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1961 - 1962
  1. March 1961-Portland Coliseum-Bill May To Washington House
  2. Local 154 Hit By A Bomb
  3. September 1961-New Local 887-Local 15
  4. December 1961-Cinerma to Portland-"Lovers" Rushed to Court
  5. March 1962 Union Industries Show-Local 446
  6. June 1962-Union Industries Show, Portland, Oregon
  7. Delegates To The 1962 Convention
  8. September 1962-34th District Convention Report
  9. December 1962-Local 94, 60th Anniversary

March 1961 Bulletin

The Portland Memorial Coliseum opened in November 1916 with the production of Holiday On Ice with members of Local 28 working. A few facts about the Coliseum: Has the largest continuous curtain in the United States, istalled by Northern School Supply of Portland who hires Local 28 members: Seating Capacity: Up to 14,000 for sports events; 10,500 for Ice Shows; 12,000 for banquets; Main Arena: 247 feet by 120 feet, completely air-conditioned, unlimited floor load, 80 foor ceiling, portable stage, team and star-type dressing rooms. Meeting rooms: Eight beatiful rooms, ranging in cabacity from 120 to 1,200 persons and featuring distinctive wood paneling, courtesy of the forest products industry. Exhibit Hall: 53,000 square feet of exhibit space. 15 ft. ceiling, unlimited floor load, 18ft. doorway, air-conditioned, wired for television. Approximately 300 standard - size booths can be accommodated. Electrical: The Coliseum is equiped with transformers which supply 3,750,000 watts of power and space is provided for additional transformers with a capacity of 2,000,000 watts.

LONGEST STEADY EMPLOYED: - - Brother Don DuMas, member of Local 28, Portland, Oregon, Stage Manager at the Civic Auditorium. His continuous employment here outnumbers any other Brother on any job in Local 28's jurisdiction. He has filled this position for over 19 years. Brother DuMas joined Local 28 in 1915. The first 27 years Brother DuMas worked at various vaudeville theatres, including the Pantages, Hippodrome and RKO. He has served Local 28 in almost all offices.

BROTHER BILL MAY ELLECTED TO THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, STATE OF WASHINGTON: - - Brother Bill May, member of Local 93, Spokane, Washington, formerly Secretary District No. One, Secretary of the Spokane Central Labor Council, Business Agent of Local 93, Spokane, Washington and Label Trades Director for the State of Washington has added another title to his long list of hornored positions. He was elected to the House of Representatives for the State of Washington

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June 1961 Bulletin

There was a hush and many sad hearts at the meeting of Local No. 154 at the Seattle Labor Temple on the night of Tuesday, June 6th when a letter from Business Representative James McNabb was read by Secretary Ed Hird: To Local 154, I.A.T.S.E.

"I feel that now it appears that our contract difficulties are about out of the way and that an amicable settlement is near that I can now make the following statement:

In the last several months I have been beset with various physical infirmities that have make it extremely difficult for me to carry out the duties of my office as Business Representative of this Union. Therefore I wish to tender my resignation as Business Representative of Local 154, to take effect as of this date. I have stayed on mainly because of the unsettled situation that has been facing us during the past negotiations, and I will stay on as long as necessary to help the new man become oriented in the job from which I am resigning.

It is with great reluctance that I present this resignation and I hope that it will be accepted in good faith by the members of this Union. I have been most honored to serve as your Representative and in several other capacities and consider it an honor to have done so."
Fraternally yours, s/James McNabb

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September 1961 Bulletin

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON THEATRICAL WARDROBE ATTENDANTS, LOCAL No. 887: By Floyd E. Hart, Jr,: We have a new Local in the Northwest. To my knowledge it is the newest one in the Alliance. We wish to say we are proud to be a part of this great organization. I wish to thank Vice President O.M. Jacobson on behalf of the members of Local No. 887 for the splendid cooporation and assistance he gave me in the organization of this new Local without which I could never have accomplished this undertaking. Thanks again Jake from me.

NEW 887

Local 887, Seattle, Washington Wardrobe Attendants. Left to right: Margaret Dyrness, Edith Sterrett, Vice President O.M. Jacobson, Mabel Walsh, Evelyn Watters, Josephine Hart, Floyd E. Hart Jr., and Etta Dahlbeck, (One of the charter members unable to be present was Annabelle McNabb) We are looking forward to a larger membership in the near future as we have several people who have been helping and will organize them also.

"Well, young folks should be seen and not heard, so we will see you in later issues of the Bulletin."

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON STAGE EMPLOYES LOCAL 15: - - By Floyd E. Hart, Jr,: - - The time is here again to say a few words for Local 15. With the World's Fair on the horizon and the increase in shows being presented in the Seattle area we have been pretty busy. Management relations and working conditions are very good with one execption. We are still having trouble with Display Lighting Co., a firm owned by a former member of this Local. He has one "SCAB" working for him on a full time basis. This man, a member of the Alliance, has charges pending against him at this writing. All efforts on the part of this Local to get this matter straightened out to date have failed.

Brother Neil McDonald is still out on the road with Flower Drum Song, Roy York came back to town for a short time but I have a hunch he will be with us until after the Fair. Brother Cass Haynes was in town as a consultant to the Architects for this FARCE we are going to call an OPERA HOUSE.

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December 1961 Bulletin

Cinerama opened at the Hollywood Theatre with "THIS IS CINERAMA." The Hollywood is an east-side deluxe house, owned by Fox-Evergreen. They spent $125,000.00 to fix up the house and install booth equipment, and it is doing capacity business. The crew and installation personnel are Brothers Clem Muck, Clarence Conant and Jimmy Larimer, all of Local 159; Earl McClintock, Local 262, Montreal, Canada; Don Howard, RCA, Local 159, Eugene; E.B. Kille, National Theatre Engineer, Local 150, Los Angeles; Walter Titor, belongs to the Special Department of the I.A. in New York, with Cinerama; Hollis Ballew and Russ Phelan, Local 159; Lou Gibbs, RCA, Local 675, Eugene; Allen Williams, Local 159; Frank Beier, member of the Board Local 159; Justin Stoll, B.G. Derr and Sid Phillips, Business Agent, Local 159.

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Brother Fritz, member Local 159, Portalnd, OR, in his shop with the four Century heads that were installed in the Hollywood Theatre. The shutter shaft had to be removed, the housing drilled and a modified shaft with an eccentric cam for recipocation teeth. These are used to blend one picture into the other.


Allegedly abscene film "THE LOVERS" was rewound during the "RAID" on Paramount Theatre, Portland, Oegon, and taken to the Multnomah County Court House. Brother Lloyd Robinson, member of Local 159, Portland, Oregon was arrested with the General Manager, M.M. Mesher, and then released on bail.

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March 1962 Bulletin


May 25th through May 30th, 1962 the huge Labor Industries Show will be held at the Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Oregon. 35 International Unions will participate. Monday, May 28th, 1962 will be I.A. Day at the Union Industries Show.

ASTORIA, OREGON, Local 446, - - By Chet Lamont: - - Since World War 1 it has been the dream of the people of the Lower Columbia area to have a bridge across the Columbia River at Astoria. For several years the wording was carried on the reader board of the now closed Riviera Theatre. After several false starts the dreams are coming true as a bridge has been authorized between Astoria, Oregon and Megler, Washingotn. Actual construction will start and the bridge will be completed some time in 1965 at a cost of 18 million dollars. The wording on the Riviera board has now been happily changed.

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The huge and spectacular AFL-CIO Union Industries Show closed May 30th, 1962, with an attendance well over the 200,000 mark. It was held in the spacious Memorial Coliseum starting, Friday, May 25th 1962. The following Sunday the show smashed all attendance records at the Coliseum. Several times during the day doors were closed and crowds had to wait outside until visitors left to make room for them.

Spectacular in its own, the I.A.T.S.E. Local Unions of Portland, Oregon 28, 159, B-20, B-19 and F-19 Exhibit was something to see. In fact, rumored around the Labor Temple, it was one of the best. Displayed was a 2 pin Edison and a 6 Powers, and a modern projection machine. A marquee had an I.A. emblem on front, and on the sides were the Locals numbers, headed by "Now Playing". Billboards of the six first run theatres were displayed. There was a box office that was manned by members of B-Locals wives and daughters from the Motion Picture Machine Operators. A ticket was given you at the box office, and close by was a machine with eleven lights where a number was selected, and then you pressed a button. The eleven lights flashed on and off. Then all would go out except one. If this corresponeded with the number you selected, you won two tickets to a better theatre in Portland. Over thirteen thousand people passed through the line and took chances on going to the movies. A large line was always waiting for tickets. Chariman of the Committee that composed all five Locals of Portland, Oregon was Don Cameron, member of Local 28. And the sad part of it was, for Don Cameron, that on the day of the opening of the show, he took down with chickenpox. Russ Phelan, Business Agent of B-20, spent endless hours keeping all shifts with crews. In the theatre close by, where movies were run continuously. Sid Phillips, Business Agent of Local 159, kept the man-power supplied. All work was donated.



Front row, kneeling, left to right: C.W. Christenson, District One Secretary; O.M. Jacobson, Vice President; Richard F. Walsh, President; Joseph Lewis, Secretary Treasurer AFL-CIO's National Label & Service Trades Department; Matt Schoren and Frank Beier, both Local 159; Sid Phillips, Business Agent Local 159. Second row: P.N. Lunsford, Local 159; Albert Forman, United Theatres. Third row: W.A. Burt, Local 159; Hobart Burns, Local 663; D.G. Derr, Local 159; Mrs. Derr, James F. (Fat) Morgan, Business Agent Local 28. Fourth row: Lowell Wheeler and Charlie Wheeler, Local 401; James (Stubb Carbon) Forsyth, Local 159; Henry Nyland, Local 28; Mrs. C.W. Christenson, Mrs. Hazel Lunsford, Joyce Christenson, Mrs. A.J. Haughey, A.J. Haughey, Local 159 and Director of Label Promotion Department Oregon AFL-CIO, A.B. Kuechle, Local 159. Fifth row: Charles R. Wheeler, Local 401; Clarence Tillman, Manager of the Canyon Drive-In; Elmot Gatchell, Local 401; Dick Stevens, Manager of the Star Theatre; Matt Offen, owner Vally Decorators; Ed H. Lane, Local 28; Allan Anderson, Mrs. A.G. Fiddler, A.G. Fiddler, Local 159; E.J. Patrick, Local 28. Sixth row: Arthur Adamson, owner of the Canyon Drive-In; Mrs. Clarence Tillman, Max Cohen and W.W. Wessling, Local 159; Elmer Meyer, owner of the 99 and Ampitheatre Drive-Ins; William Goritsan, Local 28, Roy Schomber, Local 159; Paul Holmstrom, Local 28; Joe Simeral, Local 613; Frank Orzlchowski, Local B-20; Russ Phelan, Local 159 and B-20 (Business Agent), Bob Gallagher, Local B-20 and Herb Hamilton, Local B-20.

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Delegate List

Delegate Name
Local # City & State
Floyd E. Hart, Jr. 15 Seattle, Washington
James F. Morgan 28 Portland, Oregon
George Murphy-Not Present 91 Boise, Idaho
Thomas P. Borman 93 Spokane, Washington
Jack C. McNaughton 94 Butte, Montana
Stan Peherson 117 Bellingham, Washington
Alexander McKillop 118 Vancouver B.C., Canada
Herb Olson 154 Seattle, Washington
Fred Jiencke 154 Seattle, Washington
C.W. Christenson 159 Portland, Oregon
C.H. Kurasch 159 Portland, Oregon
Frank Carlson 175 Tacoma, Washington
Arthur Tosland 180 Everett, Washington
Paul A. Morse 213 Great Falls, Montana
Paul Sheley 234 Walla Walla, Washington
Lou S. Smith 240 Billings, Montana
Leonard B. Hinds 254 Yakima, Washington
No Delegate 255 Helena, Montana
Merl Olson 339 Missoula, Montana
G.K. Porterfield 344 Olympia, Washington
F. W. Smith 348 Vancouver, B.C., Canada
A.E. McManus 348 Vancouver, B.C., Canada
G. Preston 348 Vancouver, B.C., Canada
J.A. Fiamengo 351 Anacortes, Washington
Wayne Kirkpatrick 401 Centralia, Washington
Vivian Luce 429 Aberdeen, Washington
Robert F. Heath 445 Bremerton, Washington
Chester Lamont 446 Astoria, Oregon
George Tegnell 463 Pocatello, Idaho
Joe Simeral 613 Salem, Oregon
Aldon Hill-Not Present 629 Idaho Falls, Idaho
G.H. (Jack) Schubert 651 Wenatchee, Washington
Hobert Burns 663 Lewiston, Idaho
Bob Biehn 672 Klamath-Medford, Oregon
Robert Simmons 675 Eugene, Oregon
Leo Amato 742 Wallace-Kellogg, Idaho
No Delegate 745 Anaconda, Montana
A.E. McDuffie 785 Coos Bay, Oregon
Josephine Hart 887 Seattle, Washington
Ernest Kerr 891 Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Russ Phelan B-20 Portland, Oregon
Celia Blatt F-21 Seattle, Washington

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September 1962 Bulletin


The 34th Convention of District No. One was convene at 10 A.M., Saturday, September 8th, 1962 in Room 15, Convention Hall, Las Vegas, Nevada. The Convention was devited primarily to State of Trade Reports from each Local. Some reported wage increases, the singing of new contracts and other conditions. Some of the smaller Locals, however, were down in membership and there was talk of amalgamation.

In the District Secretary's report it was mentioned that this was the first time since 1930, the 17th Convention of District No. One, that the Grand Old Scot, James McNabb, Local 154, Seattle, Washington, was not a Delegate. He is retired and living in Ellensburg, Washington.

District No. One has three new Locals. Local No. 887, Seattle, Theatrical Wardrobe Attendants, Local 891, Vancouver, B.C., Motion Picture Studio Production Technicians and Local No. 882, Vancouver, B.C., Television Brocasting Studio Employees.

A motion was made, seconded and passed that the Advisory Board will have an off-year meeting.

C.W. Christenson was elected Secretary Treasurer. Elected to the Advisory Board were: Hobart Burns, Chairman, Lewiston; A.E. McManus, New Westminster, B.C.; Jack McNaughton, Butte; Fred Jiencke, Seattle and Robert Simmons, Eugene. Elected to the Legislative Committee were: G.K. Porterfield, Chairman, Olympia; Frank Smith, Vancouver, B.C.; Merl Olson, Missoula; Joe Simeral, Salem, George Murphy, Boise.

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December 1962 Bulletin

History was made when Local 94 celebrated the Sixieth Anniversary of the issuance of our Charter by the International Office. The attendance was not up to expections due to a severe snow storm of short duration in the early evening. However, Local B-75 was well represented, as were Great Falls and Billings Locals 213 and 240. Third Vice President O.M. Jacobson represented the International. President Sam Spiegel presided as M.C. and indroduced the guests and the four 50 year members of the Local. Brother Jacobson made a short talk and at its conculusion presented a Sixty Year pin to our only surviving Charter Member, Brother Earl Wiles. The three 50 year members are: President Sam Spiegel, Vice President William Spiegel and Financial Secretary Carl Fredericks.

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