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1951 - 1953

  1. May 19, 1951 - New District Secretary
  2. September 1951 - District Secretary Dies
  3. William J. May Elected District Secretary
  4. "Jake" Appointed 8th Vice President
  5. Oregon Conference
  6. March 1952 Bulletin
  7. June 1952 Local 175th 43rd Anniversary
  8. September 1952 29th District Convention
    Delegates To Convention

  9. December 1952 Local 846, Newest Local - Local 94 50th
  10. March 1953 Special Meeting District One
  11. June 1953 Reports From Locals 159, 93, 240 and 118
  12. September 1953 Local 15-Amalgamation Party, 93-185-Local 28
  13. December 1953 Russ Phelan B-20 Gold Card
    James McNabb Gold Card-A.E. McMannus Resigns

May 19, 1951

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On May 19, 1951 the District No. One Advisory Board at a meeting held in Seattle, elected Bruce I. Steinmetz to succeed Rene Rouleau of Local 94, Butte, Montana who resigned as District Secretary.

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September 1951 Bulletin

Bruce I. Steinmetz 65, Secretary of District No. One and President of Local No. 213 died of a heart attack at 7:00 A.M. on Monday, August 6th. A member of the state public welfare board and Gov. John W. Bonner's mental health committee and president of the Cascade County Central Labor Council. Brother Steinmetz was also chairman of the advisory council of the Montana unemployment commission. For more than 25 years, Stein, as he was called by most everyone, was a leader in local, county and state labor circles and during most of the time held executive and administrative duties in connection with the organized labor movement. Fpr 19 consecutive years he served as President of the Cascade County Labor Council. The District Advisory Board at a meeting held in Seattle on May 19th, elected him to succeed Rene Rouleau, of Butte Local No. 94, as District Secretary and he took over that office on June 6th, just two months prior to his death.

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William J. May Elected District Secretary

Seattle, Washington: The Advisory Board of District No. One was called to a meeting on August 18th, 1951 by Board Chairman Harry Pearson of Vancouver, B.C., Local 118, to slect a successor to the late Bruce I. Steinmetz. Other board members attending were Gene Sherman, Helena, Montana, Local 255, Hobart Burns, Lewiston, Idaho, Local 663; Robert Simmons, Eugene, Oregon, Local 675 and Charles Crickmore, Seattle Local 15, International Representative O.M. Jacobson was also present. Letters were read from various local unions requesting the board to consider the names of Loren Pierre, Astoria Local 446; William J. May, Spokane Local 185 and O.M. Jacobson, Tacoma Local 175, for the vacancy of District Secretary.

William J. May was the unanimous choice of the board. He becomes the fourth man to hold this position in the last year. O.M. Jacobson declined to run to succeed himself at the Detroit Convention last August; Rene Rouleau, of Butte Local 94, was elected but resigned last May. The Advisory Board elected Steinmetz, runner-up at the Detroit Convention, to succeed Rouleau.

Asked how he felt about being elected, Brother May said, "I am proud indeed to be appointed secretary of District No. One and if I fail to do a good job, it will be from lack of ability rather than lack of determination."

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December 1951 Bulletin

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'Jake' Appointed as Eighth
Vice President of the I.A.

Orin M. Jacobson of Local 175, Tacoma Washington, IATSE and I.A. Representative of District No. One, was appointed Eight Vice President of the International, by the General Executive Board in New York. "Jake," as he is affectionately know throughout the I.A., joined Local 175 in 1910 and has held every elective office in the union. He has been I.A. Representative since August 1930. Jake was Secretary of District No. One from 1926 until the latter part of 1950 and was also editor of the District Quarterly Bulletin during that entire period.

Jake, the oldest I.A. Representative in point of service, is so well known as "Jake" that it is doubtful if there are a dozen people who know what his initials stand for. Orin Magnus Jacobson was born at Marinette, Wis., and moved to Tacoma with his parents when he was five years old.

Brother Jacobson's first International Convention was the one held in 1919 in Ottawa, where the per diem fund was established. He was understood to have voted enthusiastically for that-after a trip across the continent and having to share a berth with a delegate from Vancouver, who like himself, weighed over two hundered pounds.

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The IATSE Locals of Oregon held a meeting June 18, 1951, at the Klamath Falls, Oregon, Labor Temple, with the idea in mind to better conditions, exchange ideas and find out how the other locals are handling problems of mutual concern, unify contracts and improve the health and welfare of all members.

Brother R. Simmons, of Eugene, was elected chairman. Brother Biehn, Medford, was elected secretart treasurer. Brother James Moran, Portland Local 28, was made vice chairman.

A motion was made to ask all locals in Oregon to submit contracts covering all houses in order that the chairman and secretary can go through them, to pick out all the best clauses of each one.

A second meeting was held at the Salem, Oregon, Labor Temple, October 10, 1951, with all locals represented, along with Brother O.M. Jacobson. Their new By-Laws were read, discussed and changed, and approved by all delegates.

Chairman Simmons stated that all the contracts had been received and gone over, only to find there were many differences in the present contracts and they hoped that they would be able to draw up a more or less standard contract.

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March 1952 Bulletin

ABC Employees Pick IATSE - - Radio and television sound effects technicians of the American Broadcasting Compmany have chosen as their bargaining agent the AFL International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employes.

LaGrande, Oregon - - A contract was signed with Western Amusement (Mr. Tom Blair) covering the theatres in LaGrande. The liberty, former first-rn house, goes to second-run. Old scale $1.70. New scale $1.75. Granada, former second-run at $1.47 1/2 goes to $1.80.

Tacoma, Washington - - Brother Frank Carlson, Business Agent of Local 175 of Tacoma, Washington has taken over the same position of Local B-177 succeeding the late Brother J.V. Griffith.

Salem, Oregon - - Brother Simeral and Brother Marr of Salem 613, along with Brother Jacobson met with William Forman, United Theatres, and signed a two year deal calling for 20 cents and hour increase across the board. Five theatres and a drive-in are involved.

Seattle, Washington, Local 154--By: Thomas Watters: - - At a dinner given by the joint executive boards of Local No. 15 and Local No. 154, two gold cards were presented, one to charter member Brother Harry Clark, Local 154, and one to International Vice President O.M. Jacobson from both Local 15 and 154. "Jake" , as he is better known to us here, was called in to M.C. the affair, unaware that he too would be on the receiving list.

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June 1952 Bulletin

Tacoma Locals 81 and 175, members and friends enjoyed themselves at a party in celebration of Locals 175's 43rd Anniversary, held at the "Top of the Ocean" in Tacoma, on April 8th. A gold card was presented to Eighth I.A. Vice President O.M. Jacobson from the two locals.

Everett, Washington, Local 180--By: Jack Smith: - - On Thursday night, March 7, 180 celebrated the Fortieth Anniversary of the granting of its charter. At 1 A.M. the majority of the members and their wives gathered at the Sportsmans Cafe for a most enjoyable fried chicken supper with all the trimmings. As might be expected the party progressed into the "wee sma' hours" of the morning, but a GOOD time was had by all. For the first time Brother Stoddard, the M.C., couldn't fine enough to say so everyone was called upon for a few remarks. It was aptly brought out that such events call to mind the long struggle in the early years by the older members, some still with us and some who are gone, to better the conditions in our local unions to where they are today.

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September 1952 Bulletin

Highlights-29th District Convention

The District No. One Convention was convene on Saturday, August 2nd, at Minneapolis, Minnesota. Brother Fred Jienke, President of Local 154, Seattle, Washington, was elected by acclamation to the office of Chairman of District No. One's Advisory Board. Fred has been an ardent worker for the I.A. District No. One and Local 154 and us a very good choice for the office. Other members of the Board elected by acclamation are: A.E. McManus, Vancouver, B.C., Local 348; Robert Simmons, Eugene, Oregon, Local 675; Hobart Burns, Lewiston, Idaho, Local 663 and Gene Sherman, Helena, Montana, Local 255.

Delegate List

Delegate Name
Local # City & State
Cameron Lafleur 15 Seattle, Washington
James F. Morgan 28 Portland, Oregon
Frank J. Murtough 91 Tacoma, Washington
C.W.R. Compton 91 Boise, Idaho
R.H. Devereaux 93 Spokane, Washington
Rene Rouleau 94 Butte, Montana
L.W. Douglas 117 Bellingham, Washington
Harry Pearson 118 Vancouver, B.C.
Fred Jiencke 154 Seattle, Washington
James McNabb 154 Seattle, Washington
Frank J. Beier 159 Portland, Oregon
L.H. Haynes 159 Portland, Oregon
Leslie Davis 159 Portland, Oregon
Frank Carlson 175 Tacoma, Washington
Lloyd Stoddard 180 Everett, Washington
William J. May 185 Spokane, Washington
Art R. Moe 213 Great Falls, Montana
Ted Cunningham 234 Walla Walla, Washington
Carl Bustell 240 Billings, Montana
Leonard B. Hinds 254 Yakima, Washington
Gene Sherman 255 Helena, Montana
Orville Tingley 339 Missoula, Montana
G.K. Porterfield 344 Olympia, Washington
Doug Calladine 348 Vancouver, B.C.
A.E. McManus 348 Vancouver, B.C.
F.M. Smith, Jr. 348 Vancouver, B.C.
William More 348 Vancouver, B.C.
Roy Anderson 351 Anacortes, Washington
C.L. Leach 401 Vancouver, Washington
Marvin Frost 429 Aberdeen, Washington
Bob Heath 445 Bremerton, Washington
Frank Dundon 446 Astoria, Oregon
Joseph Roskelley 463 Pocatello, Idaho
Jay Teed 613 Salem, Oregon
Aldren Hill 629 Idaho Falls, Idaho
G.M. Schubert 651 Wenatchee, Washington
Hobert Burns 663 Lewiston, Idaho
Chas. M. Larson 672 Klamath-Medford, Oregon
Robert Simmons 675 Eugene, Oregon
George Allen 742 Wallace-Kellogg, Idaho
Walter Hall 760 Livingston, Montana
A.E. McDuffie 785 Coos Bay, Oregon
J.R. Foster B-72 Vancouver, B.C.

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December 1952 Bulletin


International Vice President O.M. Jacobson installed the new charter of Mixed Local No. 846 The Dalles, Hood River, Oregon and White Salmon, Washington.

This local will actually cover four cities, The Dalles and Hood River, Oregon on the one side of the Great Columbia River and White Salmon and its twin city Bingen, Washington on the other side. These four cities are located in the throat of the Columbia River Gorge. The Projectionist at White Salmon several months ago asked Local No. 401 Centralia, Southwest, Washington to take them in to their fold. In as much as it is ninety miles from Vancouver, Local 401's southern most extremity, the Local sent Business Agent Ross V. Kinsey, who is also Secretary of the Clark, Skamania and West Klicatat Counties Central Labor Coulcil, into the area to investigate. Bro. Kinsey decided that the practical thing to do was to organize a local between the four cities. Bro. Kinsey held the first of several meetings on May 11. After he had satisfied himself that the membership potential and spirit to organize was great enough he assisted them in drawing up the application for a charter.

After an investigation by International Vice President O.M. Jacobson the Charter was issued. The following officers were elected: Kieth Plant, President; Pete B. Colbert, Secretary; Daniel C. Chambers, B.A.; Quentin E. Vaile and K. Leon Orchard, Delegates to the Central Labor Councils.


Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the issuance of the charter to Butte, Montana Local No. 94, by the Internaional Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employes and Moving Picture Operators of the United States and Canada. The party was held at Lydis's, Butte, Montana at 12 Midnight on October 28, 1952. Committee of Arrangements: Sam Spiegal, Dannis Sullivan and John Curran. Master of Ceremonies was Sam Spiegal.

Portland, Oregon, Local 28--By: Don DuMas: - - Our members were amused at the article from a sister local suggesting that all stage hands locals should dissolve and affiliate with the operators. Checking over the roster, we have taken in nineteen members since 1953, two transfers, the rest as apprentices or new members. Eleven of them are under thirty-five years old so it don't look like this local is going to die of old age, not for a few years anyway. The need for an off year District Convention is proven by the lack of knowledge of the TV situation which is now invading the northwest. About all we have to go on is rumors which is not much help in these jurisdictional squabbles with the I.B.E.W. who are claiming that they have all the jurisdiction in T.V. stations.

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March 1953 Bulletin

Meeting was called to order at 10:30 A.M. Friday, January 23rd, 1953, by O.M. Jacobson, at the Labor Temple in Seattle, Washington, to discuss Third-Dimensional installation, operation, wage scale, etc., for the entire District.

The following locals had representatives at the meeting: Locals, 15, 28, 93, 185, 117, 154, 159, 168, 175, 180, 234, 254, 344, 348, 351, 401, 429, 445, 446, 663, 613, 651, 672, 675 and 785. Excerpts from newspaper clippings and letters were read to delegates to acquaint them with some facts and figures: From newspaper clipping -that Evergreen Theatres will install equipment for 3-dimensional films in Seattle, Spokane, Bellingham, Wenatchee, Everett, Bremerton, Olympia, Aberdeen and Vancouver, Washington and in Portland and Eugene, Oregon. From letter from Local 162, San Francisco, California, stating that they have a scale of $3.02 per hour for Natural Vision, two men per shift, with a two hour preparatory time. The 3-dimensional picture "Bwana Devil" is set up on four 23 inch reels, two projectors run simultaneously and both machines must be aligned perfectly, all rewinding must be done by hand. Both projectors must be watched carefully by one man while the other is rewinding the reels. Any variation in the arcs can effect the presentation of the picture. The reason for the two hours prep time is that two machines running simultaneously take as awful beating; the projectors are connected by Selsym motors to allow for any speed-up or lag between the machines. The projectors have to be synchronized each morning and lined up on the screen with a frequency chart for this purpose. Poloroid filters must be cleaned each morning, extra work is required to service lamps, projectors, etc. Watch out for these SPECIAL REELS as several prints have been destroyed by using cheaply constructed reels.

After much discussion it was regularly moved and seconded that we recommend to the District that 3rd dimensional of Natural Vision require two men on shift with two hours prep time and a munimun wage scale of $3.48 per hour per man, except where the Local wage scale is higher, than the Local scale shall prevail. This motion was amended that International Representative O.M. Jacobson negotiate contracts with Evergreen Theatres for initial showing of 3rd dimensional pictures in the District. M/S/C that amendment be adopted and then original motion was passed without dissenting vote.---Adjourned at 12:45 P.M., William J. May, District Secretary.

Portland, Oregon, Local 28--By: Don DuMas: - - The big event was the Fifty-Eighth Anniversary party held at "Schapps" restaurant. The committee labeled it the Fifty-Seventh, forgetting that the New Year had arrived. We were honored by having Vice President Jacobson, President Brown and Business Agent Hickey of Local 159, also Frank Biers and Glen Speck, retiring officers of 159, Russ Phelan B-20, Keith McClure Operating Engineers Local 87, the crew of "I Am a Camera" company which was playing the Mayfair Theatre. Brother Christenson of Local 159 took some very fine pictures of the occasion. A good time was had by all with some of the brothers staying "til 4:00 A.M.

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June 1953 Bulletin

Portland, Oregon, Local 159--By: C.W. Christenson: - - Probably the bigest news to come out of Local 159 for a long time is the giving up of our two-men conditions. At the April 13th meeting the membership voted to accept o one-man offer from the Parker, Hamrick and Evergreen Circuits. Conditions are as follows: $4.50 per hour one man, overtime $5.00 per hour, one-half hour prep time per day at straight time for one man. The booth crew will be four men, 21 hours per week per man. For 3-D pictures the scale is $3.471/2 per hour per man, two men on shift at all times, overtime time and one-half; if separate sound heads are used three men. Everyone seems to be enjoying their days off except us at the Broadway. The day we were to change over to one-man we opened with the "House of Wax," and after three weeks it is playing to a capacity house. The coming trailer is another 3-D picture so it looks like we will be two-man for sometime.

Spokane, Washington, Local 93--By: T.A. Roberts: - - It is with deep regret this Local reports the passing of our beloved brother Robert H. Derereaux. "Bob" as he was know by all, has been our Business Agent for 12 years, attending all the past I.A. Conventions during his tenure in office. His greatest wish was fulfilled when he was able to attend the last I.A. Convention held in his home town of Minneapolis last year. "Bob" often spoke of a Germaine Quinn residing in his former home town and of his always wearing a high sild hat the kids always liked to throw snow ball at. This was before he ever joined th Stagehands Unon here and it was his pleasure to meet and talk with the gentleman when at the convention, and to "Bob's" delight he remembered and called him Robbie and asked about his brother "Dick." We will all miss a grand and right guy, GRHS.

By the time this is published, the amalgamation of Local 185 and 93 will have been completed. It took a lot of revising the By-Laws and Constitution, but the effort has been well-worth the toil. Am glad to say "Bob" had a hand in the work and am very sorry he passed before its completion.

Billings, Montana, Local 240--By: Carl Bustell: - - Local 240 held a midnight banquet May 19 at the Skyline Club, on the Rims overlooking the City of Billings, the hub of the Midland Empire to celebrate Local 240's 41st Anniversary.

Vancouver, B.C., Local 118--By: Harry Pearson: - - The Stanley Park annual "Theatre Under the Stars" is due to commence the last week in June with five productions for a nine week run. The surplus built up over the years now amount to over a hundred thousand dollars. In the early ventures it ended with a deficit, and we took our share of the grief, but nothing "Succeeds like Success." Two weeks ago "Guys & Dolls," played in the Orpheum Theatre for a week's engagement, and one of the local dailies stated the weeks receipts at the box office were Forty-four thousand five hundred dollars. The call for twenty-five men to work the show equals our entire membership.

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September 1953 Bulletin

Seattle, Washington, Local 15--By: Cameron Lafleur: - - The Aqua Follies just closed a very successful run, $235,000 in 16 performances. The Aqua Theatre has run all summer with local talent putting on the show-something on the order of a Stock Company.

Now playing at the Met., "Good Nite Ladies", will be there for a 3 week run. The Rivoli, Seattle's only Burlesque, is still going strong with headlener's booked in around a regualar cast.

Ben Hart just returned from his fishing trip to Neah Bay and is back on the job at the Rivoli. Neil is back at the Met. after tempting fate. He was in Ben's place at the Rivoli (T.P.). Floyd Hart hasn't reported in as yet so I hope he really does good this year.


Spokane Local 93 and 185 have set October 1, 1953 for their Amalgamation Party. This date is also the Fifty-First Anniversary of Local 93. Invitations have been sent to I.A. officers and to all locals in District One. The party will be held at Chef Pieroni's on the Old Cheney Highway. It will start at 9:00 P.M. and there will be refreshments, food and dancing until the wee small hours. Vice President Jacobson will be Master of Ceremonies.

Portland, Oregon, Local 28--By: Don DuMas: - - Our news this issue is mostly sad. On June 2nd Sam Smith passed away suddenly. He was one of our best known members having been propertyman for the road shows that played the Mayfair. He joined the local in 1918, was propertyman for two a day Orpheum until they folded. He always had a pleasant manner and a good sense of humor.

On June 13th, Big Bill Schulpius was taken ill and passed away. He was one of our older members. In 1908 he worked at the Sullivan and Considine "Empress Theatre", "Old Orpheum", Hippodrome" and the last few years was maintenance man at the "U.A." The last ten years he also was operating and was at the Star when the end came.

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December 1953 Bulletin


John Collins, President of Local B-20, Portland, Oregon, was presented with a solid gold membership card by Russ Phelan, Secretary of Local B-20. Brother Collins is one of six remaining Charter Members, and is the oldest member in point of age, being 73. He is also the oldest in point of continous theatre employment, having been employed continuously as a theatre doorman for the past 32 years. He has been president of B-20 for 14 years. He comes from the Emerald Isle.


At the regular meeting of Seattle Local 154, all the officers were re-elected without opposition. Sixth V.P. O.M. Jacobson, presented B.A. James McNabb with a gold life membership card in Local 154. This was in appreciation of the woulderful services rendered to Local 154 by Mac over a long period of years. Conratulations Mac, from District One, for while you directly helped Seattle you indirectly helped the whole District.


Brother A.E. McManus, advisory board member for British Columbia, has resigned to accept a position as Manager-Projectionist at Salmon Arm, B.C. District One wishes you the best of luck in your new venture, Mac.

Advisory Board Chairman Fred Jiencke has appointed Brother Doug Calladine of Local 348, Vancouver, B.C. to fill the unexpired term of Brother McManus.


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