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1977 - 1978

  1. Winter 1977-Local 15 Honors Floyd E. Hart Jr.
  2. Winter 1977-Report By Thomas Watters, Jr. Local 154
  3. Winter 1977-Surprise Awards
  4. Winter 1977-Report By James H. Robinson, Local 28
  5. Winter 1977-Report By Charles Cleman, Local 254
  6. Winter 1977-Local 93, 75th Anniversary
  7. Winter 1977-Christmas Adds
  8. Winter 1978-Delegates List, 42nd District Convention
  9. Winter 1978-Highlights of 42nd District Convention
  10. Winter 1978-Report Of Committees
  11. Winter 1978-Report By Thomas Watters, Jr. Local 154
  12. Winter 1978-Christmas Adds

Winter 1977 Bulletin

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On January 7, 1977 a Dinner Party honoring the retirement of Floyd E. Hart, Jr., as Business Agent of Local 15 was held at the Moose Club, Seattle, Washington. The picture on the right shows Brother Hart receiving a plaque which says: "THANK YOU FLOYD E. HART, JR., FOR YOUR YEARS OF SERVICE AS BUSINESS AGENT-LOCAL NO. 15, I.A.T.S.E., JANUARY 7, 1977". In attendance along with the members of Local 15 were Sid Phillips, Intertanional Representative, and his wife, Tommy Watters, Jr., Local 154, Mr. and Mrs C.W. Christenson, District Secretary and William Gortisan, Local 28 and his wife.

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Seattle, Washington, Local 154--By Thomas Watters, Jr.: - - Many changes in the theatre industry are upon us. Automation appears to be in full swing and it makes for a growing problem to try to standardize any wages or conditions of employment. The employers continue to present different ideas in the various theatres.

Mann Theatres have sold their interests in Seattle (and other areas) to the Tom Moyer Luxury Theatres Co. It affects three theatres (four screens). We were able to temporarily resolve a possible problem with this company and are now in negotiations to try to work out some quitable conditions and wages.

The existing collective bargaining agreement of Local 154 with all employers expires September 1978. Because of inflationary times and our eroded wages and conditions we have mutually agreed to reopen the contract early. We have had one meeting and by the time this article is read we will have had one more. Along with this our Health and Welfare program is in trouble and that, too, has to be resolved.

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The April 5th regular meeting of Local 154 evolved into a suprise awards night. President Skillingstad introduced former President Ed Hird. Brother Hird gave an interesting historical account of how projection room equipment and techniques had changed over the past 50 years. Then he called Brother Ash Bridgham to the podium to present him with a 50 year pin and a plaque commemorating Brother Bridgham's 50 active years in the projection room and his leadership role in the affairs of the Local.

Brother Sid Phillips, (In picture with Ash Bridgman to the left and Ed Hird to the right) International Representative, was introduced and he complimented Brothr Bridgham on his 50 years of service and then did a suprise switch on Brother Hird by presenting him with a plaque extrolling Brother Hird's 40 years of Meritorious service and leadership in Local 154.

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Portland, Oregon, Local 28--By James H. Robinson: - - Merry Christmas....One of the lion heads from the Orpheum Theatre's exterior is back on Broadway. It is now on the Music Box Theatre Building. Jerome Margulis Jewelers has a store in the building, and Mr. Margulis had the lion head placed on the exterior marble above his door. It looks great!

Tom Moyer's Luxury Theatres is running teh former Mann Theatres in Oregon and Washington. They are the Fox, Hollywood and Music Box in Portland. Local 28 still has one man on the job working in maintenance.

Our local just finished contract negotiations with the stage employers. Now we have a new three year agreement which includes a pension.

Brother Ed Lane is sick, and has been away from his stage manager's job at the Civic Auditorium for several months.-----Happy New Year.

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Yakima, Washington, Local 254--By Charles Cleman: - - Brother Sid Phillips accompanied the officers of Local 254 to Wenatchee on a couple of occasions, in August and September, to assist in the process of merging Local 651 into Local 254. Wish the members were closer to Yakima. Would like to see more of them elected to office.

Local 254 had their election of officers December 1. Those elected to serve in 1978 are: President: Charles Cleman, Vice President & Business Agent: Aubery Patrick, Secretary Treasurer: Ed Hauff, Executive Board: Earl Patrick, Board of Trustees: E. Patrick & Don Potwin and Sergeant at Arms: Wade Adams.

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Spokane, Washington, Local 93--By Richard Allen: - - The members of Local 93 wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

1977 is almost over and it's time once again to reflect back on the year's events. Local 93 was charted October 1902, and we celebrated our 75th Anniversary with a banquet at the Ridpath Hotel. It was enjoyable to talk with old friends once again and meet new ones. We would like to extend our thanks to all who attended and helped make it a success.

International President Walter Diehl attended along with Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Hart, Jr., Local 15, Mr. & Mrs. William Goritsan, Local 28, Mr. & Mrs. Sid Phillips, Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Christenson, District Secretary and Thommy Watters, Local 154.

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Winter 1978 Bulletin

Delegate List

Delegate Name
Local # City & State
Floyd E. Hart, Jr. 15 Seattle, Washington
Jack Pierson 28 Portland, Oregon
No Delegate 91 Boise, Idaho
Walt Hefner 93 Spokane, Washington
No Delegate 94 Butte, Montana
Michael Moore 117 Bellingham, Washington
Dean Skillingstad 154 Seattle, Washington
Thomas Watters, Jr. 154 Seattle, Washington
C.W. Christenson 159 Portland, Oregon
Horace Smith 175 Tacoma, Washington
A.E. Tosland, Sr. 180 Everett, Washington
No Delegate 213 Great Falls, Montana
No Delegate 240 Billings, Montana
Ed Hauff 254 Yakima, Washington
Irvin Renz 339 Missoula, Montana
M. G. Taylor 344 Olympia, Washington
No Delegate 351 Anacortes, Washington
No Delegate 401 Vancouver, Washington
George Juricich 445 Bremerton, Washington
No Delegate 463 Pocatello, Idaho
No Delegate 613 Salem, Oregon
Hobert Burns 663 Lewiston, Idaho
Robert Yager 672 Klamath-Medford, Oregon
No Delegate 675 Eugene, Oregon
No Delegate 742 Wallace-Kellogg, Idaho
Antonio Butto, Jr. 770 Anchorage, Alaska
No Delegate 785 Coos Bay, Oregon
Margaret Diehl 887 Seattle, Washington
Fred Rady B-20 Portland, Oregon
Tessie Weinstein B-20 Portland, Oregon
Doris Weimer B-20 Portland, Oregon
Allen Williams CE-19 Portland, Oregon
Richard Jamison B-21 Seattle, Washington
No Delegate F-21 Seattle, Washington
Joyce Elwood SD-NWB Seattle, Washington
Ron Shields SD-NWB Seattle, Washington
David Clements SD-NWB Seattle, Washington

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Highlights 42nd District Convention

Proceedings of the 42nd Convention

District Number One

Held in the Diplomat Hotel, Lower Sky Room
Solarium Floor, Hollywood, Florida

The meeting was called to order by District Secretary C.W. Christenson, Saturday morning, August 26th, 1978 at 10:07 A.M. Secretary Christenson geeted the delegates and said he hoped we would have a successful meeting. He said he wanted to thank International Representative Sid Phillips again. He said that Local 159 has less than 40 members, and as you know is only entitled to one delegate. So Brother Phillips gets up and nominates me, and sees that I get here. So I thank you, Sid.

Secretary Christenson said then he would introduce Sid. He doesn't need any introduction, but here he is, and he will be chairing the meeting. Sid said, "Thank you, Chris".

Sid said he welcomed everybody and he hoped you like your hotel room. We think it is a pertty nice place. If there are any exceptions, the I.A. has a Committee and will help you every way they can.

Chairman Phillips introduced Brother Tommy Watters, Jr., Local 154, Seattle, Washington, who will assist the Secretary.

Chairman Phillips then asked Brother Waters to read the credentials, and the above Delegates answered the roll call.

Chairman Phillips said at this point I would like to take the time to read the names of our departed Brothers and Sisters since the last Convention. After the names are read, we will stand for a minute in silence:

J.T. Moore, #159 - - Francis F. Kingsley, #93 - - Al Kuechle, #159 - - Castle Hayes #15 - - Harold Hobbs, #154 - - John E. Fletcher, #154 - - W.A. Burt, #159 - - Arthur Mamero, #159 - - Joe A. Schlumg, #154 - - Perry O. Moore, #154 - - Fred A. Olson, #339 - - Clayton W. Smith, #254 - - John E. Wallan, #175 - - George Porterfield, #344 - - I.J. Vinson, #159 - - Douglas H. Davison, #93 - - Lawrence Fritz, #159 - - Harold DeLarm, #675 - - Al Bird, #240 - - Paul V. Lowrie, #351 - - K. Raye Monk, #154 - - W. H. Kennedy, #154 - - Sidney M. Berg, #254 - - Chester Gibson, #154 - - Benjamin Baker, #154 - - Richard H. Stockam, #154 - - Frank M. Durtin, #344 and Vernon A. Marsh, #254.

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Resolution Committee, Hobart Burns, Local 663, Chairman

No meeting, no report. Motion was made to accept, seconded, and it carried.

Finance Committee, Ed Hauff, Local 254, Chairman

The Finance Committee recommended that $30.00 a day per diem be paid. Also recommended that two issues of the Bulletin a year be published. Reported tha the books were in excellent order.

Motion was made to accept, seconded, and it carried.

Grievance Committee, Dean Skillingstad, Local 154, Chairman

No meeting, no report. Motion was made to accept, seconded, and it carried.

Insurance Committee, Tommy Watters, Jr., Chairman

Recommendation #1:

Our present District Death Assessment is outdated and archaic. Further, new and younger members have been introduced into affiliation with Distric No. 1 in recent times. It appears now that the time is here to take a poll by local unions of District No. 1 wheather the District Death Benefit Fund as a District assessment of dispense that system and put the obligation of life insurance to the individual locals either to negotiate into the individual collective bargaining agreements or as a local union only assessment.
- - -Signed: Watters-Hefner-Smith Much discusssion of this recommendation. Chairman Phillips explained exactly what this means and rules there will be an individual vote poll by the local union involved.

Tally of votes was: 14 NO and 3 Yes. Recommendation was turned down.

Chairman Phillips said the report carries with it a modion to adopt, seconded and it carried.

Chairman Phillips thanked all Committees for their cooperation and fine reporting and they were dismissed.

Nomination of Officers

Office of District Secretary

Brother Tommy Watters, Local 154, nominated Brother C.W. Christenson. With no further nominations, Brother Christenson was elected unanimously.

Advisory Board

The following Delegates were nominated and elected: Alaska: Antonio Butto, Jr., Local 770, Idaho: Hobart Burns, Local 663, Montana: Irvin Renz, Local 339, Oregon: Jack Pierson, Local 28 and Washington: Dean Skillingstad, Local 154.

Legislative Committee

The following Delegates were nominated and elected: Alaska: Antonio Butto, Jr., Local 770, Idaho: Hobart Burns, Local 663, Montana: Irvin Renz, Local 339, Oregon: Jack Pierson, Local 28 and Washington: Tommy Watters, Jr., Local 154.

A unanimous ballot was cast by the Secretary for the above officers and they were then sworn in by Chairman Phillips.

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Seattle, Washington, Local 154--By Thomas Watters, Jr.: - - The Moyer Theatre problem is still with us and not yet resolved. We banded together and received all possible help from the IA General Office and still could not make a deal with this organization. The Moyer problem will not go away and other similar problems will be forthcoming. An Association of individual Locals did not work before and will not work now or ever as long as the individal various local autonomies are retained. The only answer is true conslidation of local unions into one. The only ones that can help us is ourselves. If merger and consolidation are not acted on now and then it will be a matter of time and the smaller locals will retain their 100% control-of nothing. Times have changed from those days of working merely to exist on a day to day basis. The purpose of Unions in these times is to produce improvement in the standard of living for its members and those working in that industry.

This cannot be done for any qualification at all if the membership is not going to grow, accept changes and challenges as they arrive and have a postitive understanding with various employers by way of a written collective bargaining agreement. There is no other way a labor union can justify its existence without those agreements for the present and future people working in the industry it claims jurisdiction over.


Local 154 celebrated our 70th Anniversary on September 28th and October 2nd this year. We were chartered September 1908. At a luncheon held at the Oyster House on Thursday, September 28, 1978, Local 154 honored its retirees and commemoration our 70th Anniversary. There were twenty in attendance.

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