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  1. Winter 1980-Delegates To 1980 Convention
  2. Winter 1980-Highlights of 43rd District Convention
  3. Winter 1980-Report Of Committees
  4. Winter 1980-Nomination Of Officers
  5. Winter 1980-Unfinished & New Business

"42nd District Convention"

Delegate List

Delegate Name
Local # City & State
Floyd E. Hart, Jr. 15 Seattle, Washington
Paul Bryan 15 Seattle, Washington
Jack Pierson 28 Portland, Oregon
John DiSciullo 28 Portland, Oregon
C. E. Gilbert 91 Boise, Idaho
Bob Devereaux 93 Spokane, Washington
No Delegate 94 Butte, Montana
John Stanovich 117 Bellingham, Washington
Lee Taylor 117 Bellingham, Washington
Dean Skillingstad 154 Seattle, Washington
Thomas Watters, Jr. 154 Seattle, Washington
C.W. Christenson 159 Portland, Oregon
Horace Smith 175 Tacoma, Washington
A.E. Tosland, Sr. 180 Everett, Washington
No Delegate 213 Great Falls, Montana
No Delegate 240 Billings, Montana
Ed Hauff 254 Yakima, Washington
Irvin Renz 339 Missoula, Montana
Ray Beliel 401 Vancouver, Washington
No Delegate 445 Bremerton, Washington
No Delegate 463 Pocatello, Idaho
No Delegate 613 Salem, Oregon
Hobert Burns 663 Lewiston, Idaho
Charles V. Burgess 672 Klamath-Medford, Oregon
No Delegate 675 Eugene, Oregon
Linda Nelson 770 Anchorage, Alaska
John Shilling 785 Coos Bay, Oregon
Josephine Hart 887 Seattle, Washington
Fred Rady B-20 Portland, Oregon
Tessie Weinstein B-20 Portland, Oregon
Allen Williams CE-19 Portland, Oregon
Richard Jamison B-21 Seattle, Washington
Bernice Gravem SD-NWB Seattle, Washington

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Highlights 43rd District Convention

Proceeding of the Forty-Third Convention
District Number One
Held in the Diplomat Hotel, Lower Sky Room
Hollywood, Florida

The meeting was called to order by District Secretary C.W. Christenson Saturday morning, July 26th, 1980 at 10:19 a.m.

Secretary Christenson welcomed everyone, and turned the meeting over to Brother Sid Phillips, member of Local 159, Internatinal Representative, and Presiding Chairman of this Convention. Brother Hart asked if that was Stagehands or Operators. Chairman Phillips answered, "I belong to both."

Chairman Phillips said "Thank you, Chris, and Brother and Sisters. It is a pleasure to be here and conduct the meeting of District No. One. To start off the meeting, and this is important, and I want everyone to listen. Nobody here has the right to record this meeting. So there will be no tape recording of the proceeding of this meeting except that of the Secretary. Notes can be taken."

Chairman Phillips introduced Brother Tommy Watters, Jr., Local 154, Seattle, Washington, who will assist the Secretary.

Chairman Phillips then asked Brother Watters to read the credentials and the above Delegates answered the roll call.


Synopsis of past Convention proceedings was read by Assistant to the Secretary Tommy Watters, Jr., Local 154. The last Convention was held in the Diplomat Hotel, Hollywood, Florida, August 16th, 1978.

Chairman Phillips asked if there were any errors, omissions or corrections. Hearing none, they will stand approved as read.

Chairman Phillips said at this point I would like to take the time to read the names of our departed Brothers and Sisters since the last Convention. After the names are read, we will stand for a minute in silence: - - FINAL CURTAIN

Richard L. Allen, #93 - - Leo Amato, #742 - - Lawrence Holtan, #351 - - James F. Morgan, #28 - - S.A. Benton, #675 - - Hale Haile, #154 - - Paul J. Derogatis, #93 - - Sanford A. Snyder, #15 - - Henry Nylund, #28 - - Loues S. Smith, #240 - - Harry Smith, #154 - - Frank Burdick, #240 - - W. Russ Phelan, #159 & B-20 - - Leonard Ingeman, #785 - - L.A. Peirre, #154 - - Weldon K. Braseth, #15 - - William H. Jarmon, Jr., #175 - - Orville Knight, #15 - - Carmello Amato, Jr., #742 - - Robert H. Scott, #117 - - Erling T. Erickson, #887 and G.E. Manning, #175.

The Convention Delegates stood in silence one minute for the departed Brothers.

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Resolution Committee, Hobart Burns, Local 663, Chairman

The recommendation of the Committee on Resolution No. 1 was, for adoption and submission to the General Convention as submitted by District No. One.

RESOLUTION submitted by unanimous approval of IATSE #15
WHEREAS, The Iron Workers, awarded jurisdiction at the AFL-CIO convention in Los Angles over installation of stage rigging equipment in new and existing theatres,

WHEREAS, This equipment is not a static part of the actual structure, but a working and integral part of the stage and its productions, WHEREAS, IATSE contracts nationwide have rigging clauses and scales covering this very equipment,

WHEREAS, Improper installation of such equipment by those not experienced in its operation represents a serious safety hazard to Stage Employes, entertainers, and all others required to work on stage,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That this convention instruct its delegates to the next AFL-CIO Convention to express the IATSE's contention that the rigging of theatres is, in all aspects of the work, well within the traditional jurisdiction of the Stage Employes, and it is hereby recognized as such. By Paul W. Bryan, President Local 15 and Floyd E. Hart, Delegate

Motion was made to accept, seconded, and it carried.

Finance Committee, Ed Hauff, Local 254, Chairman

The Finance Committee examined the books and found them in good condition, according to the C.P.A.

The Finance Committee recommended that $35.00 a day per diem be paid.

Motion was made to accept, seconded, and it carried.

Grievance Committee, Dean Skillingstad, Local 154, Chairman

Dean Skillingstad, Local 154, said there was one grievance about the fact that Local 117 has two Delegates. It was also noted that Local 93 has two votes. It was also noted that Local 175 and Local 344 merger did not apply the same way. Local 117 had less that 15 members, which is unconstitutional.

Chairman Phillips answered by saying that one delegate is what the Constitution calls for, but written in there by the office that only this time they would get an extra Delegate on account of Local 351 merger.

Motion was made to accept, seconded, and it carried.

Insurance Committee, Tommy Watters, Jr., Chairman

It appears that a number of local unions have expressed concern that there could be some improvements made in payments of benefits insuring the lives of members of District No. One.

We recommend that the District Secretary contact at least three (3) private insurance companies to cause an actuary of all members of District No. One to be made and to secure some cost figures that would improve benefits payable for life insurance purposes.

This report is to be completed and Local Unions notified no later than 31 December 1980.

Motion was made to accept, seconded, and it carried.

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Nomination of Officers

Office of District Secretary

Brother C.W. Christenson nominated by Tommy Watters, Local 154. Brother Christenson accepted.

Brother Hart, Local 15, nominated Brother Watters, Local 154. He declined.

Brother Jack Pierson, Local 28, nominated Brother John DiSciullo, Local 28, who accepted.

First secret ballot was Christenson 13 and DiSciullo 8. The vote was challenged by Brother Watters, Local 154, on the grounds that one ballot showed 2 votes, and it was apparent who that was. Therefore, it was not a secret ballot. The second vote showed 12 for Christenson, and 9 for DiSciullo. Brother Christenson elected.

Advisory Board

The following Delegates were nominated and elected: Alaska: No Delegate, Idaho: C.E. Gilbert, Local 91, Montana: Irvin Renz, Local 339, Oregon: Jack Pierson, Local 28 - Nominated 16 votes, elected - Charles Burgess, Local 672 - Nominated 4 votes and Washington: Dean Skillingstad, Local 154 - Nominated 12 votes, elected - Josephine Hart, Local 887 - Nominated 8 votes.

Legislative Committee

The following Delegates were nominated and elected: Alaska: No Delegate, Idaho: C.E. Gilbert, Local 91, Montana: Irvin Renz, Local 339, Oregon: John DiSciullo, Local 28 and Washington: Tommy Watters, Jr., Local 154.

Chairman Phillips obligated the elected officers.

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A motion was made by Brother Floyd Hart, Local 15, that this District change the meeting date from Saturday to Sunday because of travel costs, hotel room, food, etc. After some discussion, on the subject, the vote was 13 yes and 6 no. Seconded and carried.

Tommy Watters, Local 154, made a motion to award Alice Christenson the usual $100.00 for work done to help Secretary Christenson. Seconded and carried.

Brother Watters, Local 154 made a motion to reduce the Bulletin to one time per year, because of costs and lack of particiption.

There was an amendment to the motion that it be a Newsletter, 4 times yearly. There was also another ammendment made that if needed, Brother Christenson could have two helpers. Both amendments carried, and the motion lost.

Brother Hobart Burns, Local 663, made a motion to include in the Newsletter a report by International Representative Sid Phillips on all State Conventions that he attends. Seconded and carried.

Horace Smith, Local 175, reported on the 175/344 merger and problems with the Moyers in Olympia. He read a letter from Moyer stating their unwillingness to participate in the collective bargaining agreement for the theatres he operates in Olympia. There was some discussion on this subject.

Brother DiSciullo, Local 28, talked about the Newsletter, and said that only the Locals can make it work by news and problems in the different areas, and exchange ideas.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn, Carried. Convention adjourned at 5:10 p.m., July 26th, 1980.

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