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1973 - 1974

  1. Spring 1973-Don Bagley Local 28-Reports From Local 159 & 154
    Mr. Union Lable Dies

  2. Fall 1973-Reports From Local 154 & 675
    Final Curtain, Bennie Hart

  3. Winter 1973-Reports From Locals 672 & 154-Christmas Adds
  4. Spring 1974-Expo "74-Spokane, Washington-
    Local 675 45th Anniversary-Cope Conference

  5. Fall 1974-President Walter F. Diehl-Highlights-40th Convention
    Delegate List

  6. Winter 1974-Report From Local 28-Christmas Adds

SPRING 1973 Bulletin

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This picture and article appeared in the Oregon Jounal

Fox Theatre stagehand Donald Bagley, Sr., IATSE Local 28, Portland, Oregon, holds the gold theatre pass that will admit him to any of the 280 National General Theatres in the United States. Roderick Smith, Vice-President, presented the pass to Donald Bagley on the 25th Anniversary of his years as a maintenance man and stagehand for National General Theatres.

Portland, Oregon, Local 159--By Mike Hockman: - - In the second week of January of this year, the Laurelhurst Theatre in Portland became the first Union operated theatre under the jurisdiction of Local 159, to be automated. This type of equipment gives the theatre the option of using a projectionist manager type of format. The automated equipment frees the operator to assume additional duties elsewhere in the theatre for purposes of crowd control and additionally on the slower nights, to assume the position of assistant manager in working the front of the hours. In some four months since its inception, the concept has worked very well with a minimum of technical problems. The specific equipment involved is the Christie Xenon lamp and the the Christie Autowind turntable. The latter is known in the trade as the "sidewinder".

Seattle, Washington, Local 154--By Thomas Watters, Jr.: - - Seattle has finally finished negotiations with the multi-employer group of theatre owners. The negotiations took nine months, covers a little under 50 theatres and includes about 70 full time jobs. It is a 4 year contract expiring September 1, 1976 and diminishes our previous 7 different wage scales to just 4 basic wage scale beginning in 1975. All contracts with all theatres in our area are standard with no exceptions. Our lowest basic wage under this agreement will be $4.50 per hour beginning September 1, 1975 and covers only about 15% of our jobs. The other 85% of our scales range between $5.25 per hour to $7.15 per hour beginning September 1975. We retain the six hour minimum shift in all of the theatres plus we increased our IATSE Pension Plan to the top contribution rate and negotiated an approximate 50% increase in contribution rates to our Health and Welfare plan. There were other fringe benefits included as well as some relaxation on some old conditions that were phased out. We no longer have a special Road Show or Reserved Seat scale and we have agreed to running 70mm film with one man at "House Scale." Any Local desiring a copy of our agreement please write or call.

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Portland, Oregon, Local 159--By C.W. Christenson:A man the Oregon labor movement will never forget, Austin J. Haughey, is dead. He was 75. Haughey and his late wife Ruby were an inseparable team promoting the union label and harmony and peace within the ranks of labor.

Austin died in Rialto, Sunday, January 7th, from a lingering illness. As his father Jake and brother Earl before him, Austin's body was creamated.

Austin followed in the shoes of father Jake, who was a charter member of Local 159, joining in 1924 and maintaining his membership to his death. In 1952 Austin was hired as the full-time union label director of the Oregon AFL-CIO Federation of Labor by James T. Marr, then Executive Secretary. Austin held the same post after the AFL-CIO merger.

In 1966 Austin was awarded Oregon labor's highest honor, the Kelley Loe Memorial Award. Ruby also was honored at the banquet. This honor followed his 1962 award as labor's "Man Of The Year," presented at the State AFL-CIO Convention.

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FALL 1973 Bulletin

Seattle, Washington, Local 154--By Thomas Watters, Jr.: - - On July 26 of this year we had another meeting of our Northwest Association of IATSE Locals. We have finalized the Constitution and it is now back to the IA general office for their endorsement. our next stop will be to draw up the power of attorney forms, then we will be laying the ground work for contracts expiring and entering into negotiations sometime in 1976. The way time files, it is not too far distant.

We have met and negotiated the contract with the Walter Reade Theatre Circuit. They are opening the King Theatre, a downtown theatre of about 1000 seats, on October 22, 1973. They have agreed to our standard contract we have with all other theatres. We wish them good luck in their new venture here.

Eugene, Oregon, Local 675--By Ralph H. Ward: - - The old Heilig Theatre was closed with the last show Sunday, June 3rd. Urban Renewal own it now and they clain it was not safe as a beam in the rood had sagged. Western Amusement received their notice to close the Friday before so they did not have much notice. Many old timers hated to see the old show house close. There were many good shows and famous actors and actresses on its stage during the vaudeville days.


The members of Local 15, Seattle, Washington mourn the passing of their President, Benn "Bennie" Hart as he is known by his members and friends. He was an ardent sportsman and fisherman which led to his becoming a commerical fisherman in which circles he was also well known. During the winter months, he worked as a stagehand joining Local 15 in 1938. He served in several capacities as an officer of the Local, unanimously elected President for the past 16 years. Both Local 15 and District No. One have lost a fine member.

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WINTER 1973 Bulletin

Klamath-Medford, Oregon, Local 672--By Homer Merritt: - - Not much doing in this neck of the woods. Drive-in, closed and locked up for the winter. Snows on the ground and temperatures dropping fast. At a recent meeting of Northern California Association I had an opportunity to vist with Brother A. Williams from Portland who was visting in Scaramento and attended our meeting in San Jose.

Contract negotiations are now underway for the Klamath Falls area of 672 with expiration date set to coincide with the Association's. This will put Local 672 on the bargaining table with all of Northern California on the next go around.

Seattle, Washington, Local 154--by Thomas Watters, Jr: - - October 25th we had another meeting of the Northwest Association of IATSE Locals and things are progressing nicely and beginning to take shape for the future. As we enter 1974 we can see more clearly ahead as it is getting much closer for the consolidated efforts of the various Local Unions.


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SPRING 1974 Bulletin


Bud Gorman, Local 93, setting
up IMEX 70mm. Projector
Bob Devereaux, Business Agent
Local 93, at Lighting Console New
Opera House, Spokane, Washington
Left to right, Floyd E. Hart, Jr.,
International Representative
Bob Devereaux, BA Local 93, Stagehands
Bob Crawford, BA Local 93 Projectionists
Opera House Crew, Left
to right, Gael Martin Ron Hyder,
Sandy Hutchinson, Joe Poc
and Ray Garcea

Spokane, Washington, By Floyd E. Hart, Jr., International Representative: - - Another "WORLDS FAIR" is in progress in the Northwest. "EXPO 74" rang up the curtain for a six month run May 4th on a 100 acre, half land, half water site that once was a blighted area on two islands in the Spokane River in downtown Spokane, Washington.

Exhibiting here are several major nations including Canada, Russia, Japan, the Repulic of China, Australia, West Germany, Korea, the Philippines and Iran. The theme of EXPO is "Celebrating Tomorrows Fresh New Environment". The show pieces of this fair are the United States Pavilion and the beautiful new Opera House.

Stagehands and Projectionists are very busy in the new Opera House, Exhibits and various theatres located throughout the site. They are working under new contracts negotiated by the Business Agents of Local 93, Bob Crawford and Bob Devereaux assisted by International Representatives Floyd E. Hart, Jr., and Sid Phillips. Some jurisdictional problems arose at the outset but were solved to everyones satifaction and things are running smoothly.


On May 29th, 1994 at the Eugene Hotel in Eugene Oregon members, management and guests gathered at 11:30 P.M. to celebrate the festive occasion of there 45th Anniversary. There was a delicious prime-rib dinner, and dancing with a live orchestra. President Marvin Ramsay welcomed the guests. Everyone had a most enjoyable time, reminiscing of the old days up to the present automated systems, made one wonder if the present time is better than the older times.

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The six state area of COPE Conference was held in the Portland Hilton Hotel the week ending April 12th, 1994. There were 436 delegates from Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Washington and Oregon. It was a record turn-out for the regional convention.

In picture above: Left to right front row: Al Barkan, National Director of COPE; Sid Phillips International Representative; Mrs. Floyd E. Hart, Jr., Business Agent Local 887; Floyd E. Hart, Jr., International Representative; Don McCambridge, Business Agent Local 159; Tommy Walters, Jr., Business Agent Local 154; back row left to right: Al Williams, President Local 159 and Dean Skillinstad, President Local 154.

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FALL 1974 Bulletin


At the 52nd Covention of the IATSE, Walter F. Diehl was elected President with 669 votes over Steve D'Inzillo with 561 votes. The newly elected officers were installed by International President Emeritus Richard F. Walsh.

Highlights-40th District Convention

The District No. One Convention was called to order at 10:30 A.M., in the Corsican Room of the Biltmore Hotel August 10th 1974, by C.W. Christenson, Secretary, who after a short introduction introduced Sid Phillips, International Representative, who was assined to Chair the Meeting.

"REPORT OF THE DISTRICT SECRETARY": - - In the Death Benefit Fund at our last Convention held July 29th, 1972 in Milwaukie, Wisconsin, we had in the Death Benefit Fund $43,613.97. Today we have $40,471.68. A loss of $3,142.29. So you see, we cannot survive paying $1,400.00 Death Benefit Fund. We either have to raise the assessment or cut the benefit. My suggestion would be to do this. At the present time we have 656 members paying D.As. The scale that I think we should work on would be, when we have from 500 to 550 members we pay $1,000.00. 550 to 600, $1,100.00. 600 to 650, $1,2000. 650 to 700, $1,300.00. 700 to 750, $1,400.00. With 656 members we would now pay $1,300.00. The Secretary would notify the Locals of any change. This was adopted and would come effective January 1st, 1975.

C.W. Christenson was elected as District Secretary. Elected to the Advisory Board were: Chairman, Antinio Butto, Jr., Anchorage, Alaska; Merl Olson, Missoula, Local 339; Sid Phillips, Portland, Local 159; Floyt Hart, Jr., Seattle, Local 15; Hobart Burns, Lewiston, Idaho.

Delegate List

Delegate Name
Local # City & State
Floyd E. Hart, Jr. 15 Seattle, Washington
William Goritsan 28 Portland, Oregon
Lyman Grunder 91 Boise, Idaho
Robert K. Devereaux 93 Spokane, Washington
No Delegate 94 Butte, Montana
Robert Bostrom 117 Bellingham, Washington
Dean Skillingstad 154 Seattle, Washington
Thomas Watters, Jr. 154 Seattle, Washington
C.W. Christenson 159 Portland, Oregon
Sid Phillips 159 Portland, Oregon
Horace Smith 175 Tacoma, Washington
A.E. Tosland 180 Everett, Washington
Paul Morse 213 Great Falls, Montana
No Delegate 234 Walla Walla, Washington
No Delegate 240 Billings, Montana
Leonard B. Hinds 254 Yakima, Washington
Merl Olson 339 Missoula, Montana
Marion G. Taylor 344 Olympia, Washington
Robert Lowrie 351 Anacortes, Washington
Lowell Wheeler 401 Vancouver, Washington
Marvin Frost 429 Aberdeen, Washington
No Delegate 445 Bremerton, Washington
No Delegate 463 Pocatello, Idaho
No Delegate 613 Salem, Oregon
George F. Henkel 651 Wenatchee, Washington
Hobert Burns 663 Lewiston, Idaho
Charles Parlier 672 Klamath-Medford, Oregon
Marvin Ramsay 675 Eugene, Oregon
Carmello Amato, Jr. 742 Wallace-Kellogg, Idaho
Antonio Butto, Jr. 770 Anchorage, Alaska
A.E. McDuffie 785 Coos Bay, Oregon
Josephine M. Hart 887 Seattle, Washington
Allen E. Williams, Jr. CE-19 Portland, Oregon
Russ Phelan B-20 Portland, Oregon
Helen Phelan B-20 Portland, Oregon
James Robinson B-20 Portland, Oregon
Terry Raper F-21 Seattle, Washington
A. Richard Jamison B-21 Seattle, Washington
John Evanko B-174 Great Falls, Montana
Mary Jahn SD Seattle, Washington
Joyce Elwood SD Seattle, Washington
Tim Montgomery SD Seattle, Washington

Front row, left to right: - - Sid Phillips, 159; Marion G. Taylor, 344; A.E. Tosland, 180; Josephine M. Hart, 887; William Goritsan, 28; Floyd Hart, Jr., 15; second row, left to right: Marvin Frost, 429; Lowell Wheeler, 401; L.B. Hinds, 254; Hobart Burns, 663; C.W. Christenson, District Secretary 159; John Evanko, B-174; Marvin Ramsey, 675; Horace E. Smith, 175; third row, left to right: Allen E. Williams, B-19; Carmello Amato, Jr., 742; Lyman Grunder, 91; Antonio Butto, Jr., 770; Dean Skillingstad, 154; forth row, left to right; A.E. McDuffee, 785; Kim Devereaux, 93; Richard Jamison, B-21; Thomas Watters, Jr., 154; Jack Bostock, 154; fifth row, left to right: Paul Morse, 213; Merl Olson, 339; Robert Lowrie, 351; Tim Montgomery, Mary Jahn and Joyce Elwood, Special Department Northwest Branch; George H. Henkel, 651.

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WINTER 1974 Bulletin

Portland, Oregon, By James D. Robinson: - - During the last of November for three performances, the Portland Opera Association presented "Der Freischutz." With each performance the Civic Auditorium was filled--just as last year. The set was built in Portland. Brother Willie Holland and Mike Walter helped in the construction. Brother Carl Snyder (Local 54)also helped in the building and painting.

Since September the bargining committee has been negotiating a new contract with the promoters. The next three year contract is nearly completed with a substantial wage increase for each of the years.


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