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1975 - 1976

  1. Spring 1975-Partners For Fifty Two Years
    Reports From Local 28 & 154
    Charles Bronson Films In Lewiston

  2. Fall 1975-Capitol Theatre Fire-Yakima
    Report From Local 154-Brother Marvin Frost Dies

  3. Winter 1975-Reports From Locals 154 & 28-Christmas Adds
  4. Spring 1976-Leonard B. Hines Dies-
    Reports From Local 887 & 339-Brother Fritz-Local 159, Retires

  5. Fall 1976-Highlights-41st Convention-Delegate List
    Report From Local 28-Oregon Symphony Tour

  6. Winter 1976-Report From Local 154 & 429

SPRING 1975 Bulletin

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Local 651, Wenatchee, Washington--"Brothers Jack Schubert and George (Friday) Henkel Have Worked Together for Fifty-Two Years"

Geothert Henry Schubert, better know as "Jack" has been watching moving pictures for some 60 years.

No, he's not a movie nut, but a projectionist who has been working in movie houses in Levenworth and Wenatchee since about 1916. He is a veteran projectionist at the Liberty Theatre, just completing his 53rd year on the same job.

Born in a log cabin on his father's ranch between Leavenworth and Peshastin, he attended school in Leavenworth and became fascinated with the movie projector at the old Scenic Theatre in Leavenworth, where he ran movies every evening.

He moved to Wenatchee in 1922 and started working for the Liberty, a theatre opened in 1919, where he and his fellow projectionist, Friday Henkel, have alternated working hours over the past 52 years. He stated the Liberty had the finest stage in this area and it was used for concerts and ran stiff competition with the Gem theatre and the Rialto theatre.

Portland, Oregon, Local 28--By Jack Pierson: - - Local 28 January 29th, 1975 opened a new era and formed a Utility Group made up of employes at Portland Memorial Coliseum and other related jurisdictions. A special meeting was called and thirteen new members were sworn in by International Representative Sid Phillips. The new members were welcomed by members of Local 28 and refreshments followed.

This unit of employees is made up of arena personnel who do the set up, clean up and maintenance work under the operations office at the Coliseum.

This meeting represents the culmination of three years of bargaining for a contract and meeting with this group of employees involved.

Seattle, Washington, Local 154--By Thomas Watters, Jr.: - - The Northwest Association of IATSE Locals had a meeting on Thursday, April 24, 1975, with the next one scheduled for July 24th, 1975. Time is now getting very close to coordinate some wages, conditions and contracts of the various local unions. Although Local 154 signed an addendum extending their contract to 1978, which is the new target date, other Locals will have the option to use the combined efforts and ideas of the Association to begin to come closer with other terms of all agreements. This Association, at best, is very slow moving. It is something we are doing ourselves in our own area and the number of people working for the same company is still small. This can only be a tiny begining to strive for the final result. The way we are partitioned off into small sections we must work towards an ultimate goal of production, distribution and exhibition being tied solidly together under one major negotiating effort. This is the simple idea, but mass complexity moves in when the task of implementing it into practicality become apparent.

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Lewiston, Idaho, Local 663--By Hobart Burns: - - There has been a production company making a picture known as "Heart Break Pass", directed by Tom Cries with Charles Bronson and his wife, Jill Ireland (as seen in the above picture). They were here for two months during which time they drove off the Indians, destroyed a town and wrecked a train. They were a good bunch and hope they'll come back soon.


Picture on left of train wreck used in the Jill Ireland, Charles Bronson movie, "Heart Break Pass", made in Idaho in the Spring of 1975.

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FALL 1975 Bulletin

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Brother Leonard Hinds, Local 254, Yakima, Washington, Was There - - April 5, 1920. The opening of the Mercy Theatre, a gala night in Yakima. The opening was the town's "most brilliant social event," said the Yakima Daily Republic. Beginning a two day run was the musical "Maytime," with a New York cast.

Leonard Hinds was there, the backstage manager of the theatre later to be named the Capitol. Hinds also was there Monday when the theatre was destroyed by fire. But then came the call from Mike mercy, grandson of the Capitol's builder, telling Hinds the theatre was burning. "Oh, Jesus, I thought it was terrible," he said Tuesday standing in front of the ruins, adding that one of the first thoughts was the years he worked at the theatre. "I think they will build another theatre, but not a big one." Would he like another Mercy? "Id love it, I'd love it-but we'll never see it."


Seattle, Washington, Local 154--By Thomas Watters, Jr.: - - The Northwest Association of IATSE Locals had another meeting July 24, 1995. We are finally getting closer to realizing our future problems for stanardization and accomplishments. We are updating the Constitution and By-Laws from the experience of other close Associations and further realizing that the far future goal is in the consolidation of Associations. If only the individual locals could understand that there is strength in numbers, strength in encompassing the area and strength in extending the jurisdiction both area wise and company wise.

Sad news for the Northwest Association is in the fact that Local 401 has dropped their affiliation. Words cannot express my personal disappointment in their decision. It is like I have said before, this idea of consolidating locals for negotaiting purposes is not a new idea. It has been tried before in this area at least twice, according to the records. Just remember that nothing comes easy to the working man, and if it is not worth having then it is not worth working for. Our next meeting of the Association is on Thursday, October 23, 1975 in Seattle.

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Brother Marvin L. Frost passed away May 30th, 1975. He has been a resident of Aberdeen, Washington since 1911. He is survived by his wife, Eva, two sons, James Frost and John Frost, four grandchildren, and other relatives.

For a period of time he worked as a relief operator. Then, in March of 1945 he was assigned as full time operator to the D & R Theatre in Aberdeen, and held that job until his death, May 30th, 1975, a period of thirty years.

He had served as Business Agent and Financial Secretary of Local 429 since 1958, and also Treasurer since 1972. His first I.A. Convention was in 1952 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He also attended six more I.A. Conventions, the last being in Los Angles in 1974.

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WINTER 1975 Bulletin

Seattle, Washington, Local 154--By Thomas Watters, Jr.: - - As if there were not enouht problems throughout the first half of 1975, someone had to work a Washington State Law into effect as of September 1st, 1975. That law merely said that any employee working for one employer shall not work over forty hours in one week unless compensated at a rate of not less than one and one half times the basic wage scale. That was not so bad. The problems began when our employers informed us that on one was to work over forty hours in one week-PERIOD. So, as you know, this business has its ups and downs and all of its undetermined factors of special shows, added shows and matinees, overtime, service call, etc. In a local this size it is virtually impossible to hold to the adage "the show must go on," only to discover the forth hours have been met and "we gotta go home." This was the king size problem and after many meetings we resolved a better-than-nothing situation. Not all bad but not all good!

Portland, Oregon, Local 28--by Joe M. Bickford: - - The first news here in Portland is that Local 28 now has members from both sexes. At the October meeting Local 28 swore in their first lady member. Her name is Kyle Johnson and she works full time at the Memorial Coliseum. We have now increased our membership to 58 members and have more applications being processed at this time.


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SPRING 1976 Bulletin

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Yakima, Washington, Local 254--By Ed G. Hauff: - - We have lost another member since the last Bulletin was issued. Brother Leonard B. Hinds passed away March 30th. Hinds joined Local 254 March 1st, 1916, which was then the Theatrical Protective Union, IATSE.

He carried his card 60 years and 30 days to be exact. He has held about every office in the local including President of the Yakima Centeral Labor Council some years ago. Although he wasn't active in stage and projection work, he was always around in the latter years. Representative Sid Phillips attended the funeral.

Seattle, Washington, Local 887--By Josephine Hart: - - Our job situation looks good. The Seattle Opera's Pacific Northwest Festival, starting in the month of July. A.C.T. Theatre will open their new season in June. Ice Follies arrives in Seattle April 30th and close May 9th. Joffrey Ballet opens at the Opera House, May 18 through 22nd.

Time is now getting very close to negotiate wages, conditions and contracts. Local 887 contracts expire this year. Looking forward to our Local's 15th Anniversary coming up in July.

Missoula, Montana, Local 339--By Irvin A. Renz: - - We have had two members retire since the beginning of the New Year. Robert C. McDaniel has taken his retirement from the Local as a retrire member. Merl Olson has taken his Social Security retirement, and is still working part-time. We has a retirement dinner for Bob McDaniel with the presence of Brother Sid Phillips, doing the honor in presenting the Silver Life Membership Card. Sid also presented Merl Olson with a gold IA Emblem pin. Bob McDaniel and Merl Olson were both initiated into the Local on March 24, 1950. Robert McDaniel has served as President for many years and Merl Olson has been the Secretary-Treasurer and Business Agent for almost 20 years.

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When Brother Fritz was a young boy, his Uncle Fred Fritz, wallked him by when they were building the Orpheum Theatre. That was over 60 years ago. The Orpheum Theatre closed April 25, 1976, and Brother Firtz was working there at that time and retired then as a projectionist. Brother Fritz kept a lot of us on the screen over the years. He was a master at repairing all types of equipment. Brother Firtz got started in the business in Astoria, Oregon. He owned the Star Theatre there, ran films with vaudeville. He made the battleship fleet pictures there. He flimed the whole fleet. It came around the Horn and he received permission from Admiral Sperry by wireless to take the pictures. He used a Gaumont camera with a 200 foot magazine. He had one magazine, and then when that was run through, he had to get in a changing bag to shoot the next scene. We still use the same changing bag today.

Brother Fritz filmed the trial of Harry Orchard, the accused murderer in the bombing of Governor Stennberg of Idaho. He also made a film in Ogden, Utah, which was directed by Jack Conway. It was a Western, and one of the actors hit the star over the head with a sapling. Brother Fitz said that delayed the shooting for one day.

Brother Fritz built and installed some of the equipment for Hale's Tours. This was a streetcar, one downtown, and two at the Oaks Park. The car rocked and rolled, simulating the movement of a streetcar on the track. Brother Fritz built the effects on the engine chugging and the bells ringing. The picture was a rear screen projection from a one pin Edison.

I first remember Fritz at the old Lyric Theatre, 109 Sixth Street. In 1914 he ran a one pin Edison at Ericson's Saloon. In 1918 he started a shop in the balcony of the Ericson's Saloon.

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FALL 1976 Bulletin

Highlights-41st District Convention

The District No. One Convention was called to order by District Secretary C.W. Christenson Saturday morning, August 14th, 1976 at 10:03 A.M. at the Leamington Hotel, Cleveland Room, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Secretary Christenson geeted the Delegates. Then said he was highly grateful to Intenational Representative Sid Phillips. He said that Local 159 has less the 40 members and is only entitled to one Delegate. International Representative Sid Phillips declined to run as Delegate when nominated. He then got up and nominated me and made an excellent speech for me.

Secretary Christensen introduced International Representative Sid Phillips who is charing the meeting. He said he was happy to again be chairing the meeting. Chairman Phillips said when you answer the roll call, please give your hotel and room number.

Secretary Christenson then introduced Brother Tommy Watters, Jr., Local 154, Seattle, Washington, who will assist the Secretary. Reading of the credentials was called for by Chairman Phillips, and the following Delegates answered the roll call.

C.W. Christenson was re-elected and the Chair cast a unanimous vote, as Secretary of District No. One. Elected to the Advisory Board were: Alaska No Delegate; Irvin Renz, Montana; Jack Pierson, Oregon; Floyt Hart, Jr., Washington; Hobart Burns, Idaho.

Delegate List

Delegate Name
Local # City & State
Floyd E. Hart, Jr. 15 Seattle, Washington
William Goritsan 28 Portland, Oregon
Jack Pierson 28 Portland, Oregon
James Clark 91 Boise, Idaho
Thomas F. Gorman 93 Spokane, Washington
No Delegate 94 Butte, Montana
Fred Graham 117 Bellingham, Washington
Dean Skillingstad 154 Seattle, Washington
Thomas Watters, Jr. 154 Seattle, Washington
C.W. Christenson 159 Portland, Oregon
Horace Smith 175 Tacoma, Washington
A.E. Tosland 180 Everett, Washington
No Delegate 213 Great Falls, Montana
No Delegate 234 Walla Walla, Washington
No Delegate 240 Billings, Montana
Ed Hauff 254 Yakima, Washington
Irvin Renz 339 Missoula, Montana
Marion G. Taylor 344 Olympia, Washington
No Delegate 351 Anacortes, Washington
N.D. Stark 401 Vancouver, Washington
Urho M. Riippa 429 Aberdeen, Washington
Howard Hansen 445 Bremerton, Washington
No Delegate 463 Pocatello, Idaho
No Delegate 613 Salem, Oregon
George H. Schubert 651 Wenatchee, Washington
Hobert Burns 663 Lewiston, Idaho
Robert Biehn 672 Klamath-Medford, Oregon
Allen Spencer 675 Eugene, Oregon
Carmello Amato, Jr. 742 Wallace-Kellogg, Idaho
No Delegate 770 Anchorage, Alaska
No Delegate 785 Coos Bay, Oregon
Margaret Diehl 887 Seattle, Washington
Fred Rady B-20 Portland, Oregon
Frieda Schulman B-20 Portland, Oregon
Tessie Weinstein B-20 Portland, Oregon
Allen E. Williams, Jr. CE-19 Portland, Oregon
No Delegate F-21 Seattle, Washington
A. Richard Jamison B-21 Seattle, Washington
No Delegate B-174 Great Falls, Montana
Catherine Audette SD Seattle, Washington
Joyce Elwood SD Seattle, Washington
No Delegate SD Seattle, Washington

Portland, Oregon, Local 28--By Joe M. Bickford: - - I am glad to report that this summer has been a very good one for Local 28. One of Local 28's project was to design, build and then troupe to several cities in the State of Oregon. the show was produced by the First National Bank of Oregon and feature the Symphony Pops Orchestra conducted by Norman Leyden. All the concerts were played outdoors with stops at Portland Civic Stadium; Bend, Oregon; Medford, Oregon; Eugene, Oregon, Pendleton, Oregon and Salem, Oregon. The show had a bi-centennial theme and ended each show with a gigantic fireworks display and was very well received at every stop. The set went up in four hours and was down and packed in the trucks in two hours. Our Business Agent wishes to point our that this was all done witha 100% I.A. Crew and with close cooperation with the First National Bank of Oregon and the Oregon Symphony Orchestra.

From left to right: Carl Snyder, set designer; Tom Bugas, carpenter; William Goritsan, set builder; Mark Pierson, carpenter; Gene Dent, master carpenter; Barbara James, First National Bank of Oregon representative; Rick Reed, carpenter; James D. Robinson, property master, Oregon Symphony; Bill Burbach, carpenter; Jim Burbach, carpenter; Dave Cutter, sound engineer, Sundown Sound.

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WINTER 1976 Bulletin

Seattle, Washington, Local 154--By Thomas Watters, Jr.: - - Our last bit of news shall enhance a character known to all. Although not a member of 154 we have worked so close over the years that this area of the IATSE will not seem the same. Floyd Hart, of Local 15 has decided to retire from the job as Business Representative. He has held that position since the death of Cam LeFleur in 1957. Before that he served as President for many years.

But Floyd goes back right to the beginning of things. I do not know much of his personal history. I only know I began in the Stagehand work at the end of World War II. Floyd was there then. Floyd was there before and he is still there today. There were the days of theatres, legit shows, road shows, all types of touring and travelling productions. Those were the days the Stagehands were spread all over this town. They had to rely on the theatres and private enterprise to make a living. Now, of course, it has changed. Floyd could tell you of the many changes. He has seen and done them all. When the employer needed a little convincing along the way, you could be assured that Floyd excelled along these lines. He has helped Local 154 innumerable times in disputes and jurisdictional problems.

I am sure Local 15 will realize their loss. On behalf of the officers and members of Local 154 we wish Floyd good luck, happy retirement days, better fishing and don't forget who your friends are. And don't forget to accept our thanks for all your years of hel[ and assistance. We will miss you, Floyd, and, thus; close another era.

Aberdeen-Hoquiam, Washington, Local 429--By Urho Riipa: - - Our oldest member of 429, Brother Elmer Newell, completed his 60th year in "I.A." so in his honor a dinner was held. During the festivities a gold membership card was given Brother Newill, which he prized very highly. He attends our meeting regularly and the outstanding thing is that he drives down from Whidby Island which is 300 miles round trip. Brother Newell is over 80 years old!

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