres, which expire in February 1982.

Wilma Amusement Company, the Wilma I & 11 and Roxy Theatres are automated and are the Manager-Operator System. We have one person working this system. The Go-West Drive In has been operating only four nights per week this past summer. We are to negotiate new contracts in May 1982.

We have accepted a new member, Gregg Sautter, who has been a projectionist with the Family Theatre in Townsend, Montana. Gregg is going to school at the University, and also is working with an insurance company in Missoula. He helps us as a relief projectionist. We have obligated a new member, Sister Millie Dixon, into membership with Local #339. Sister Dixon is a Stage Technician at the University Theatre, and is taking our projectionist training program.

The Repertory Theatre has started its season, stagehands working with the University system. We hope to see more I.A. Road Shows with the University program. We are willing to negotiate with the use of our stagehands.

I was appointed as Delegate to the Montana State AFL-CIO Convention in August, which I did manage to attend in Billings. It is always good to meet and work with the staff and delegates of the State AFL-CIO. It was also good to see and meet with Sid Phillips along with Dean Shillingstad at this convention. I have heard that Sid Phillips is looking forward to his retirement from the many years of service in District One and the International Alliance.

I see there were a few pictures in the last Newsletter. The members of Local 339 wish everyone in District One and the International Alliance a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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Boise, Idaho, Local 91--By C.E. Gilbert: - - Try as I may I can't think of anything of much interest to write about. It's that time of the year when nothing much is going on.

Theatre business has been kinda slow. There are one or two pictures that are doing some business but the rest are just so so, and from what I hear there isn't much good product in the making, so I can't say what kind of a Christmas the theatres are going to have.

Our BA has all our contracts taken care of. We had a new triplex open over in Caldwell, which he was able to obtain a contract for full time for our members, which is a switch from the usual.

Tommy Watters asked what the thoughts were on the flyer we have been getting. Well Tommy, all you got to do is look at the number of locals that are writing in it and I think you will have the answer. Seems like it's the same old bunch that write every issue. It's about like the last issue of the old bulletin. I don't expect very much to come of it. Guess everyone is too busy with other things now days.

I think this will be my last report. I am going to get out of this office if I can. These offices need some new blood in them. After all a man can only go for so long and then it's time to quit.

Well, I guess this is it for now.

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S.W., Washington & Astoria, Oregon, Local 401--By Lee W. Ballard: - - Once there were many - now there is but one left. The Broadway Theatre, Vancouver, built 34 years ago, is the last movie house still running in downtown Vancouver. And it is threatened by the wrecking ball. The city has purchased the entire block and shortly after the first of the year the block will be cleared for construction of an $18 million, 180,000 sq. ft. six story office building. However, Mr. Adamson has leased the Kiggins, which has been closed for some time. A new floor will be poured and the seats from the Broadway will be installed.

The Renfro and Hazeldell Drive Ins did good business this summer. Only the Renfro running four days winter schedule now.

As for Longview and Kelso, there is still talk by SRO of more twins and tri-plexes, but no ground broken yet.

Happy Holidays to all.

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Lewiston, Idaho, Local 663--By Hobart Burns: - - It's been a long time since I have made a report. Not much happens around here. It took us six months to get a one-year contract signed, after it was agreed to and put into effect. And now it expires December 31st, this year. So it's time to start negotiating again.

Only one downtown theater and a triplex running now. Business seems to be fair. This is about all I can say this time. Good luck! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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Ten Years Ago, 1971

Portland, Oregon, Local 159--By C.W. Christenson: - - Things roll along about the same here in Portland, Oregon. Mostly re-runs. Some of them like "Dr. Zhivago'' and "Gone With the Wind" doing very good business. One of the top pictures for this Holiday Season is "Fiddler On the Roof". That opens at the Hollywood Theatre December 1 5th. Should do business and have a long run.

At this writing all Drive-Ins are operating. They are working on notice however. Rumors have it that there is a possibility of closure during the Holiday Season.

The Moyer situation remains the same, which isn't good.

Our International Representative Sid Phillips covering AFL-CIO Conventions can be seen on another page in this Bulletin.

Our President Al Williams is looking for a position. Inflight suspended its operations until further notice.

There is a new theatre being built at the Jantzen Shopping Center, on Hayden Island. The target date for opening is August.

The Follies Theatre reopened, and Brothers Paul Cooper and Richard Prather are back at work.

New contracts are in the hands of the employers, National General and Forman Theatres. They are five year contracts, increase in wages, health and welfare plan and pension plan. Signatures expected by the first of the year.

Brothers taking vacations over the Holidays are: Lawrence Fritz, Rolland Dunn, James Hickey, Les Davis and Tom Bond.

> Brother L.K. Brisbin had to spend a little time in the hospital in Santa Ana, California. Is home now for the Christmas Holidays.

That is all for this Christmas issue. Good luck to you all until the next Christmas issue.

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Portland, Oregon, Local 28--By William Goritsan: - - As the year comes to an end we look back with pleasant memories at a good year. Signing a three year contract before the freeze and going into effect after the freeze was one of our big accomplishments for the year. All our brothers have been kept very busy, with Brother Hurd traveling with "Hair", Brother Repp with "Disney on Parade", George Howard operating his own theatre consulting business, Cameron, always worrying about how to get to "River City", Seely, bouncing basketballs at the Coliseum, Holmstrom skiing on Mt. Hood and DiSciullo waiting for a freeze so he can ice skate on his new pool, Joe Bickford trying to figure out which car is the best, Holland looking forward to a raise, Ed Lane and Andreason making good use out of their hunting gear. Our retired members are enjoying good health and their retirement. Two apprentices are sons of our brothers Robinson and Seely. Both coming along well. Brother Patrick is remodeling his house trying to get ready for Christmas, and with this the officers and members of Local 28 wish to extend to everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Missoula, Montana, Local 339--By Merl B. Olson: - - The Holidays are just about upon us and time for the Christmas Bulletin. We have had a very nice fall. The State Drive-In closed in September. The Go-West Drive-In is still running weekends. All the Brothers have had their vacations.

Mary and I had a very enjoyable three week vacation. We drove to Southern California, then up the coast to Seattle.

We have taken in a new member Robert E. McDaniel. He is a son of our President Robert C. McDaniel. We have quite a time keeping seven members busy but, somehow we manage. We have three indoor theatres and two drive-ins.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all in District No. One.

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