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1959 - 1960
  1. June 1959 Bulletin-Oregon's 100 Years
  2. September 1959-Oregon's 100 Years-San Francisco Opera
  3. December 1959-Local 175 Golden Anniversary
  4. March 1960-Mid-Winter Meeting-Music Box Theatre
  5. June 1960-Convention Call-Delegate List
  6. July 1960-33rd District Convention
  7. December 1960-Local 159, 50 Year Members

June 1959 Bulletin


100 years

By Gene Ibsen - Local 28: The Oregon Centennial started on June 10, 1959 and will run for 100 days at the Pacific International Arena in Portland. The Ice Capades openes June 11 for a 14 day run. Don Cameron of Hollywood Lights has most of his equipment hanging in the arena for the Centennial Shows. Brother Don Bagley was holding a piece of Cameron's cable (only slightly chewed up) when the state electrical inspector happened by. "Are you planing to use this miserable piece of cable?" asked the inspector. "Oh, no sir!" replied Brother Bagley, adding "I was just looking at it. We have a room full of cable." Brother Robinson suggested that he might have added "...just like this piece".

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September 1959 Bulletin

There were 1,335,082 total paid admissions for the 100 days of the Centennial and they were handled bu members of Local B-20, Portland, Oregon. Unlike the pomp opening on June 10th, the closing September 17, 1959 was a simple one in a drizzling rain. At midnight the eternal flame atop the Gas Company's pyrohedrom was darkened. The Gayway rides were either gone of closed. Ditto the ice cream stands and the Portland Zoo Railway. Doc Holiday shot his last blank "bullet" at the Okay Corral in his final gunfight. Earl Mossman a personal friend of Brother Lawrence Fritz, Local 159, and his can-can girls, presented their last show for a crowd of friends in the Golden Nugget. They had done over 500 performances.


At the Paramount Theatre the San Francisco Opera palyed from September 3rd thru 7th. The take was over $82,000.00 for the run with twenty-four from Local 28 working the shows including Brothers John DiSciullo, William Goritsan and George Howard along with Brother Frank McGuire, Local 16, San Francisco, Road Carpenter. Mary Costa was one of the stars that performed during their stay in Portland. Other attractions that played during the 100 days were: Roy Rogers, Country America, Harry Belafonte, The Water Show, Art Linkletter and Ricky Nelson.

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December 1959 Bulletin

Local No. 175 celebrated their Golden Anniversary December 8th, 1959 at The Towers in Tacoma. The local was chartered fifty years ago on December 1st, 1909 as an affiliate of the I.A.T.S.E.

The membership of the original group, as listed on the Charter, was as follows: James McNiesh, V.H. Taylor, C.G. Deithesh, H.W. Wooden, A.E. Soulte, Carl Ellis, L.E. Stringer, C.A. Miller, J.C. Ryan, H.W. Taylor, J.C. Manning, Clyde Ellis, J.L. Ware, G.W. Tope, D.P. Lea and Howard Lea. To many of us there are just so many names. We never knew the men. We do, however, know that the owners of these names were the men who built and guided the Local through its early years. Of the original group, only L.E. Stringer is still with us. We do have several members who can recall the early days of the Local. This Group includes O.M. (Jake) Jacobson, H.M. (Bill) Leonard, G.E. (Gerry) Manning and R.L. (Roy) Kneeland.

To these men this Anniversary date has a special meaning above and beyond ang significance it can possibly have to us of the later generation.

There were 176 people at the Anniversary. They had come from Butte, Montana, Anacortes, Bellingham, Seattle, Bremerton, Olympia and Centralia, Washington. From Portland, Oregon and our friends up north, Vancouver, B.C.

Some of the dignitaries who attended were Governor Albert D. Rosellini of the State of Washington, Congressman Thor Tolleson, Jerry Hagen, State Labor Commissioner, Ed Weston, President of the Washington State Labor Council and Dick Clevenger, Central Labor Council. From the theatres were: William Connors, Hamrick Theatres and William Forman from the Forman Theatres. Assistant Internatinal President Walter F. Diehl came all the way from New York for the occasion.

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March 1960 Bulletin

One of the finest things that happened to Portland in a long time was the International Midwinter Executive Board meeting in Portland, Oregon, held the week starting March 21st 1960 at the Multnomah Hotel.

President Walsh and most of the Official Family arrived by TRAIN Saturday the 19th day of March, 1960. A fleet of cars manned by I.A. members from the various Portland Locals picked them up at the station and drove them to the Multnomah Hotel where the meeting was held. They had a police escort arranged by Brother Austin Haughey, Local 159, which whizzed them through the red lights withour a stop. Vice-President Jacobson informed me that this was the first time it had ever been done. Brother Haughey also had "Welcome I.A.T.S.E." cards for the windshields. Brother Haughey is Union Label Director for the State of Oregon, and of course the label was on each card. Brother Justin Stoll, Local 159, had his station wagon for the baggage and Assistant International President Diehl checked to see that everything was there. Quite a task.

Monday morning, March 21st, 1960 at 10 A.M. a delgation from every I.A.T.S.E. Locals in Portland greeted then at their opening session, and also told this was the largest group ever, 14 altogether. They were welcomed to the City in a speech by District Secretary Christenson and told of their entertainment activities, which included a bus tour of the City Wednesday and a dinner at Hill Villa Wednesday night. A trip to Mt. Hood Thursday for the women and passes to all theaters. For one solid week the weatherman couldn't have been better. Sunshine with around 70 degrees temperature.

It was a memorable experience. Something I will never forget, and as I stated before, the weather was perfect. When I drove President Walsh to the train Sunday there were a few drops of rain falling, and President Walsh said "The Angels are crying because we are leaving", and that is the way we felt too. So come back soon. (Written by C.W. Christenson)


The formal opening of Hamrick,s Music Box Theatre with "Ben Hur" in Portland, Oregon on January 20th, 1960. In the lobby for the opening was: Catherine Marshall, Manager of the Theatre, Sam Davis, Seattle Branch Manager for MGM; O.M. Jacobson, International Vice-President; Sid Phillips, Business Agent, Local 159, Frank Beier, member of the Board of Local 159; Lou Amacher, resident Manager of MGM; William Conner, President of Hamrick Theatres and Herman Ripp, West Coast Division Manager of MGM and P.N. Lunsford, President Local 159; Doug Forbes, Film Buyer for Hamrick Theatres and Russ Phelan, Business Agent of Local B-20. The theatre has the latest equipment with Todd-AO projectore. The house seats 628 and has a 38 foot picture with a 76 foot throw. Ashcraft lamps, burning 13.6 mm carbons at 125 ampers. Bill Burt and Thad Lawrence, Local 159 are the projectionists.

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June 1960 Bulletin

The 33rd Convention of District No. One will convene at 10 A.M. Saturday, July 30, 1960 in the Conrad Hilton Hotel, Chicago, Illinois. Place of meeting will be announced on Bulletin Board in the Hotel. Bring State of Trades Report and Credentials with Local Seal.

Delegate List

Delegate Name
Local # City & State
Floyd E. Hart, Jr. 15 Seattle, Washington
James F. Morgan 28 Portland, Oregon
George W. Taylor 91 Boise, Idaho
Kim Devereaux 93 Spokane, Washington
Jack C. McNaughton 94 Butte, Montana
John Gilson 117 Bellingham, Washington
William Frazer 118 Vancouver B.C., Canada
James McNabb 154 Seattle, Washington
Fred Jiencke 154 Seattle, Washington
C.W. Christenson 159 Portland, Oregon
C.H. Kurasch 159 Portland, Oregon
Frank Carlson 175 Tacoma, Washington
Lloyd Stoddard 180 Everett, Washington
Paul Morse 213 Great Falls, Montana
Paul Sheley 234 Walla Walla, Washington
Carl Bustel 240 Billings, Montana
Leonard B. Hinds 254 Yakima, Washington
Gene Sherman 255 Helena, Montana
Merl Olson 339 Missoula, Montana
G.K. Porterfield 344 Olympia, Washington
D. Calladine 348 Vancouver, B.C., Canada
A.E. McManus 348 Vancouver, B.C., Canada
F.W. Smith 348 Vancouver, B.C., Canada
J.A. Fiamengo 351 Anacortes, Washington
N.D. Stark 401 Centralia, Washington
Vivian Luce 429 Aberdeen, Washington
Robert F. Heath 445 Bremerton, Washington
Chester Lamont 446 Astoria, Oregon
No Delegate 463 Pocatello, Idaho
Lee Davis 613 Salem, Oregon
No Delegate 629 Idaho Falls, Idaho
G.H. (Jack) Schubert 651 Wenatchee, Washington
Hobert Burns 663 Lewiston, Idaho
Robert Biehn 672 Klamath-Medford, Oregon
Bob Simmons 675 Eugene, Oregon
Carmello Amato, Jr. 742 Wallace-Kellogg, Idaho
No Delegate 745 Anaconda, Montana
A.E. McDuffie 785 Coos Bay, Oregon
Lew Young CE-71 Vancouer B.C., Canada
Eddie Briggs B-21 Seattle, Washington

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September 1960 Bulletin

The meeting was called to order at 10:15 A.M. in Room 14 of the Conrad Hilton Hotel, Chicago, Illinois on July 30, 1960 by District Secretary Christenson who welcomed the delegates, then indroduced and turned the chair over to Brother Jacobson, 4th International Vice-President. Brother Jacobson indroduced Brother Maynard Baird, Knoxville, Tenn., who was recording the minutes by tape recorder. This is the second time this has been done.

Roll Call: Brother Matheson of Local 745 - Anaconda did not answer. All other delegates present. Special Department Delegates Lew Young, CE-71 Vancouver, B.C. and E. Briggs, B-21 Seattle, WA also were present. Appointment of Officers: Bro. Carmello Amato - Sgt-at-Arms; Bro. Doug Calladine - Assistant to the Secretary.

Then came the report of the District Secretary. There were two recommendations in Brother Christenson's report. That due to the rising costs of printing, engraving and paper, that to maintain the District No. One Bulletin that the Per Capita Tax should be raised 10 cents per quarter per member. Also that the second signature on checks be eliminated, so that we could save the cost of bonding on one signature. Moved by A.E. McManus, Local 348, seconeded by B. Simmons, Local 675, that the report be accepted with thanks and the various recommendations be given to the appropriate committees. Carried. (Both recommendations approved by the Convention Delegates.)

NOMINATIONS & ELECTIONS: Nomination by J. McNabb, Local 154, seconded by D. Calladine, Local 348 , on the name of C.W. Christenson, Local 159, as District Secretary. With no further nominations, Brother Christenson was declared elected. Election of Advisory Board: Robert Simmons, Local 675, Springfield, OR, Chairman; A.E. McManus, Local 348, Vancouver, B.C.; J.C. McNaughton, Butte, MT.; Fred Jiencke, Local 154, Seattle, WA and Hobart Burns, Local 663, Lewiston, ID.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Moved by B. Simmons, Local 675, seconded by D. Calladine, Local 348, concurrence that the per diem be $17.50 for this Convention. Carried.

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December 1960 Bulletin

On November 14th, 1960, Local 159, Portland, Oregon, presented pins and honored fify year members. Five of them were present. Two were ill and one was out of town. They were: Brothers Boyd Lawrence, who was initiated in the Local July 24, 1910; Earl Haughey, June 23, 1909; Frank Beier, January 29th, 1909; I.J. Vinson, August 10th, 1910 and Lawrence Frita, January 2nd, 1920. Not present were; Brothers Clint Tyrell, March 24th, 1910; Homer Haynes, only charter member living, Novenber 20, 1908 and George Evans, September 14th, 1910.

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